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Jews and Muslims: Join or Die!

Sometimes antisemites condemn Islamophobia. Sometimes Islamophobes condemn antisemitism. Should we praise them or should we tell them that they are still racist? Consistent antiracism is to protest against ALL racists, not just some racists.

President Donald Trump has condemned antisemitism. He did it a few days ago, saying the rise in antisemitic attacks are  “horrible” and “painful.” The Jewish community has, with every right, criticized him for being silent about antisemitic attacks for a long time. After Trump spoke out some praised him but does he deserve that praise? Should we praise him, or tell him that he is a hypocrite since he does NOT speak out against Islamophobia?

As a Swede I often encounter hypocrites. They think it is “ok” to talk about nuking Israel but are horrified when a Islamophobe wants to nuke Mecca. Hypocrites that dislike talk about the “Muslim takeover of Europe” but believe “Jews run the world.” Hypocrites that hate when Jews are bullied for their kippah but don’t give a damn when Muslims are bullied for their hijab. Hypocrites who act when antisemitic myths are shared on Facebook but do not react at all when Muslims are accused of the same things.

We can’t praise one-eyed hypocrites like Trump. The obvious answer to him is to ask him to condemn Islamophobia and racism in America.

Look at the alt-right. The extreme parts of the alt-right, like the Nazis or KKK, believe Jews are behind the so called “Muslim invasion.” Mainstream alt-Right, like Breitbart, Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller don’t go that far but they claim that individual Jews are behind it and they demonize them, like Breitbart does to George Soros. If you look at the comment section of Breitbart every time they write about Soros you will find lots of antisemitism. As well as lots of calls to “hang”, “shoot” or “strangle” “traitors” like him.

If the “Muslim invasion” becomes an accepted concept, the Jews WILL be targeted too. Perhaps they already are? What is behind the surge in antisemitic attacks?

Join or die!

In Sweden we have an Islamophobic political party in our government called Sverigedemokraterna. It was founded in the 80s by Nazis. They deliberately choose to focus on Muslims instead of Jews as their enemies, not because they like Jews, but because there are many more Muslims than Jews in Sweden.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia are similar to each other. It is the same kind of racist lore and myths. There are no big differences between the myths about a Muslim takeover of the world (like Eurabia) and the myths about a Jewish takeover of the world (Protocols of Zion). Blood libel myths, myths about Jewish and Muslim sexuality, so-called “inbreeding” and rape are rampant. Myths about them being “violent.” Myths about the Quran and the Talmud, etc, etc. All similar!

A lot of hate is “racism by proxy.” Like when Muslims are accused of being “Islamists” or agents of the “Muslim Brotherhood” or “supporters of Palestinian terrorism,” without any evidence behind the allegations. The debate about the Muslim Brotherhood, for example, is infected with racism. Relevant criticism of Palestinian politics, the MB or extremists is mixed with outright hatred.

The same goes for the debate about Israel.

Join or die!

I know the relationship between Jews and Muslims is complicated, due to the conflict in the Middle East. Since most Muslims one way or the other like or support Palestine and most Jews one way or the other like or support Israel, the conflict tends to separate Jews and Muslims.

But Jews and Muslims have to join, or die! Literally. 

But to do so Muslims and Jews have to approach each other with care. The relationship is broken and racist propaganda is not making it easier.

I have a Jewish friend. He is active in the fight against both Islamophobia and antisemitism. But he is a proud Jew that carries the symbol of his faith, the star of David, all the time. Sometimes he carries the flag of Israel on a pin on his jacket too. He was born there. Sometimes he carries both the Palestinian and Israeli flag on his jacket.  The amount of hatred he encounters due to this is big. He gets spit at, yelled at and called “dirty Jew,” “dirty zionist” and “IsraeHell lover” and they point at his nose (“Jews have big noses,” as racists claim).

I have a Muslim friend. She wears a hijab and displays the Palestinian flag openly on her Facebook page. Her father was born in Palestine, in Gaza. She hates antisemitism. Her best friend in New York is Jewish. On her mother’s side her grandfathers in Morocco helped save Jews in World War 2.

