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For The Coming Year: What Would You Like To See?


By Garibaldi and Ilisha

Dear Loonwatchers,

First, I want to thank you for your continued commitment to reading and engaging, you have made the site worthwhile and better. I will admit that over the past year, and even before then, the output of our content has really slowed, and I want to apologize for that. The main reason for this is that we, the writers (all volunteers), just cannot commit the hours of research, writing and editing necessary to produce good material AND balance work-life responsibilities (i.e. we need to recruit MORE writers).

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has emboldened the same Islamophobes that we have challenged, refuted and exposed for years now. Many of these same Islamophobes will be in positions of power or close to the “officials” who will make up the incoming administration.

Paying attention to and investigating the inner machinations, policies and programs formulated by Trump and his team of bigots is going to be crucial for the next four years (Trump may not last that long but his administration will). I’d like to say that I feel the media and social media activists are up to the task but our present-day reality is that we are traversing uncharted waters, where “fake news” and lies are given credence and repute over facts and truth. For quite some time the trend of online media consumers has been to consume that news which already conforms to one’s worldview or ideological and political convictions. (So my question here is how can we be effective in this environment?)

The new political and media landscape means we have to change things up here at Loonwatch, it isn’t 2009 anymore. Your feedback as how best to realize this change is vital. Our initial remit has been fulfilled: taking on the loons and Islamophobes on the internet. Many of our articles, have helped shed nuance and light in the conversation on Islam, Muslims and Muslim Americans. The same articles have challenged the prejudiced narratives about Islam and Muslims. When it comes to legitimacy, the likes of Spencer and Geller have been defeated on the plane of ideas and banned from travel to the UK; a nation with strict laws against hate speech. While Spencer and Geller may have been defeated their propaganda has been taken up by others who have political cache, and with Trump’s election has propelled the ideas of the Islamophobia movement into a greater relevance.

I hope you can share what you would like to see this year? How can we improve? What topics, issues should be covered? I can predict that for sure, consistent content is on the top of the list. As a way of starting us off I want to ask: how valuable and interested are you in seeing more satire? Would you like more articles and media that take on concepts that are twisted by Islamophobes, such as articles done by Danios in the past on Jihad, Taqiyyah, etc.? Any of your thoughts and ideas, whether it be related to design of the site, content and media, integrating social media, and animation are welcome, don’t hold back!

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  • Khizer

    I wonder why discus deleted some of your older comments? Many were informative and helpful, especially the comments regarding extreme Zionism and Israel. I have crappy memory so I couldn’t remember them. They were quite informative especially after I encountered some slimy Israel apologists on a YouTube video about Star Wars (they are everywhere!).

  • Sami

    Also about Islam and Science because many people mock Islam losing the scientific race and being stuck in the past… then look at this about how Allah predicted a foetus would resemble a leech (Alakah).

    This is important stuff and a series of similar Quranic scientific predictions would be very interesting. Maybe there’s stuff in there that we’ve missed… maybe about nuclear?

  • Exactly. 🙂

  • HSkol


  • Me too. 🙂

  • CowabungaCreeper

    I wish Ilisha would stop deleting her comments.

  • Sam Seed

    I think having a new story each day would keep the flame burning, oh and of course, Danios: where is he?

  • Khizer

    Definitely the extreme Zionists, can’t go around the Internet without encountering them and their infantile lies.

  • 1DrM

    Everybody had good ideas. One article per week should be the minimum. I would suggest more investigative type reports, the type Ilisha specializes in. Burmese history and events of Yemen are very important at the moment. I’m also very interested in US and Canadian Hindutva financial infrastructure.
    I’m also very open to putting sectarian outfits on full blast. Atheist delusionaries as well. Last but not least, the Zionist pestilence mustn’t be ignored.

  • What ISIS should get Westerners to second guess is their government’s own policies. Especially if they live in the US.

  • DC

    Everyone’s doing the twist apparently. Brexit, Trump, AfD going up / Merkel going down, the Dutch are poised to go far right, as is France under Le Pen. Hungry all but has a Trump wall around it. Germany is banning burkas and starting to declare many brown spots on the map as safe in order to justify more deporting. The EU is both crumbling and trying to raise its own army, do the math on that. In the US, the balance of power at the state level has turned a majority red since Obama took office, almost to the point of a constitutional congress becoming a reality.

    Of course, the motivation for this shift would not have been made possible without the efforts of religion-of-politics leftists, true unquestioning believers, and their doctrine of political correctness, which is really just fascism masquerading as manners. Countries that value free speech, are really showing a lack of appreciation for it, as well as sharia law.

    The other folks to thank are the black pajama club in Syria. Their slaving, raping, robbing, and chopping has really got, otherwise moderate Westerners, second guessing things.

    Peace out.

