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Long Island: Hatred Rears its Ugly Head

Joesph Ballance

Joesph Ballance

What is going on in Long Island county? There have been a string of violent attacks against minorities that are linked to racism and bigotry. The New York Post reports that less than a week ago,

two teenagers plead not guilty to assault as a hate crime in the robbery and beating of Ecuadorean day laborer Milton Balbuca. A 20-year-old also was charged in the Aug. 14 attack.

Police said they shouted anti-Mexican remarks and racial epithets as they attacked Balbuca near the Patchogue train station – the same area where another Ecuadorean immigrant, 37-year-old dry cleaning worker Marcelo Lucero, was stabbed and killed in November. Patchogue is about 15 miles southeast of Smithtown near Long Island’s southern shore.

Seven teenagers have pleaded not guilty to hate crime and other charges in Lucero’s death, which helped spur an ongoing U.S. Justice Department investigation into bias crimes on eastern Long Island.

Strife over thousands of immigrants from Central and South America has percolated in the area for nearly a decade, sometimes erupting in violence.

Two men are serving long prison terms for attempted murder after luring two Mexican laborers to a warehouse in 2000 with the promise of work, then beating them with shovels and landscaping tools. In 2003, teenagers tossed fireworks through a Mexican family’s window on the Fourth of July, damaging the home.

This pattern of racist hate attacks has now targeted Muslims, and in a case reminiscent of the one in Seattle involving Eric Gardner, a young man described as having a “virulent hatred for Islam” attacked two women and threatened to kill them because of their Islamic dress and religion. Of course, to those in the anti-Muslim cottage industry it won’t be anything, in fact they might spin it as a set up or as an unimportant minor incident. They will also deny any involvement or part in stoking the flames that contribute to such heinous crimes.

In the same article the NY Post reports,

A landscaper with a virulent hatred of Islam tried to run over two Muslim women at a suburban gas station after threatening to kill them because of their religion, police said Thursday.

Joseph Ballance, 23, pleaded not guilty Thursday to aggravated harassment in the Aug. 20 confrontation…Ballance approached 49-year-old Chervern Cartier and her 20-year-old daughter, who were wearing the traditional Muslim robes called abayas, in a service station parking lot in Smithtown, authorities said. The daughter’s name was not released.

After hurling epithets at the women and threatening to “chop you up into little pieces and kill you,” Ballance spat on their car and drove his own toward them before driving off, according to police and a court complaint.

The self-employed landscaper later told investigators, “They don’t belong here” and “They shouldn’t be walking around like that,” Detective Sgt. Robert Reecks said.

“He is full of hatred,” Reecks said. “He saw them, the way they were dressed, and it just set him off.”

Ballance was being held on $10,000 cash bond. He is represented by the county Legal Aid Society, where the telephone rang unanswered Thursday evening. The organization has a policy of not commenting on ongoing cases. A message left at his Islandia home wasn’t immediately returned.

The women weren’t hurt. One of them took down the license plate number on the car Ballance was driving and gave it to police, Reecks said. No working telephone number for Cartier could be found.

The misdemeanor aggravated harassment charge against Ballance is used for crimes related to a victim’s race, religion or certain other characteristics. If convicted, he could face up to four years in prison.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national Muslim advocacy group, urged authorities to consider federal civil rights charges against Ballance. A spokesman for federal prosecutors didn’t immediately return a telephone call Thursday evening.

So will the haters out there continue to claim that Islamophobia doesn’t exist? That it is a misnomer? That fearing someones religious dress is not irrational? Maybe Pamela Geller the “freedom fighter” will lionize this man and set up an elaborate defense that he was justified?

UPDATE: LI Hate Rant Against Two Muslim Women

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  • Jeffrey

    Keep posting and I’ll keep coming back, thanks

  • DrM

    Elric66 is a neo-Nazi anti-Muslim coward who ran off from Stephania Harris’ blog after I refuted his racist rubbish. Notice how he and his sock accounts try to distract from the story by trying to be pedantic about definitions. In reality this maggot approves of like minded scumbags going around threatening Muslims.

  • kareem

    tell them all my Muslims, lets not just sit back and let the haters bash Islam, put that in your pipe Eiric66 and, well do whatever you want with it.


  • Nissa

    @Bobby….and when did I say Muslims were blameless? I clearly state its disgraceful that Muslim states do not protect minorities more.

    and Elric66- actually all religions, political ideologies, clans etc have their own rules on how to treat the ‘other’. Not even sure what your point is there…

    The articles on this site is clearly illustrates exactly how some ‘non-believers’ would like to treat Muslims if they had the chance…they are just ticked off they can’t be more like Saudi Arabia.

    Also…you don’t once comment on the actual article…just go on to the ‘Islam is evil, mommy i’m scared’ nonsense…

    What you’re saying is: ‘yeah so what if Muslims have to put up with discrimination or violence, some other Muslims somewhere else do it to some non-Muslims somewhere else and their religion says so because although I am not a legal Islamic scholar I read it on Jihadwatch, they they don’t lie’

    Its hard to take you seriously.

  • Elric66

    “Minorities get treated badly all across the world.”

    But only islam as a special set of rules on how to treat non believers.

  • shakib

    re:’It’s not irrational to fear islam given its 1400 year violent history.’ lets put the west on the hot spot for the last 300 years. a bloody history of murder, pillage, colonization, extermination, subjugation and slavery from the prairies of the americas to the swamps of phillipines, from the rhine in north down to the bushes in africa. want to go back another 600 years? 100 years of religious wars, crusades, persecution, jewish pogroms…not very rosy isn’t it? want to look in your holy book? nothing there will give you a place to hide your bigotry. read the passages of how the phillistines are dealt with, with their children smashed on rocks, women taken as slaves. read the passages where no mercy have been announced on the defeated tribes of babylonians and the wrath of the victors are meted out as divine, just like your gold-digger ancestors had purified the land you now live in on the burnt flesh of its real inhabitants.

  • Bobby

    Yes Nissa ,all muslims are innocent and are just misunderstood.

  • Nissa

    Miss the point why don’t you?

    We could poll Muslims in India about how well they are treated too….and in China, also Myanmar and Kenya. Nigerian Muslims have not only been the violent perpetrators, Christians have also caused riots and attacked Muslims…its not a black and white situation.
    Maybe the Muslims of what was Yugoslavia may have some comments too…and Muslims in Sri Lanka, victimised by the governments and Tamil rebels on both sides.

    Minorities get treated badly all across the world, its very wrong and it definitely shouldn’t be ignored in any case. Its disgraceful that Muslim states don’t work harder to protect them, but since Muslim citizens aren’t that well off in the countries you mentioned….its not simply a matter of Islam.
    Also…Muslims in Thailand have been rounded up and targetted by the military…its another complicated issue you want to reduce to religion, when actually most Muslims in the south don’t support the militants and have still had to bear the brunt of the military campaign against them.

    I should have a rational fear of all things white and Christian or all things Hindu based on how my ancestors suffered…luckily I’m not completely bigoted or paranoid.

  • Elric66

    “So will the haters out there continue to claim that Islamophobia doesn’t exist?”

    A phobia is an irrational fear. It’s not irrational to fear islam given its 1400 year violent history, its violent and intolerant scriptures towards non believers, the violent and intolerant examples of its prophets and of course global wide jihad today.

    We of course we could poll Christians in Pakistan, Nigeria and Sudan what they think. Could also poll Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh what they think. Could poll the last remaining Jews in Yemen being forced to leave what they think. And we could ask the Buddhists in Thailand what they think as well.

    What do you think they will say?

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