She encounters much hate. “Dirty muslim,” “You must be a Hamas supporter,” “you support Palestinian terror,” “dirty Islamist”, “take off your hijab”.

The sad thing is that often the Jew gets bullied by Muslims, or people that hate Islamophobia, and the Muslim woman by Jews or people that hate antisemitism. And often the reason for the hatred is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Jew is bullied because of what Israel does and the Muslim because of what Hamas, or others, do.

This can’t last. The negative spiral of hatred is dragging mankind downwards, deep down the drain. Jews and Muslims have to fight hatred together!

(edited 2/26)

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  • Jekyll

    Good Vibrations…good intentions but flowery as usual and bit naive. Issue is not Jews nor Judaism, it NEVER was that. Most of the rabid anti semitism prevalent in the Muslim especially Arab world is a European packaged. The issue is that nefarious illegal state of Israel. 1948 itself. A country that should never been.

  • mindy1

    Thanks. I’ve been ok, just sort of pondering things for a while 😀

  • It’s great to see you, mindy1. I was just thinking of you the other day, hoping you’ve been doing well. 🙂

  • mindy1

    Sorry I’ve been away so long, just kind of thinking things out. I do think that if Jews and Muslims unite, we can accomplish great things, and we must try to do so.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Best to you as well, AJ. 🙂

  • AJ

    Hi JSB,

    I accompanied my son on a visit to a local synagogue. Alhumdulillah this is my son’s second visit to an area synagogue. I hope that the new generation (our children) are raised in an environment where they do get to know about each other (Quran 49:13). The rabbi spoke passionately about Israel (something that could perhaps make a Muslim person upset) but then was an excellent speaker about how a person of God would treat other people in his or her ordinary life. There is a divide between Jews and Muslims and may God provide a just solution and let both sides see each other beyond the politics. Ameen.

    Best to you,


  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Me and JSB had major disagreements especially about Zionism, since I am firmly an anti-Zionist but I agree he brought valuable insights sometimes. HP is nothing like LW, it is a shithole. Mostly non-Muslims who have nothing better than to rant and rave about other peoples religions or they might have a token, native informant-type thrown in to push the neo-Con or heavily funded, PR gimmicky “Muslim reformist” shtick a la state-funded apparatuses like Quilliam. Tom Holland’s work passes as “thoughtful” about Islam over there.

  • Joey Sanders

    JSB rhetoric: I’m not going to badmouth Loonwatch, but I will disrespect you on your site and tell people that Harry’s Place is better.

    I’ve been on this website for years and JSB is not a person I miss. Don’t get me wrong, I think he gives valuable insight sometimes. When I think of people I miss, it is people like Jon Diamond, Chameleon, and Danios, to name a few. I don’t see Dr M posting as much on here and that is too bad.

    I was reading Harry’s Place years ago and have gone back every now and then. It is a much more hateful place than Loonwatch will ever be. The regulars who comment here regularly are less hateful by a significant margin. The thing I respect the most is no one on here can say “all people” of a race or religion are bad. They will be called out and rightfully so.

    There is one thing I will always respect about Loonwatch. You guys are not doing this for the money. You do it for all the right reasons and I will always admire that characteristic about you guys.

  • SarahAB

    With regard to AIPAC – of course I’m from the UK, but I think of it more as Zionist or pro-Israel than Jewish. I haven’t given it a great deal of thought but my default position is that it leans towards the Israeli right so wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    I did not add to my comment since I first posted it. You should remember that I have always opposed making substantive edits without noting that.

    I’d suggest that if you are not interested in my thoughts, that you invest your time elsewhere rather than rereading my comments to find something to respond to. If you respond to a comment of mine, I assume you are interested in my reply to your response.

  • It seems you added to this since I first read it, or I didn’t see the whole thing. How does pointing out HP and LW are opposites–black and white–equate to saying the same thing about everyone who disagrees?

    It doesn’t.

    Also your site that does things better is downright abusive in the comments. I wish the worst they did is suggest a binary.

    Anyway, you said you left LW and think HP does better. I’d suggest you invest your time over there, and stop trying to tell us how to run things over here.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Again, you make me laugh.

    Take care, Ilisha.

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