  • Raad

    These are great suggestions

  • Raad
  • Viredae

    Happy new year guys, I guess my first question is “Where do I sign up”? Meaning, how would one go about becoming a volunteer to this great site?

    Another idea that you could do is get someone to create and manage a YouTube channel, as many of the anti-Muslim propagandists and Islamophobes these days are employing that medium more often.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Thank you! Good suggestions.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    He has defended them.

  • Joey Sanders

    Some things I would like to see in the upcoming year on this site:

    1. At least one article a week.

    2. Doing articles on the likes of Alex Jones is okay, but I would like to see Loonwatch do more articles on guests and hosts on mainstream shows. Some are obvious, like Bill Maher.

    3. Keeping on top of the Trump Administration. It’s not just him. He is obvious. It is his staff we need to be vigilant about exposing.

    4. Since you are short on staff, a place where people can post links to stories that are example of Islamophobia. The links would have to be approved by you. This section should be updated monthly. Call it “Islamophobia in the News.”

    5. Don’t do too many stories on fake news, otherwise you are going to be reacting as opposed to being proactive.

    6. A place where people can submit articles to be approved by you. This can take a lot of pressure off your staff.

    Happy belated New Year.

  • golden izanagi

    I’m surprised nothing has been said about this robert spencer decides to denounce walid and theodore shoebat. What makes this funny to me is that spencer makes it look as though he was always suspicious of shoebats claims, when I am pretty sure he has defended him.

  • HSkol

    I would personally love an article about the Islamophobic Twitter Swarmers. I think it would likely take a great deal of research and work to present numbers and to arrive at convincing conclusions; again, however, a task well worth it. Should I find some free time (yeah, right), perhaps I’ll get a start on that.

    (There are programs that have been designed to drill into Twitter’s content. Sentiment is the current work in progress – designers are yet unable to make their way around sarcasm. I’d personally have to review Tweets one-by-one to determine the possibility of sarcasm; however, if notable trends were to present themselves, at least one might be able to code for the 80/20 rule. Meh.)

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    I like these ideas, thanks for sharing Khizer.

    We’ve done a lot of articles in the past about concepts/narratives employed by Islamophobes. Any new topics you have in mind? Thanks!

  • Khizer

    I think alt-right Internet personalities such as Milo Yiannipolis, Alex Jones, etc. should have atleast one article about them (just generally, no one specific), since they have a growing following hobbling up their anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Their rhetoric is getting quite popular in Europe in countries like Britain and France.

    I think an article detailing the influence of popular alt-right/right-wingish angry youtuber misfits (such as Sargon of Akkad and other ‘politically incorrect’ ranters with a large following) would be helpful. Just a general simple article about them, no one specific. YouTube is a VERY popular website, and no doubt these ‘ranters’ and their huge following have a lot of influence in the political part of YouTube.

    Articles about concepts that have been by islamophobes would also be greatly appreciated.

    Just my suggestion.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Happy new year HSkol! The Fake News idea is a good one, that several folks have mentioned and I definitely want to take on!!! It’s also something we’ve exposed since the beginning:

  • HSkol

    I’d like to see this site continue to report on apparent hate crimes against Muslims and others who are simply perceived to be Muslims.

    Further, I’d enjoy witnessing you dive more deeply into the fake “news” end of things, and how to find any potential solution to combat it. As you’ve noted, people seek out “news” that accommodates their already establish world-views. I’d believe a rigorous campaign to expose (empirically) the fake would be a genuinely improbable task – but, one well worth the effort.

    Happy New Year to All!!!

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Thank you for being the sole reply so far! I get why you are, I think most people just don’t know this article is up since we haven’t been updating the site.

    To your point, it is a very real concern but it isn’t only Muslims who face this quandery. I know several Christian peace activists who for decades now have not paid their taxes. I’m not saying this is the way to go because taxes are also taken for various positives domestically but this might be an important topic for an article! Thank you again.

  • Sami

    Happy new one guys. Great idea to ask! This place has opened up my eyes about the colonial West and made me rethink my personal guilt.

    However, as someone who lives in the west I feel conflicted about what to do about paying taxes after college when I now realise that an amount of that tax, maybe 10p, will get straight translated into bullets and pumped into a Muslim kid in those lands and I feel conflicted about this so maybe you could create a page with ideas how to get around this for example…

    -Just refuse taxes but most are taken off before payment
    -go to work in the middle east until the western transgressions stop. In Homeland I saw a refugee camp in Lebanon but that one is run by Hezbollah so is dangerous so maybe alternative camps?
    -move to the middle east with my western paid education son that will weaken the west
    -work in black market with NO tax but that can be illegal stuff

    Basically what do Muslim westerners do to avoid blood taxes pumped straight into drones and killing our Bros?

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