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Myanmar Demolishes 200 Year Old Rohingya Mosque

Rohingya news sites, activists and social media users have been sharing reports that a landmark Rohingya mosque that is over 200 years old and predates British colonialism was demolished by Myanmar’s military. The state of Myanmar has systematically demolished Rohingya historic sites since the 1940s.

Buthidaung — A 200-year old historical mosque in Buthidaung Township was bulldozed by the Myanmar military on April 3, 2017.

It was located at the village of ‘Lawei Dek’ in Buthidaung and was built even before the British before the British occupation of Arakan, according to the local folklore.

“During the British time, there existed shops and bazaar at the both sides of the road nearby the Masjid. It was known as ‘Botoli Bazaar.’ The mosque was closed by the authorities only in the mid-1990s.

“But yesterday, the military from a battalion from a battalion nearby ‘Lawei Dek’ arrived with a bulldozer and razed the mosque,” said an elderly Rohingya man in Buthidaung.

Although the Myanmar government claims of putting its best efforts to end the crisis in the Arakan state, the Rohingya people are suffering from the persecution at all fronts including restrictions to freedom of worship. Majority of their places of worships have officially remained closed since June 2012.

Different Myanmar regimes throughout history have involved in systematic demolitions of the Rohingya historical monuments.

 [Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Who are the Rohingya?

The Rohingya suffered for decades under a brutal military regime in Myanmar, and now despite a “democratically” elected civilian government headed by so-called “human rights icon” Aung San Suu Kyi, the “slow-burning” genocide (as one Burmese scholar described it several years ago) has accelerated.

From October 2016 until February 2017, the Myanmar military conducted a horrific “clearance operation” targeting the Rohingya that displaced nearly 100,000. Reports and action alerts by rights groups, Rohingya activists and media organizations have been sounding the alarm to war crimes and ‘crimes against humanity’ for years now. These calls while gaining some attention have failed to garner the requisite awareness in proportion to the magnitude of the issue; it often gets swept under the carpet.

The UN recently published the most damning and devastating report on the Myanmar military’s crimes against Rohingya that I have ever read. The response has been one of categorical dismay from many who were unaware of the Rohingya cause.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Lock him in a depleted mine tunnel so that he will never see the light of the sun again. In solitary confinement. In total darkness. Feed him only with water and bread -stale bread, as much as he can eat. No visits, no letters, no packages. Let him relieve himself on the floor and never clean up. If he tries to smash his head against the wall to commit suicide, give him a sound beating – 200 strokes with a cane on his bare feet and/or his buttocks.
    And even THAT’s to good for him. Assad should be exhibited by making him walk all over the country, naked, barefooted, in chains, with a heavy stone slab around his neck, so that people everywhere can jeer at him, slap or spit in hios face, throw rotten eggs and tomatoes and shoes at him. Then he should be made to die all of the half million deaths he caused, every single one, one after another. And only after the last one he should be killed. His execution should be broadcast live all over the country and it should be doone by dismembering – very slowly, with blunt knives and saws. And then his body should be burned and his ashes scattered so no monument can be built to his evil memory. The Baath party must be outlawed and anybody who in any which ever way supports Assadist/Baathist policies must be locked up forever.Let them suffer as Assad’s victims have suffered.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    About Aung San Suu Kyi, it’s not that she doesn’t see what’s happening and refuses to do anything about it but rather she can’t. She is utterly powerless to stop it. When the Burmese militarists agreed to allow democracy they arranged it so that they keep calling the shots, more or less openly or from behind the scenes. The “democratic” government in Burma is just a farce, a smoke screen, facade, fake, that’s all.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, and that only increases my conviction that cruel people should suffer the same degree of cruelty, in their own flesh. Imagine the worst and most painful thing that people can do to each other. It would still be too good for those swine. Cetniks, Wirathu followers, Nazis – the worst kind of human beings. They should be summarily shot, on the spot, without giving them the chance to shoot back, or shoot first. Whoever identify themselves as that, it should be the signature of their own death sentences. Note that I’m generally against death penalty, but for racists, fascists, islamophobes and genocidals I make a GREAT, GREAT exception. They live like mad dogs and deserve to be treated like mad dogs.
    Of course that applies to Daesh and their likes too.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    That’s just as bad as the destruction – the murder indeed – of the 16th century Ottoman mosques in BiH. The people who did that deserve to be dismembered and ripped apart.
    Enough is enough. If the Kosovars could liberate themselves from Serb misrule, oppression and genocide, so can the Rohingya. Time to form an armed resistance. Time to retaliate. And as I don’t grieve for any Serbofascist who was killed by Kosovars and Bosniaks for trying to commit genocide against them, I shall be happy for each and every one of those Buddhist Nazis who is killed for trying to commit genocide on the Rohingya. I propose that they should be necklaced. Actually I’d prefer them to be cut into small pieces, little by little, and to be roasted on a slow fire, but there wouldn’t be enough time. Imagine the worst, most horrible and painful thing that can be done to a human being and that’s what those “peaceful Buddhist” Rakhine swine and their defensers worldwide deserve. I say that because whenever the plight of the Rohingya is reprted there are trolls around who then blab of “peaceful Buddhists defending themselves against Muslim hordes.”
    I urge all Muslim countries to break off diplomatic relations with Burma and to send any Burmese diplomats home (but it won’t happen because there is no such thing as “Muslim solidarity”). I urge all Muslim countries to put forward a motion to condemn the Burmese government at the UNSC (Russia and China will veto it of course) I’d also suggest to the Bosnian government to terminate diplomatic relations with Burma (if it has any; but then surely the Bosnian Serbs will veto such a motion, just to annoy the Bosniaks); and to increase their effort agaimst Islamophobia, in view of their own and very similar sad experience.
    Unfortunately all I can do is express my contempt and disdain for those Rakhine Nazis and say that I’d be very pleased to kill them with my own hands (those who behave like Nazis and Cetniks, not the Rakhine in general) and that should my daughter know one of them (but that’s highly unlikely) I’d forbid her to see him, ever.

  • Joey Sanders

    This makes them no different than the Taliban. It goes to show you that nothing is unique to only Muslims. Every religion has zealots within their ranks that do horrible things in the name of their faith.

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