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Hate Mail of the Day: From Amsterdam

We get hate mail here quite often at loonwatch, this one comes from someone calling themselves “Ryan Reynolds.” His IP tracks him to Amsterdam. It isn’t a death threat but just someone who really hates us. He left this as a comment on the recent Geert Wilders piece.

Author : Ryan Reynolds
E-mail :
F*** you and f*** your sick, twisted religion…

If you were wondering, yes, we did censure the curse words.

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  • Randy


    Terrorism is a political response. Over the past 1400 years, more Muslims have been the victims of extremism /terrorism than the modern world casualty count ever will be.

    I would request you to get an education and analyze the underlying causes of terror. And I hope you do know, at least, that suicide bombing was invested by Tamil Hindus in 1980s who were fighting Sri Lankan Buddhists for territorial rights.

  • From AdamToMohammed


    Do you want me to list the non Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe, the Christian Extremist terrorist attacks in India, the Buddhists agains Christians , and the attacks on Muslims?

    Do a simple search on google, Oh and why do you think it’s only terrorism in the West that matters? America has been comitting terrorism before the 9/11 attacks,

    Al Qaeda is an American creation, to fight the Russians in AFghanistan, theCIA built up the Taliban. Do you know about the IRA and ETA attacks in Europe?

    Get an education,

  • Mohamed

    A little piece of advice here. Punctuation marks and prepositions were invented for a reason, to write and read comprehensible and coherent sentences. An above first grade level English would have helped you a lot too. Your blabbering baby talk has totally ruined your attempt of pseudo intellectual bigotry, and made you more like a blabbering baby instead, which ironic as it is, is really cute.

  • Francesca Kowalski

    …And the award for best run-on sentence goes to: j v!

  • j v

    um what part of the threat do you twisted sick people understand every terror attack and every war the west has been forces into in the last 10 years has been the result of “MOOSLIM” ideology correct me if im wrong ???

  • Ryan

    This isn’t the actor is it.

  • Durendal

    Thats considered hate mail?
    I thought there would be at least some threats of slowly sawing your head off.
    And it’s not even mail it’s just a comment some random person left.
    I agree with James, you should be flattered with the attention.

  • James

    If you’re getting these bigots angry, that’s a good thing.

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