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Fox News in Bed with Nazi Apologist from Sweden

Fox News has strange friends. Fox News has discussed Sweden quite a lot the last few days, after the statement by Donald Trump about Sweden and “immigrant criminality.” He picked up that “information” from Fox News. But how did Fox News get their “intelligence” about Sweden? Well after the Trump statement they interviewed the Swedish counterjihadist Ingrid Carlqvist, who has openly stated that she wants to collaborate with the Swedish Neo Nazi party, Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen.

Fox News recently interviewed Ingrid Carlqvist from Sweden. She was invited and allowed to claim that Sweden is plagued by Muslims.

But why invite people who cooperate with Nazis? Ingrid Carlqvist, is an apologist for Swedish neo-Nazis and is seeking to unify the efforts of the neo-Nazis and the counterjihadists.

Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen

There are real Nazis in Sweden. People that openly like Adolf Hitler and are proud to be Nazis. One such organization is Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen. They are a real threat. If you do a search on the internet you will find plenty of articles in Swedish about them and the violence they promote.

Ingrid has a podcast in Sweden, Ingrid and Conrad. In July they talked about how to start cooperation with Neo-Nazis and the most extreme movements connected to the Alt-Right here, like Motgift. When discussing Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen Ingrid said:

…”om nordiska motståndsrörelsen vill hjälpa till att rädda Sverige från islam, och den fruktansvärda situation vi befinner oss i nu, då är jag helt beredd att jobba ihop med dom tills den dagen vi räddat Sverige, sen går vi skilda vägar”

…”if the Nordic Resistance movement wants to help us saving Sweden from Islam, and the terrible situation we are in at the moment, then I am ready to collaborate with them, until the day we have saved Sweden, then we will go separate ways.”

Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen is a neo-Nazi party. For real. I wrote about them recently in Swedish, for those who are interested.

The “Noses”

The rest of the discussion on the podcast is equally disgusting. Besides the usual hatred against Muslims, a caller appeared on the show who claimed that “The Noses,” that is the Jews, run the Hillary campaign. Ingrid did NOT challenge this.

They had a chat with Dan Eriksson, a founder of a podcast called Motgift too. Motgift is not officially pro-Nazi but openly speaks well about Hitler, Nazis, are holocaust deniers and antisemites. Ingrid and Dan agreed that the time had come for cooperation to save Sweden from the Muslims.

The Golden One

Ingrid and Conrad recently invited another Swede to their podcast, that speaks well about Adolf Hitler too. Namely the Golden One, Marcus Folin.

Folin, is a denier of the Holocaust (“300,000 died” because of “malnutrition”). He spreads conspiracy theories about the Jews and is positive about Adolf Hitler.


I have already written about Ingrid Carlqvist on Loonwatch in the context of the international Counterjihad movement, 2012. Some days ago she appeared on the Jamie Glazov show, an important show for American “counterjihadists.” She is still big among some internationally. Even Breitbart interviewed her.

But she was fired from the Gatestone Institute after she praised the Nazis.

Many of us that work against antisemitism and Islamophobia have warned that counterjihadists ultimately will find friends among the antisemites and Nazis. Ingrid is a good example of this.

But not all that hate Muslims want to cooperate with Nazis. It seems as if Fox News however doesn’t mind being in bed with proponents of Swedish neo-Nazism?

This at least reaffirms what we knew all along about Fox News. They are ready to air any kind of racist crap, without checking their sources.

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