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After $1.7 Million Settlement, Threat to Bomb Islamic School In Michigan

Pamela Geller, that throwback to a not so by-gone era of Islamophobic blogging, was all in a fit over the $1.7 million dollar settlement awarded to an Islamic school that was prevented from building in a Michigan town. The judgement is historic and hopefully will send a message that a denial of the religious freedom of any group is not acceptable in the USA. Geller’s followers of course responded with the usual invective and hate, calling for the Islamic School to be bombed. This is a threat that should be looked into by the authorities:


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  • Just_Stopping_By

    “It was the Palestinian leader of the time who encouraged Hitler to end the Jewish presence in Europe.”

    Mein Kampf was published in 1925; al-Husseini didn’t appear to have contact with Germany until 1933. And the rest of your history is crazy too.

    “Israel will outlive Islam…”

    Well, better tell the Israelis that, since they have a mosque in the Knesset. While there are obviously serious and violent conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians, anyone dumb enough to think that this is a black-and-white issue where one side is 100% right and the other is 100% wrong, or that the only possible conclusion is a fight till one outlives the other, is incredibly deluded.

  • tinopener

    Enjoying yourself is haram. Even I know that.

    C’mon what would would happen if you left Islam? Would your family at best turn their backs on you? At worst would your lovely daddy slaughter his little girl for the sake of honour?

    I take it you don’t have a Muslim partner as he wouldn’t let a woman use the internet.

  • Khizer

    Ah yes ‘zombies’ with feelings, family, friends, aspirations, goals, lives, hopes, dreams and emotions….totally an accurate description of the ‘brainwashed’, ‘unfeeling’ and ‘lifeless’ zombie, eh?

    Seriously you sound like a damn skinhead nazi, what ‘triggers’ you so much about Muslims that you want the utter annihilation of them, is it their beliefs, culture, lifestyles, opinions, etc?

    It does not matter, you are quite frankly a very open nazi.

  • tinopener

    It was the Palestinian leader of the time who encouraged Hitler to end the Jewish presence in Europe. Without that Palestinian intervention there would have been no holocaust. God how that backfired on them though as it had the opposite effect. Beautiful poetic justice.

    People make this sound like some sort of terrible accident that a Jewish state was established there and has persisted there for 70 years. Do you really think that it is only Jews who support having a Jewish state? The majority of Christians, Hindus, Seikhs, homosexuals, women… support having a bastion of civilisation in the face of Islamic fascism.

    Israel will outlive Islam because it is the litmus test of human progress and civilisation.

  • Khizer

    Muslims….a virus? Hmmmmmm this rhetoric sounds pretty familiar, eh Adolf?

    Just replace Muslim with ‘Jew’, ‘democracy’ with ‘racial purity’, ‘slaughter’ with ‘genocide’, and a certain Fuhrer in hell would be pleased with you….

  • tinopener

    Why does Zionism have to go? Denying the Jewish people a homeland after a century of persecution is bad form.

    When the Jews started farming land in Palestine there were about 10000 Arab / Palestinians there. When the economy flourished hundreds of thousands poured in from jordan Syria Egypt and Lebanon. These people didn’t feel supported by their native lands and went for the money.

  • tinopener

    Islam is not a religion. Islam is a social, judicial and political system with geo-political aspiration. Islam was useful to control people in uncivilised Arab countries, but it is ultimately incompatible with civilisation. By civilisation I mean democracy, freedom of speech and a rich culture to strive for.

    Islam is only about submission and control. Control over women, brainwashing of innocent children. This control is not needed in civilisation, so yes, human civilisation is at war with the cult of Islam.

    With regard to the slaughter of Muslims, it makes no difference as if you are stupid enough to be brainwashed by Islam, then you are essentially a zombie.

  • George Carty

    The Nazis used the tropes of traditional Christian antisemitism in their propaganda, but this propaganda didn’t reflect their true beliefs. They were Social Darwinist fundamentalists who viewed genocidal racial struggle as a positive moral good, and hated the Jews primarily because they credited them with inventing humanist morality.

  • George Carty

    Aren’t most of the horrors in Muslim-majority lands caused by desertification, excessive population growth, or both?

    Traditional religions (all of them) are certainly part of the problem here, as they encourage women to have children because they (the religions, I mean) were conceived in a time when less than half of babies survived to reach adulthood. Mean life expectancy in the medieval Caliphate was only about 35 years, and in most other pre-20th century societies it was even lower.

  • George Carty

    The war in Iraq was a result of the American government being hijacked by Dick Cheney and his clique of zionist neoconservatives, whose mission was to make the Middle East safe for Israel.

  • 786 I’ve always been a big fan of “secularism” as it is used in Indian English: it denotes the stance that every religious believer has the right to practice his or her religion freely without interference or persecution. Doesn’t apply to Thugees of course…

  • 786 I’ll say it again: it’s not just a clever username.

  • 786 Orthodox leadership is more centralized than many; while the Communion is autocephalous and there is no figure corresponding to the Pope, the Patriarchs rule their individual roosts with the Patriarch of Constantinople as primus inter pares. “Autocephalous,” after all, needs a “cephalos” in the first place.

