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Trump Supporter Attacks Muslims On Texas Beach

New York Daily News

A heavily intoxicated Donald Trump supporter, who verbally attacked an innocent Muslim family, turned a fun beach day into a nightmare.

Alexander Jennes Downing, 35, was arrested May 3 and taken into custody by the South Padre Island Police for the reported public intoxication incident, which involved Downing shouting slurs and threats to a family nearby.

Downing, a Connecticut native, also made inappropriate gestures toward the group, who had children in their presence at the Texas beach.

A member of the victimized family, Noria Alward, recently uploaded the fiery footage to Youtube, which has since gone viral.

Downing can be hearing in the clip shouting out, “You’re a f—ing Muslim, motherf—er … You will never ever, ever, stop me, my Christianity, from rising above your Sharia law. Your Sharia law don’t mean s–t to me.”

“When he called it his country … It is my country too,” Ahmed told the news site.

“America is my country whether he likes it or not.”

Noria concluded in the YouTube post that the group would not be making future plans to visit the same resort.

“Overall we enjoyed the lovely island and we will definitely go back to South Padre again, we surely will never go back to Pearl South Padre hotel, Texas again,” she said.

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  • Joey Sanders

    If you read the description of the video, this whole thing got started when two women asked the father to help them against Dowling, who was harassing them first. The father stood up for the women by saying, “Please enjoy your time and have fun and let everyone else here enjoy their time.” Dowling walked away and then came back and went on his tirade.

    Basically, this guy got angry because he got cockblocked.

  • Laila Muhammad

    he had just broken up with his hubby

  • sasboy

    If this makes people feel any better, this foolish man is in the process of being prosecuted.

  • Khizer

    Oh boy! Looks like there are some particularly ‘beautiful’ comments.

    Someone should copy-paste one of the particularly…eh….’spicy’ comments…

    I mean, the bastard was not given a good kick/punch, so I want to see HOW alt-rightists in the comment section justify this bastard’s actions without using the ‘FREEZE SPEACH!’ And ‘if you fight fascists, you become JUST AS BAD AS THEM!’ arguements.

  • Sher Shah Dahan

    Notice that in his mugshot he is almost in tears, HA! No doubt the degenerate will be regretting his actions.

  • HSkol

    YouTube is a disease. No doubt it’s commenters are so ill.

  • cmyfe .

    I’ve checked the comments. Let’s just say he physically represented the wishes of youtube commenters.

  • Khizer

    If the father punched this turd incarnate for harassing his family, no doubt the alt-right shitlets would screech about ‘violent mudslime terrorising a poor white man expressing his freedom of speech’.

    In fact, I wonder what the YouTube video’s comment section is like, I haven’t checked it (don’t want to, YouTube is cancer), but I’m sure there will be alt-shite apologists for this turd.

  • LOL 🙂

  • HSkol

    Otis might disagree. 😉

  • HSkol

    Holy Moly. “How embarrassing” doesn’t even cover this. I’m at a complete loss of words. This dude is someone’s son, possibly someone’s friend – possibly, possibly someone’s employee – possibly. Can we say “INTERVENTION, PLEASE!”?

    If he doesn’t try his best to make amends with the family that he assaulted – regardless of how uncomfortable that might be for all parties involved – there’s absolutely no hope for him.

  • mindy1

    Stupid and drunk is never a good combo…

  • cmyfe .

    The junk of America praising its greatness while probably contributing nothing to it and bringing its name down by being a scumbag to other citizens.

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