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Robert Spencer Worried About Ticking Muslim ‘Demographic Time Bomb’

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer

Why is it that the media is so keen on associating the word ‘Muslim’ with the word ‘bomb’?  Even the mere presence of Muslims in Europe is now being considered by some as a ticking “demographic time bomb“.  Adrian Michaels of the Telegraph writes:

Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.

After reporting a slurry of carefully selected statistics, even Michaels admits that

Recent polls have tended to show that the feared radicalisation of Europe’s Muslims has not occurred. That gives hope that the newcomers will integrate successfully.

However, this doesn’t stop our dear friend Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch from wasting a moment before screaming the proverbial “I told you so!”

And those who are talking about it are smeared and vilified as racists and bigots. When a nuclear-powered Islamic Republic of France threatens the U.S., however, some Americans may come to regret the ease with which they swallowed and even propagated defamation and lies about anti-jihad European politicians such as Geert Wilders.

Aside from the blatant alarmist (and delusional) drivel about the emergence of a fantasy land “Islamic Republic of France” the fact of the matter is that openly welcoming and embracing Muslim immigrants into Europe is perhaps the best way to moderate the radical fringes of the Muslim population.  Ostracizing the immigrant population or condemning their religious heritage will only cause further enmity and create more bitter radicals.

It’s only when those individuals see firsthand that what they have been told about Westerners is wrong that they will begin to question their long held perceptions.  Likewise, some Western stereotypes of Muslims may also break down in the process.  Perhaps this is what Robert Spencer is most afraid of.

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  • hassan

    Islam is the religion of global peace. in asia midle east 50000 muslims r killed on so called war on terror. but by he grace of Allah muslims r growing . in 1920 there was 1 mosque in france and now in 2009 there are 3000 mosque in france. in 1920 there was no church in suadia and in 2009 there is still no church in suadia.

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  • crankovator

    “Why is it that the media is so keen on associating the word ‘Muslim’ with the word ‘bomb’?”…mmm because they see the news!?

  • GCarty

    “was the Patriot even in service in 1987?”

    Sorry, I meant 1988…

  • GCarty

    Jim Bean must be pretty ignorant too – Patriot missiles are only for destroying targets in the air (planes and the occasional Iraqi Scud missile).

    And even Iran Air 655 doesn’t count – that was downed by a Standard missile, not a Patriot (was the Patriot even in service in 1987?)

  • Jim Bean

    lol @Proudislamiphobe. Cuz civilized people like Christians and Jews just kill the kids using patriot missiles.

  • Proudislaimaphobe

    “Why is it that the media is so keen on associating the word ‘Muslim’ with the word ‘bomb’?”

    Because everytime a child is killed by a head popper it is a moslaim the did it! Are you really that blind?

  • John

    “propagated defamation and lies,” sounds like he’s talking about himself. Is there any greater douche?

  • Tristan

    On point analysis. The repeated talking point about a Muslim “demographic bomb” has been going on for a while. There was a recent New York Times review of Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe” which is about this topic. It was strange to see NYTimes give credence to such a book which was filled with inaccuracies and the regurgitated talking points of Islamophobes, but it made sense once I read that Calwell also writes for the NYTimes.

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