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Inane Jim Quinn: “We have to Kill Islam”

Jim Quinn is very fond of Neanderthals

Jim Quinn is very fond of Neanderthals

In an insane rant, Jim Quinn, who we reported on earlier attempted to use the  emotive memory of the tragedy of September 11th by asking his audience to remain “angry.” Just remain “angry” and everything will be alright, don’t channel that anger into positive action but just remain angry. He then tells his listeners that we have “to stoop as low as the enemy because that is the only way to defeat them.” Pretty much asking us to disregard our laws and make it open season to profile, torture, deport American Muslims.

In the middle of this coarse and illogical, a-la-Glenn-Beck rant, Quinn also states his black and white vision of the world, and calls for Americans to “fight Islam on the battlefield…Kill Islam before it kills you.” He believes you can take tanks, jets and guns and defeat a set of religious beliefs. This is sort of like when Rick Santorum the former Pennsylvania Senator said “Muslims speak Islamic.” How many times do people like Jim Quinn and Santorum have to be reminded that Islam is not a person, Islam is a fourteen hundred year old religion with followers all over the globe including America.

Jim Quinn: “We have to kill Islam”

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  • robaby

    Annoymous, lawrence and Quinn are all hypocrites, they are calling for banning a religion that they say promotes genocide while they are themselves promoting genocide and hatred. By the way, freedom of speech allows groups to be as hateful as they want to be as long as it is only talk, that’s why White Supremacists, Commmunists groups, etc. are allowed to protest and even burn the flag, but you losers probably don’t know that and think freedom of speech only applies to your hate

  • IbnAbuTalib

    annonymous:No one has the right to practice spreading hate, and promoting genocide and death threats

    Coming from a guy who runs a website called, you should be the last person to say that. What an idiot!

  • IbnAbuTalib

    billydakid, what you said is fascinating. Not really! Thanks for wasting my time.

  • billydakidd

    The only neanderthals are the muslims who believe that it is proper to threaten, attack and kill people of which do not follow their beliefs. They seem conspicuously similar to the liberals throughout the world, who also threaten and attack anyone who does not hold the same beliefs that they do. What the liberals do not understand is that it is THEY who the muslims hate so much. Liberalism is definately a mental disorder. It blinds people to the reality of the world and gives them the ability to live in a fictional land, whose rules and laws exist only in their minds. For the past 100 years, they have been slowly molding this country to think the way they do. The people who understand God’s reality are the only people who can save the world from the hatred of Liberalism and Islam.

  • I fully agree with Jim Quinn and Anonymous.Islam is certainly an Arabian Cult of hate,presented in the garb of religion

  • annonymous

    I was surprised to see the phrase “Kill Islam before it kills you.” as quoted by Jim Quin. I had previously selected that phrase for my website

    My comment is that you cannot use the “freedom of religion” excuse to allow these killers to hide behind their “religion”. It is really a criminal organization and not a religion.

    Anyone (or group of people) who threaten to kill individuals and nations should not be walking the streets freely. They should be rounded up by the police.

    This is not a case of “well they have their religion and the right to practice it.” Bullshit! No one has the right to practice spreading hate, and promoting genocide and death threats, hiding behind a religion.

  • Quinnisanidiot

    Well here is what you have, Jim Quinn has always lived in the shadow of Rush Limbaugh in Pittsburgh where Jim Quinn and Jeff Christie (Rush “More Drugs Please” Limbaugh) were disc jockeys in the early 60’s, on KQV. Jim Quinn stayed a little guy while Rush caught all the breaks and of course the national spotlight with a HOOKED ON DRUGS scandel that shook the earth. Jim Quinn stayed in Pittsburgh and became one half of “Quinn and Banana” A morning show on B94FM. Yes a fifty – something future whack job spinning top 40 records with a co-host named Banana Don Jefferson. Everything was peaches and cream for our future hate monger until one morning when he made a sexist comment to Liz Randolph, the news anchor. He made some rude comment about her oral sex skills, right on the air. Liz Randolph won lots of money and Jim Quinn was fired, it was big news here in Pittsburgh, Yes I look back at this day and laugh, well the mighty Quinn was a broken man, pennyless, his marrage was in turmoil, he found out his son was a cross dressing freak who won contests at Pegasus. Until one day when he got the bright idea to follow in Rush’s footsteps one more time and become a conservative, hate mongering, shock jock. Only now he was pushing 60 and it was more like a dangerous old man with a platform to stand on. Now the old fart is pushing 70, senility is setting in, and he’s just as much of an idiot as he’s always been.

  • Ustadh

    Typical Quinn. He is a Savage wannabe it seems, all these right-wingers vie to be the biggest Limbaugh or Savage, it is quite pathetic.

    What he says though stupid sounding as heck is believed by a lot of his listeners. It’s almost like what he is saying is “we have to kill Muslims.”

    And no, these people don’t know the difference and their actually proud not to know the difference.

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