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The Blog Wars: Charles Johnson Takes on Robert Spencer for Associating with Extremists

English Defense League Protestor

English Defense League Protester

The blog wars have heated up again. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, former ally and friend of Robert Spencer, exposes another instance of Spencer teaming up and hobnobbing with extremists; this time it’s the English Defense League and the Christian Action Network.

The English Defense League is an organization that claims to speak out against Islamic Extremists but many have linked them to far right organizations, football hooligans, and neo-fascists such as the BNP. The organization was founded by Jeff Marsh, a Welsh hooligan. Barth notes, “Separate from the MFE and UBA are the English and Welsh Defence League (EWDL) and Casuals United, run by the Welsh hooligan Jeff Marsh.” Read more on Jeff Marsh’s sordid past here.

In a post titled ‘English Defense League’ Riot in Birmingham, Charles Johnson writes,

And look who’s hanging out with the English Defense League now, on a tour of Britain with wacko fundamentalist nutbag Martin Mawyer and his “Christian Action Network” — none other than Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch: English Defence League Interviewed by Veteran US Anti-Gay Bigot.

It seems that Spencer was in Britain as part of a tour with the Christian Action Network. The Christian Action Network is the same organization which suggested that Hillary Clinton was a Lesbian,

The Christian Action Network (CAN), a Religious Right group based in Forest, Va., held a press conference in New York City Sept. 7 to announce plans to place ads in the New York media suggesting that Clinton is gay. The organization freely admitted that it had no hard evidence for the allegation but cited ongoing “rumors.”

Bartholomew notes,

The Christian Action Network was apparently in the UK as part of a tour with none other than Robert Spencer. In an August posting on Jihad Watch, Spencer tells us that:

I had a most illuminating dinner with a group including Douglas Murray that offered a bracing introduction to British dhimmitude: we had to move our dinner at the last minute since the proprietors of the George Restaurant didn’t like us discussing jihad and Islamization on the premises…When not getting bounced out of pubs, the intrepid Jason Campbell of the Christian Action Network and I took strolls into a few mosques…

This is the same dinner which the English Defense League were invited to, as Adrian Morgan of Family Security Matters (another extreme right wing group) admits in an attempted defense of Robert Spencer, “The EDL had been invited to the George pub.” Robert Spencer wants us to believe that all this is a coincidence and is crying that he is a victim of guilt by association, which is quite rich considering how, as we have demonstrated, Spencer traffics in nothing but guilt by association. I guess this time it’s a case of Spencer not being able to take his own medicine?

Spencer responds to the accusation by Charles Johnson with a searing salvo of cheap shots and name calling. Is that any way to act for an “objective scholar?” He calls him “libelblogger,” “lying scoundrel” and calls those who are member’s of LGF “cult members.”

Robert Spencer seems to still be fuming at being outed by Charles Johnson, who many in the anti-Muslim blogsphere think of as a “traitor” for exposing Spencer’s proclivity to be an apologist for fascists as well as his joining a genocidal Faceebook club.

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  • rob


    Gotta give some credit to Charles Johnson and LGF coming to its senses.

  • Imad


    did u see the new study by the FBI? It’s here in loonwatch. 94% of terrorist attacks ARE Muslim! No, wait…

    Actually no that’s NOT true. 6% percent are Muslim, there are more Jewish terrorist attacks then Muslim (by one percent)!


  • Seffi

    Oh blah Spytalk- same old crap.
    90% of the world’s violence? Care to back that up? oh wait, you can’t because it is total bullshit.

    I have been to many Muslim countries- some of those you mentioned and being Muslim, I definitely know more about it than you (also- what the hell will you learn about 1400 years worth of history, and current political contexts and theology in 5 minutes?!!) and since you have no factual argument to refute anything on Loonwatch go whine somewhere else.

    On a side note- if you think ‘WORLDWIDE’ Islam is so awful…then what? What do you think needs to be done about 1.4 billion people on the planet? Seriously, get some perspective, actually talk to some Muslims and take 5 minutes to get a grip on your paranoia and prejudice.

  • Spytalk

    Those of you who love islam so much should move to saudi arabia, pakistan, iran, iraq, egypt or indonesia and carry a bible around in your hand openly and publicly for a few days. Then you’ll find out how great and tolerant and “peaceful” islam is WORLDWIDE. WORLDWIDE islam is responsible for 90% of the world’s violence and killing. We need a site because apparently according to “loon watch” only one side of a feud can be guilty of quote “name calling”. Most of you armchair “commenters” have (1) either never been out of the country or (2) have never taken 5 minutes to study GLOBAL islam. Get a clue.

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  • steve

    Yeah. A five year old review of comments at LGF is worth paying attention to.

  • Danios

    HGG, I agree with this blog post about LGF:

  • Danios

    HGG, I humbly disagree. LGF is another Islamophobic and alarmist website. But more on that later…

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  • HGG

    I’m a fan of Little Green Footballs. Johnson has shown himself to be a man of principles, standing against all forms of extremism, regardless of religion or political preference.

    Which has made him quite a bit of Internet enemies.

  • Mooneye

    Thank you Danios. The anti-Muslim world really is one where hypocrisy prevails. It is quite rich that they will berate the “Mooslims” for extremism but when they are caught red handed, or should I say hand in hand with fascists, they smile and cry out guilt by association and defamation.

  • Mahmoud

    Yet Spencer and people like him keep claiming to be “free-speech advocates” and “freedom-fighters”. They are in reality a new type of fascist, and they can’t keep hiding that.

  • gentleben

    Dang, can Robert Spencer stoop any lower, the dude keeps being drawn to Eurofascists like flies to dung. What’s next for him, a burning cross on the front lawn? He’s really smoking something if he thinks he can be taken seriously as an objective scholar when his true colors ooze through every other day. Not a very sharp tool this Spencer.

  • Danios

    Excellent article. Is it not amazing that the primary method of these Islamophobes to “expose” moderate Muslims is guilt by association–and six degrees of separation–yet they themselves can be linked by association to unsavory extremists of the worst kind?

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