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Oregon: Islamophobe Vadim Ignatov Fires on Family


Vadim Ignatov

Many of the stalwarts of anti-Muslim agitation and hysteria complain that Islamophobia isn’t real, they do so because they themselves are almost always Islamophobes. The following case in Oregon, like the other recent violent and tragic attacks on innocent Muslims because of their faith or their “Mooslim looks” highlights the true reality of Islamophobia and the hate it engenders.

Police: Shooting by Neighbor Motivated by Hate, by Adam Ghassemi, Katu News

PORTLAND, Ore. – Investigators said Wednesday that shots fired at a family’s home was motivated by hate.

There were no injuries in the shooting but police said there were children and adults in the home at the time.

Police allege that Vadim Ignatov fired multiple shots at the home of Suzanne Hachem. She and her family are Lebanese and Muslim. Police arrested Ignatov on multiple counts of intimidation, unlawful use of a weapon, reckless endangerment of another person, and criminal mischief.

Police said their investigation revealed the motivation of the shooting was because of the family’s religion and national origin.

The 43-year-old Ignatov is a neighbor of the Hachem’s and police said Ignatov fired several different guns into their Northwest Portland home on several different occasions.

Upon searching his SUV, police said they found more than $200,000 in U.S. and foreign currency hidden in a pickle jar along with gold and platinum.

Suzanne Hachem said her family has had run-ins with Ignatov before.

“He said, ‘Oh, they’re praying loud,’” she said. “And he started saying f-words.”

She said she’s still worried about her family’s safety even though Ignatov is behind bars.

“We have to find a way to protect our family,” she said. “He’s in the jail now, but we don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

The investigation is continuing and police said if anyone has information to the whereabouts of Ignatov’s Isuzu Trooper on Aug. 29 between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. to call 503-261-2847.

So will the loons and the haters still exclaim that Islamophobia doesn’t exist?

Video report:

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  • The time will come when we must all face up to the ultimate question:

  • bender123

    it not he shot!!! and he is already justified a court!!! and now he went to the law on them for slander.

  • Alex

    well Hachem quikly sold his zacula beal action buissness and left the country owning his customers more than 250,000 there is more to the story than you see on TV or internet

  • Imad

    @ LB

    if ur talking about the Christmas shooting that’s a f***ing joke. He is NOT a Muslim I’ve seen interviews with his parents his idiot mom smoked weed with him and knew he had guns in his jeep. He’s not Muslim even if he is then he’s obviously not faithful because suicide is one of the unforgivable sins and Muslims are forbidden to take intoxitants, including alcohol.

  • LB

    Does anyone remeber the Serbian Muslim youth that killed people in the Utah mall? Well? Same thing, eye for an eye, right?

  • DrM

    Muslims are a “race” and enough on an “other”(usually some mix of Arab and Pakistani) to Islamophobic scum. Maturin is basically supporting this sleazeball by playing on semantics.

  • Big Dog

    Maturin is stupid. Instead of condemning the attack as much as possible, he tries to justify it with freedom of speech.

  • Mahmoud

    Maturin is pretty much a classical scumbag. He goes on rant about how islam is not a race, how there is no such thing as islamophobia, rather than actually condenm these attacks and show sympathy.

  • Ustadh


    No one said Islam is a race, but this is a racist attack. How so? First of all this guy hates Arabs, the reports showed that. He also hates Islam and fears it, therefore it is Islamophobia. He equates Arabs with Islam like many Islamophobes do.

    Islamophobia, has inherent within it racism because Islamophobes generally think Muslims are one or two races and when they do their hate they usually act against what they think are people following Islam, that is why a Sikh man with a Turban can also be a victim of Islamophobia. Someone commented here about racists call Muslims towel heads because of the turban where as the turban is a cultural dress worn by Arabs. Islamophobia as defined by Runnymede Trust is also a racist process.

    Why do you get caught on the semantics, is it to change the subject? The fact is this guy is a loser. Do you agree with his actions or not?

    Anyways, anyone has the right to question and challenge any idea or Faith. One is free to challenge atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Enlightenment, etc. Anyone can and has the right to change from any idea to another, what is your point?

    Freedom of Expression is not a gift from the West or from Christianity, it is inherent in Man, and that is exactly what the founding fathers of this nation said. It is natural law.


  • James


    The thing with the freedom of expression is that it’s unequally applied. Anti-Islam arguments are hardly ever scholarly, but are driven with a paranoid hate. I take issue with anti-Islam people who are invited to news programs to spew their hatred under the guise of freedom of speech. Would these news programs invite antisemitic Holocaust deniers and treat them with respect as they do with many of these Islamophobes? I have never seen an anti-Christian polemicist invited to CNN or FOX to be allowed to talk about how Jesus never existed, but I have seen anti-Muslim haters to say whatever they want about Prophet Muhammad without challenge. So you can forgive me if I don’t see a distinction between Islamophobia and Muslimphobia, they are one in the same today.

  • Maturin

    Hello Ustadh:

    Islam is NOT a RACE,so he attacked Muslims because of their set of religious IDEAS,not the color of the skin.If those same people had been HINDU or BUDDHIST he would not have attacked them.

    Secondly,to attack PEOPLE who believe in Islam is NOT Islamophobia(which is to attack IDEAS:Mohammed was a real prophet,the Koran has no errors,etc).

    It is MUSLIMOPHOBIA,which is a hate crime.Punished by the law.I am against that,as it goes against human rights.But Ustadh,are you in favor of freely criticising Islam(the ideas of that religion)here and anywhere,even in Muslim countries?With NO punishment for it:no $500 fine,no days or years in jail,no execution?It is called Freedom of Speech and Expression.

    You can criticize atheism,capitalism,Judaism,communism,etc all you like,it’s your right of free speech.Do you agree we have the right to do so with the set of religious ideas called Islam?

  • Ustadh

    Wow, this guy looks like a sleaze ball. It’s amazing, they found 200K in his glove department. Where did he get that money? Very fishy.

    It is unbelievable that this person would shoot big rounds into his neighbor’s house just because they are Muslim. Why people do such things I don’t know, but it is idiotic. Are people that afraid of what they don’t know? In this case though this guy just seems to be a mentally unbalanced racist.

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