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Muslims Are the Main Victims of Terrorism

Muslims are victims of radical Islamic terrorism. As a matter of fact most victims of this terror are Muslims. Many more Muslims worldwide die from bombs than Europeans or Americans. And, by the way, many of the American and Europeans that die in attacks are Muslims.

In 2011, the National Counterterrorism Center stated that 82 to 97% of all victims of terrorism were Muslims. The reason the figure is uncertain is that we don’t know for sure the exact religious affiliation of every victim.  But we know where the terror attacks occur and that is revealing.

BBC wrote in 2014

”Between 2004-2013, the UK suffered 400 terrorist attacks, mostly in Northern Ireland, and almost all of them were non-lethal. The US suffered 131 attacks, fewer than 20 of which were lethal. France suffered 47 attacks. But in Iraq, there were 12,000 attacks and 8,000 of them were lethal.”

The German magazine Der Spiegel had an interesting article some years ago where they showed that 80% of the victims of attacks by Al-Qaeda 2004-2008 were muslims.

”Between 2004 and 2008, for example, al-Qaida claimed responsibility for 313 attacks, resulting in the deaths of 3,010 people. And even though these attacks include terrorist incidents in the West — in Madrid in 2004 and in London in 2005 — only 12 percent of those killed (371 deaths) were Westerners.”

The same thing with ISIS. If you look at the operations by ISIS in Iraq 2014 you find that thousands of people were killed, most of them Muslims, Sunni as well as Shia.

”In the first eight months of 2014 Isis was the “primary actor” responsible for the deaths of 9,347 civilians in Iraq.”

In short

Of 167,221 terrorism-related fatalities reported from 2001 to 2015, almost all — 163,532 or 98 percent — occurred outside the United States and Western Europe, according to the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database. The U.S. government-funded GTD is the world’s largest public database on terrorist attacks…

GTD data on 25 Muslim-majority countries from Iraq to Malaysia reveal that these countries account for 75 percent of all fatalities from terrorist attacks from that period. The United States and Western Europe, with a combined 3,689 fatalities — including 2,977 from the attacks of September 11, 2001 — account for just 2.2 percent of terrorism-related deaths during the period.

The narratives that all Muslims are terrorists and support terror are racist myths. Muslims are the main target of radical “Islamist” terror and have every reason to be afraid of extremism.

Edited 4/9

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  • All of the world should withdraw support from Israel, of all kinds. Israel can’t survive as a tiny island unto itself.

  • Ben

    Sorry for being late in reply. I apologize for the delay. However, my detailed reply to you went into spam. I will try again if it does not come out from there. It was not spam, though. Thank you for replying to my post.

  • Ben

    “What third option? Apartheid?”
    I did not say that. Let me restate what I thought was your position so that it is clear to us both: “I supported the two-state solution, but believe Israel has foreclosed that option. So I endorse democracy in all of the land in dispute with equal rights for all.”

    These were your two options. Personal ones, mind you. Your support and endorsement is your private affair. It has no bearing on international standing as such. No one does anything in international affairs except in ones own best interests.

    You have dropped one, your first option, and moved on to the next, the one about “equal rights for all”. How does giving up the rights of one party equate to equal rights for all?

    As for your implying apartheid as the third option. I did not mention apartheid. Besides, we have to go by facts on the ground. That is the third de facto option, being exercised as of now.

    So my question to your point “making it clear the world will not back the open-ended colonization of what’s left of Palestine.” still stands. It was: “How is this to be done?” So, how do you propose to achieve this objective?

  • Ben

    Sir, I have not understood several of your references and idioms. But let me try to sort them out. What do you mean by farmer and chickens? Oslo was an attempt at peace even if it does not appear so to you.

    America is not as hated as much as you seem to think. Many countries including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, India and some others are in close understanding with Israel and America and our efforts at a peaceful coexistence and ensuring peace and harmony in the area.

    Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan have been effectively neutralized except for sporadic bush fires which except for Afghanistan
    have been effectively suppressed. The only other problem countries in the general area are Iran and Pakistan. Iran has been controlled somewhat.

    Pakistan with its Islamic population, aggressive Muslim stance towards Israel and a professional military besides being a nuclear state is the greatest danger for us, even more so with its belligerent interference in Afghanistan and Kashmir. And training and arming Arab forces, potentially against Israel.

    But India and the US are committed with us to keep it under check. America is an allied friend in all this, a rightful cause for peace. Our democracies are the designated future peacekeepers for the region.

