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Georgia Resident: I’m Prejudice, I Just Don’t Like Muslims

Dar E Abbas Congregants

A resident of Lilburn, Georgia comments on the reason he is opposed to a local Mosque, “I am prejudice, I just don’t like Muslims and I don’t want them taking over our neighborhood.” Is it any surprise that this is in Georgia? At least he expressed his beliefs openly, though he did wish to remain anonymous.

Lilbrun Resident: “I dont Like Muslims”

The Dar-E-Abbas Islamic center currently sits on a small plot of land on Highway 29 and Hood Road. They want to raze the current building and build a two-story mosque.

It’s that expansion that has residents living in the area up in arms.“I am prejudice, I just don’t like Muslims and I don’t want them taking over our neighborhood,” said one resident who lives near the mosque. He did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.

“I don’t want someone coming to my house and burning it down.”An attorney for the mosque, Woody Galloway, told CBS Atlanta he hopes the issues residents have isn’t about religion, but, knows it is a strong possibility.

“The mosque just wants to be a part of this community and make it better,” Galloway said.

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  • Jalal

    lol @sclaftius =p

  • peaceforall

    @sclaftius. ROFL. Man that was so funny!

  • peaceforall

    Vinny you realy are impressive in your encyclopedic knowledge of the religion called Islam being followed by over 2 billion people in the world ALL of who are terrorists!!! I am sure your family must be proud of their prodigal son and his wisdom as he bestows it on the rest. What a load of…’Mosques are breeding ground of terrorism’!. How many mosques have you visited? This coming from someone who lives in the reddest of states reknowned for its slavery,lynching,and plantations and where racisim is still being followed with utmost pomp and show is truly awe inspiring. Bravo on your commments and a job well done for spreading hatred! Comments like yours come unfortunately from people who have no clue how to nagate the thin lines of ethnic and racial harmony. People like yourself are the reason for the problems in this world. Irresponsibilty has no boundaries obviously. Think before you embark on your slander potraying all Muslims as terrorists and all places of their worship as terror breeding grounds…I feel sorry for your thoughts and can only hope that you respect others as you wish to be respected.

  • Vinny

    The most dangerous threat to all of society today is Islamic Extremism, and Islamic Terrorism. Often, Mosques are a breeding ground for all terrorism. Along with the nearby Hindu Temple, there are other churches in the area that are endangered. A few years ago, there was An example of this in Riverdale, Georgia. Here, local muslims tried to build a Mosque right beside the Hindu temple. Their request was denied after public outcry. We should once again deny this request here in Lilburn. The mayor is also trying to become rich off of this transaction. Our mayor should not be corrupted.

  • Schlaftius

    No to a mosque in my neighborhood but yes to a burning cross on my lawn and rednecks in sheets lynching a blackman for looking at my sister,…er I mean my wife or both or same or whatever,…

  • Both my home state of Georgia as well as the one I currently call home (let’s just say that yes, I am the one who knocked Fred Phelps down “The Hill” in college) insist on making the news for being backwards, stupid and embarrassing to those rather blue residents inhabiting them. Hell, not just “blue”, just not batshit crazy! WTF? Kansas: At Least The Wheat is Sane??!?!?

    In one similar note of embarrassing Georgians/Kansans, I fell asleep sitting up with my laptop on my lap (wow, actually where it’s name implies…) along with some Haagen Dazs (Ginger flavor….Yum…) which melted and proceeded to spill into my MacBook via the keyboard. I am feeling now the same phantom pains mentioned by amputees and wondering if my Apple Care will work if registered now….hmmm…..

    ….at least I found this site on my Big Mac and rebookmarked;)

  • James

    The peace loving Christians!

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