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German Soldiers Plotted False Flag Attack To Blame On Refugees

At least two German soldiers have been arrested for plotting to commit a false flag attack and blame it on Syrian refugees. The intense focus on so-called “Islamic terrorism” obscures the threats of white nationalists and neo-Nazis that pose a greater threat to Europe than fanatical Muslim political groups.

The Independent

A second soldier has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” terror attack to be blamed on refugees in Germany amid fears of a wider neo-Nazi network within the army.

The plot was exposed with the arrest of a German lieutenant, Franco A, who was found to be posing as a Syrian refugee in order to carry out a shooting attack targeting left-wing politicians.

One of his friends at Illkirch-Graffenstaden barracks in France has now been detained for allegedly covering for the soldier’s absences as he periodically returned to Bavaria to continue the ruse.

Maximilian T, a 27-year-old German national, was also a member of Jägerbataillon 291 and was arrested on Tuesday after being questioned by military intelligence officers.

He had joined his friend on a trip to Vienna in January – supposedly for an officers’ ball – where Franco A stashed an unregistered gun to be used in the attack at the city’s main airport.

Maximilian T was also part of an online messaging group where he, Franco A and other members exchanged far-right posts, photos and audio files, Der Spiegel reported.

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    “I was not talking about the Arabic-speaking Jews”

    Is it so hard to say Arab Jews?

  • ..

    Literally white folks have fucked our part of the world for generations. I literally turn HULK when I hear a white commenting on Africa and Middle East.

  • ..

    There’s no such thing as Israel, though. Only garbage continuum of white settler colonies.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I was not talking about the Arabic-speaking Jews oringinary from Yemen, North Africa, Iraq (whom the European-origin Jews regard as second-class citizens and as barbarians too btw) but of the Muslim Arabs who live there and who are treated as second-class citizens. But one day they will be a majority, and where will that leave the nice little Zionist scheme, tra-la-la? Unless they resort to Nazi- or Serbia-like tactics. (oh, oh, I hope they don’t dare … )

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I know, but there are Muslim and Christian Arabs too. I know they are treated as second class citizens, I’ve seen it. Yet one day they will be more than the Jews.
    But after I have seen what ethnic cleansing did in BiH, I don’t wish to see that done to anyone. Even though I must admit that there are such who deserve no better.
    There is nothing that can be done about it. Man is Man’s wolf. On this our planet ther’s more evil than good. Might makes right. The law of the jungle prevails. And today more so than at any other time.
    I don’t want violence. I don’t want to seek out my enemies to provoke a fight; I’m not suicidal after all. But when someone comes at me with murderous intent I can’t greet him with “peace, bro.” I must shoot first and ask questions later. And if I’m vanquished I must take down with me at least six enemy sideboys. I will not be led like a lamb to the slaughter.

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