  • AJ

    If Americans get out of Muslim-majority lands then how will these survive?

  • AJ

    Ilisha I like it that you don’t mince words.

  • JD

    Asking why would Israel not want peace is like asking why the farmer not free all the chickens? Israel has no want or desire for peace. . They have nothing to gain from peace and everything to loose. Why else would they offer BS deals like Oslo the State in a State offer which no one would accept that is why every time there is a peace talk they instigate a fight by arresting hamas officials or arresting someone or running operations in gaza so they can claim innocent angel attack by the big bad wolf card to stop
    the talks .They know they can wipe out 2000 + civilians not militants not grown men in a army WOMEN KIDS AND OLD in gaza 2014 and America will protect them no matter what they do( that is why there is hate for America in the ME) They are buying time to grow the settlements and Israeli

  • What third option? Apartheid?

    No one is obliged to support Israel’s ongoing colonial project, which is dependent on outside support.

  • Ben

    I hear you. I understand what you are saying. But I was not around half a century ago. You have considered two obvious options. I am not rejecting them. I am trying understand them in context of the facts on the ground.

    Pragmatically speaking, to be real, Israel has this third option that which you are rejecting out of idealism or perhaps because you have no skin in the game, perhaps you don’t understand the existential imperative that Israel is facing.

    Coming to your point ”making it clear the world will not back the open-ended colonization of what’s left of Palestine.”. How is this to be done?

  • Israel has the same two choices it’s had for half a century now. Retreat to the Green Line and allow the Palestinians their state, or annex all the land and give equal rights to all.

    Israel has chosen to do neither and instead continues to colonize what’s left of Palestine with “Jews only” settlements connected by “Jews only” bypass roads.

    For many years, like most people, I supported the two-state solution, but believe Israel has foreclosed that option. So I endorse democracy in all of the land in dispute with equal rights for all.

    Subduing Israel means making it clear the world will not back the open-ended colonization of what’s left of Palestine.

  • If Israel were subdued, many of these other problems would be solved instantly. There is every reason to focus on Israel, since it’s the root cause of much of the tension between Muslims and the West.

    Why do we hate them? Israel
    Why do they hate us? Israel

    An oversimplification, sure. But there is still a lot of truth in that distillation.

    The US created Al Qaeda and back the Saudi regime, which itself was created with the help of the British. All road lead back to Western meddling in one for or another, so the focus is logically on getting the Western imperial powers to BUTT OUT and stop killing Muslims and wrecking everything.

    That said, Muslims do speak out against US-created/back terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, as well as the Saudi regime. If you don’t know that, you’re not paying attention. I see Muslims speaking out against all forms of terrorism at least as much as non-Muslim Westerners, many of whom will denounce only other people’s terrorism while steadfastly ignoring their own government’s far larger scale terrorism. For them it’s not a moral position regarding justice, but rather a “who is doing the slaughtering?” As long as it’s the US and friends, it’s okay, even if they are wrecking entire nations.

    No one should be stockpiling weapons and killing innocent people. No matter who is doing this, it’s wrong. Selective outrage fixes nothing.

    The West is the main perpetrator of terrorism if it is rationally defined, and Muslims are the main victims. Westerners need to stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror. Get out of Muslim-majority lands, stay out, and mind your own affairs. This will be better for you, and for everyone.

  • Tim Avila

    “Muslims are the main target of radical “Islamist” terror and have every reason to be afraid of extremism”
    The problem is, they never show it and never act on it. When was the last time Muslims flooded the streets to protest Al Qaeda they way do so often with Israel?
    Muslims could have organized BDS campaigns against Salafist-spreading Saudi Arabia in addition to the BDS campaigns against Israel, but have not.

  • Raad
  • JD

  • AJ

    Killing Muslims in occupied Muslim countries would indicate who could be funding these terrorist activities …..perhaps the invaders? Oh wait that’s considered a conspiracy theory…so I will redirect.

    Terrorist groups in occupied Muslim countries have been formed to fight back the invasion and for this purpose they blow up loads of local Muslim inhabitants every day….There we go! Makes total sense now [not].

  • Awesome

    That their primary victims are Muslims is one characteristic that they share with the Khawarij, who have chronically plagued Muslims since the first Muslim civil war from 656 CE to 661 CE and the last of them will be among the followers of the False Messiah.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Sadly, the leaders most responsible for the creation and promotion of the conditions, both directly and indirectly that gave rise to terrorism that has devastated the region do not care one iota.

  • mindy1

    How tragic 🙁

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