  • 786 Brilliant post llisha, thank you.
    Having spent fifteen years of my youth in neopagan circles, I’ve seen enough cursing, backstabbing and general evil on the part of Wiccans to last me. One wryly remarked to Christine Wicker that Salem Wiccans are running out of freezer space: a reference to a popular cursing spell which needs to be kept as cold as possible. I am ashamed to admit it, but this left a bad taste in my meowth for Wiccans (I was a Teutonic Pagan, so Wiccans were a related but distinct “other”) and I generally had a jaundiced view of them.

    If only my countrymen would realize that no faith is *inherently* more violent than another and there are other issues which need to be addressed. Unfortunately people are prone to bigotry because when members of a group behave in a fashion one disagrees with, a person’s first reaction is to attribute that behavior to whatever obvious differences lie between him and the group in question. These usually translate to racial, religious, or political differences and all too often the individual concludes that the difference must be a causal factor in the disagreeable actions of the “other.”

  • HSkol

    This is seemingly unfair to others – you and I actually understand each other and do genuinely care for/about others. 😉

    I enjoy your terminology “Muscular Liberalism”. I understand you here.

    HSkol leans liberal.
    Ilisha leans conservative.

    May the muscular liberals and muscular conservative be damned!

    See HSkol run. Watch Ilisha run.

    This crap can be so simple … yet it’s utterly complex; and, too few people invest in others these day. Hearts and stuff from me to you. Great to know you!

  • HSkol

    Quite true. And, this is precisely where arguments are sure to arise among the various cheerleaders of the world.

    “My world-view would provide better guidance than any other!”

    “No, MY world view would provide better guidance than ANY other!!”

    “NO …”

    Well, I know (or at least presume) you get my point here; and, for that I’m thankful for our interaction and any understanding of one another that we may have of one another. Truly. However, this is the point at which I fail to understand a great many others, and a great many others fail to understand me – the positive attributes of secularism.

    Apparently, secularism has evolved or devolved – perspective considered. I hold tight to my archaic understanding – to each his own (provided the laws of the land/nation that govern us are just, abided by, and so forth). This is the point at which I depart from others’ current definitions of secularism (note: France especially).

    I’ve no great insight to offer here. I can only provide my own view that concepts change over time – often with resistance from genuine romantics – and, it is the romantics that are left behind.

    Language/terminology changes. Hearts are less likely to change than terms themselves – though the particular terms of a heart’s understanding are oft redefined with shifts in popular, external sentiment. This itself puts our world in flux (at least to some degree).

    Pardon my odd reply that doesn’t relate directly to your post. At times, I … SQUIRREL!!!

    Peace be upon you.

  • 786 It’s not just the Soviet Union, every atheist regime in history has featured the mass slaughter of people and massive human rights violations: the sans-culottes, the Khmer Rouge, and the Maoists come to mind.

  • Khizer


  • Khizer

    Illisha, what do you think of this discussion in this video (it’s quite long though):

  • Khizer

    Many obnoxious anti-Islam people I have encountered seem to ignore what western governments are doing in the region, they assume everything bad is ‘becuz izlam!’ And conveniently ignore other important factors. This guy is one big example:

    Here he debates ‘solutions’ to terrorism, if you saw the above rant, you can guess what ‘solutions’.

  • Khizer

    Not many people will accept the logical route and ask the U.S. Government to stop destroying Muslim countries and to pull their troops from them. Heck even the veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are miserable because of these wars:

    Some veterans can’t even watch war movies without having a panic attack:

    Also don’t expect most ordinary Americans to realise that America’s actions in the Middle East are allowing terrorism to grow, since this type of single minded thinking is very common

    Intellectual ‘skeptic’ my ass!

  • Just_Stopping_By

    I have found that the comments section (or what they call BTL or Below The Line) at Harry’s Place varies from spirited intellectual debate to truly as awful as Ilisha describes, if not worse. The posts (or ATL / Above The Line) seem to be much more reasonable, though often with a strong agenda.

    I thought the comments here showed a real range of views:

  • Khizer

    If you have the time, you can check this guys Twitter, it is the same obnoxious guy from the video:

    He does have some questionable views like,

    “Thousands of lefties who apologise for Islam are def a problem, just not as big of as billions who practise it”

    And other nonsense such as many of America’s or the worlds problems will go away if religion is gone, which is nonsensical. He is also a big fan of Sam Harris when it comes to Islam, loonwatch has already exposed Harris for being a selective twit, so I don’t need to describe why this man has a big dislike for Islam (since he is a fan of Harris)

    However he does raise good points about the alt-right’s stupidity, Trump’s asshatery and the fact that the ‘skeptic community’ online are become alt-right loonies. He does raise good points regarding the danger of the alt-right and Trump’s rhetoric. Just try to ignore his Twitter posts regarding Islam since it is the typical ‘Islam evil!’ garbage.

  • Khizer

    Also Illisha, what are your thoughts on this video, I only watched a bit, was very opinionated:

    Also this video

  • Khizer

    How you have described Harry’s place commenters, sounds somewhat like that Athiest I showed on a previous comment thread (the American guy who said that Islam is ‘full of violence’ and Muslims who condemn extremists are ‘perpetuating the No True Scotsman fallacy’, in response to the Charlie he do attacks). This guy,

    ‘Islam is evil and peaceful Muslims JUST don’t know their religion!!! Or are LIARS!!’

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