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Fox News: Tucker Carlson Still Pushing “Islamic Indoctrination” Myth

Fox News has assigned host Tucker Carlson to subtly promote the right-wing meme that “cultural Marxists” in public schools are indoctrinating American kids into Islam. Guest contributor, Jonas Stubbings recently wrote about the origins of the myth:

Mawyer’s ludicrous claims of a Department of Education sponsored “indoctrination program” being met with nods from a gormless Tucker Carlson was an insult to journalism. A plastic spoon could scrape the surface of Mawyer’s alarmist claims which disingenuously conflate teaching ABOUT Islam with a government sponsored ‘creeping Sharia’  project to convert non-Muslim children.

Following up on his interview of the Christian Action Network’s (CAN) Michael Mawyer’s, Carlson interviewed two gullible New Jersey mothers who have swallowed the propaganda myth.

This is the challenge facing U.S. educators. And as if that weren’t bad enough, among this happily ignorant population are some tin foil hats who actually believe their children are being indoctrinated into Islam, by our public schools. And Fox News is happy to put them on air, completely uncontested.

Two mothers from the New Jersey suburb of Chatham, Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer, recently went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show to complain that a simple cartoon that teaches about Islam is indoctrinating their 7th graders, in a story feverishly embraced by conservative media. …

Other conservative outlets also ran wild with it, falsely claiming that Christianity is banned from being taught in Chatham schools. Nonsense. State law requires all major world religions to be taught by the eighth grade, from Christianity to Sikhism, as teaching staff later explained exhaustively at a packed school board meeting.

The war on educating American kids on the basics of world religions is not new. Islamophobes have been at war against books for some time now. There is a Conservative network including Brigitte Gabriel‘s (who recently met with the Trump administration), ACT For America, that seeks to Christianize the US, part of that is demonizing Islam and Muslims. The strategy with schools is to undue social studies requirements and challenge history, in the hopes of producing a hate-mongering Islamophobic populace among a youth demographic that is trending to heavily favor diversity and multi-culturalism.

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