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Spate of Islamophobic Gang Attacks on Elderly Muslims of London

Three year old girl, traumatized from watching her grandfather's brutal murder

Three year old girl, traumatized from watching her grandfather's brutal murder

We usually like to keep our tone of voice on this site cheeky and lighthearted, mostly because the zany antics of the Islamophobic loonies are, quite frankly, amusing. But there is nothing funny about the very real consequences that occur due to the environment of xenophobia that they seek to engender.

On September 8th, it was reported that a “Devout Muslim dies after savage beating by ‘race-hate’ gang.” A sixty-seven year old Muslim man was mercilessly beaten to death by a motley group of racists. Worse yet, the gang did it in front of the man’s three year old granddaughter, who remains traumatized from the incident:

Ekram Haque, 67, lost his fight for life a week after he was battered to the ground in front of his three-year-old granddaughter, Marian….Mr Haque – described by friends as a ‘gentle giant’ – had suffered horrific head injuries.

His granddaughter has been left ‘very shaken and disturbed’, said her father, Mr Haque’s son Arfan. Graphic images of the attack were caught on CCTV.

This is not an isolated incident, but rather one in a “series of other attacks” aimed at Moozlim-looking elderly people, or “Pakis” as they are “lovingly” referred to by bigots in the UK:

Police are linking the assault on the retired care worker to a series of other attacks on elderly Asian people near the mosque.

Three of the earlier victims were also pensioners. As local community tensions grew, police stepped up patrols near the Idara E Jaaferiya mosque where Mr Haque was attacked last Monday.

Police say they are treating the attack on Mr Haque as racially motivated.

What is perhaps most disturbing is the age of the assailants, ranging from twelve to fifteen:

* Two youths aged 14 and 15 have appeared before Wimbledon Youth Court accused of committing grievous bodily harm with intent on Mr Haque.
* They and another boy, aged 12, are also accused of conspiracy to commit GBH and two counts of assault on victims in their 40s and 70s. Another 14-year-old has been charged over the attacks, but has yet to appear in court.

It is only natural to assume that such hatred can only be learnt from elders. All of this takes place not in a vacuum but rather in an atmosphere of hatred and fear-mongering.

On a positive note, Mr. Arfan–son of the deceased–advised Muslims of the area to react in a calm manner, asking them only to increase their prayers to God:

Arfan, 35, a consumer law adviser, described the incident as ‘mindless violence’ but urged people in the Muslim community to remain calm.

He said: ‘I would urge people in our community to remember that Islam is a peaceful religion and does not condone revenge attacks. If you want to do anything, just pray.

Both Islamophobes and Islamic extremists–two peas in the same pod–like to tally up all the insults and injuries upon their own community in order to ‘compete’ in who is being abused more by the other, in an effort to demonize the other.

This dichotomous view of the world is unhealthy and only fuels more of the same. It’s time to abandon this medieval view of the world–this senseless ‘us vs them’ mentality–and let the peace lovers from both sides work towards a harmonious existence free from such communal strife. Perhaps even this phraseology of ‘peace lovers from both sides‘ is to be abandoned, since we are not two sides any more but now part of the same community, and as one community–of all different faiths (or no faith at all)–we need to extinguish to irrelevancy the voices of the hatemongers whose destructive rhetoric culminates in such dastardly acts like the one we so painfully report herein.

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  • Out of Many, One

    What a sad story… It’s hard to believe kids could be filled with such hate. But then again, you have only to visit the hate sites like JihadWatch to understand where it’s coming from.

    It’s so sad that adorable little girl had to witness such a horrifying attack on her grandfather.

    RIP Ekram Haque

  • I am so upset to learn of this attack. I don’t understand why people can’t just get along and allow each other to worship God in their own way. To represent each religion in an upright and worthy way. Inshallah this girl will recover and be stronger. I’m so sorry for this gentleman. This is so so sad.

    I and my husband have had thoughts of moving to London or somewhere in the UK within the next year or so, inshallah. But this makes it frightening to make the move. I thought London was a wonderful place for Muslims being the Mosques, halal foods and the large community.

  • null

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

  • Garibaldi

    Excellent article Danios highlighting what seems to be an unfortunate development in which we see the growth of such violent attacks spurred on by hate.

    It is heart breaking to see the look on that girls face and the damage she will have to live with the rest of her life. It seems though that she has good people around her who will steer her in a positive direction away from vengeance and towards the path of righteousness.

  • Danios

    Thanks, Jonah. I agree with you: the girl is too cute!

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  • Mahmoud

    I wonder if the islam bashers like Spencer will condemn attacks like this. Can’t they see what their hate is driving people to do? Yet these people keep claiming “There is no such thing as islamophobia”. These people are completely out of touch with reality. They claim to just critizise a religion, so where’s your outrage? Do you condemn this murder?
    I bet they will just completely ignore incidents like these, prefferring to remain blind as to what their words have caused.

  • jonahwasright

    Excellent coverage of a very sad and tragic affair. Danios hits the nail on the head with the “This dichotomous view of the world is unhealthy and only fuels more of the same.” What an ugly and heinous crime, the little girl looks adorable. Poor thing! Thank you LW for your vigilance on reporting on those important incidents that often go by unreported. Danios, keep up the great work. The loon bloggers depend on mass ignorance of the consequences of their hate flu. cheers.

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