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Ahavath Torah is Led by Geert Wilders’ Friend, Rabbi Jon Hausman

Rabbi Jon Hausman

Rabbi Jon Hausman

We reported recently that Ahavath Torah invited Wafa Sultan, a known bigot and loon to speak at their Synagogue. At the time we weren’t sure what the motivation was, whether it was done out of malice or ignorance, we wrote,

It seems the Synagogue is either unaware of Sultan or is not interested in harmony or critical dialogue and factual knowledge about its Muslim neighbors but instead seeks to plant the seeds of animosity and hate.

We now can confirm that the true intent of bringing Sultan was not to educate congregants about Islam or the threat of radicalism but to fan anti-Muslim Islamophobia. The spiritual leader of Ahavath Torah is one Rabbi Jon Hausman, we hate to give him more publicity than he deserves but a little background on him will clear this matter up sufficiently.

Rabbi Hausman is a friend and admirer of Geert Wilders, the neo-fascist Dutch politician who has called for the deportation of Muslim citizens, banning the construction of Mosques, the banning of religious freedom for Muslims, the banning of the Quran, a tax on hijabs and other similar nonsense. Rabbi Hausman invited Wilders to speak to his congregation where he spouted verbatim the above positions. Wilders, bestowed on the Rabbi the “honorific” title of “the Warrior Rabbi” which coming as it does from a fascist should send shivers down the spine of any sensible person who cares about Democratic values. That Hausman can revel in such praise from a vile cretin like Wilders exposes his moral bankruptcy and reveals how unfit and inept he is to lead a congregation. I posit another title for Hausman, instead of “the Warrior Rabbi” he may better be known as “the Betraying Rabbi” for his betrayal of Judaic values and  “never again” for any people.

In our original article we asked concerned people of all faiths to contact Ahavath Torah and Rabbi Hausman and politely ask why they had invited Wafa Sultan and to reconsider their invitation. Rabbi Hausman responded to the polite emails by calling the people who sent them “nutjobs.”

On a right-wing website defending Rabbi Hausman’s decision, we learn that one of our readers, John sent him this email:

Forwarded Message: Regarding your invitation to Wafa Sultan on Dec 3rd

Regarding your invitation to Wafa Sultan on Dec 3rd

Thursday, November 26, 2009 3:53 AM

To:  Rabbi Hausman

I am responding to an online campaign at, which is asking your synagogue to review your decision to invite Wafa Sultan to the Ahavath Torah Congregation Thursday, Dec. 3, at 7:30 p.m.

Please see these news article at Loon Watch, and I am responding to their request to write a polite letter to your synagogue.

Why is Ahavath Torah Synagogue Inviting Wafa Sultan?

Wafa Sultan: A Poseur Playing off of Ignorance to Further Hate

I would draw your attention the fact that Wafa Sultan is also on record as stating:-

“Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 America was founded in 1776 approximately 300 years later. You cannot blame America – as a constitution, a regime, and state for killing the Indians.”

My own feelings regarding this are as follows:-

Sultan is a known bigot.  Inviting such a person to a synogogue, does nothing for improving interfaith harmony. No less a distinguished figure than Judea Pearl, the father of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, walked out on of one her talks due to her bigotry. If a Jew whose son was killed by terrorists in Pakistan can see through a hate mongering opportunist, it does not behoove a synagogue to invite her. It will also do nothing for Muslim Jewish relations in Stoughton. I would say exactly the same thing to an Imam if his mosque invited Israel Shamir who claims to be an ex-Jew to speak on Jewish history.

I would appreciate it if you could read the reports above.

Kind Regards and Shalom.

John P Turner

How did the Rabbi respond?


Could it be that I’ve ruffled a few feathers?!? Could it be that these people want to stifle inquiry into the dark inner recesses of Islamic doctrine? Could it be that I don’t care what these nut jobs think and I won’t be intimidated? Most likely the second and third questions….

The Warrior Rabbi

Notice the very un-Jewish ego on the Rabbi. He signs his response with the “Warrior Rabbi.” Strange indeed for a spiritual leader. Instead of ad hominem attack why can’t the Rabbi respond to the substantive points in the email? Does he even have a response? No one is scared of you “Mr. Warrior Rabbi,” people are just wondering why you have invited a bigot to speak to your congregation? If it is because you hate Islam than at least have the guts to say so.

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  • InPeace

    Christians are actively importing jews to Israël and the settlements because only then their god can wipe out the human race

    Can you quote Christian theologians who believe Christians can hasten the Second Coming?

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  • Sonia

    Christians are actively importing jews to IsraĂ«l and the settlements because only then their god can wipe out the human race, and also the the jews if they don’t convert to christianity. Only then the (“real”) christians will be rewarded eternal life in heaven. So that’s why the christians love the jews so much after world war two (after 16 centuries of hatred and persecution that brought about the holocaust). It’s only self-interest. That means that philo-semites are still anti-semites.

  • Fight Zionist Lies

    I am glad I found this website.

    These Zionist liars like this Rabbi Hausman should be kicked out of our country. They want us to fight a war in Iran now, after Iraq, that is why they sell their snake oil using cheap illiterate bums like Shouman. Kick them out.

    I will tell all my friends, and bloggers to check out Loon Watch.

  • American Patriot

    I have included some information below for anyone inclined to follow up. This odious Rabbi, Rabbi Hausman is affiliated with CUFI a group that wants to Judeo Christianise America, yet they claim Islam wants to do that.

    Anyone in Stoughton, MA could pay a visit or send someone to see what’s going on here? How about organise a demo on the night of Wafa Sultan’s speech. He and his congregation cannot complain of anti-semitism . How can the American Association of Rabbi’s have a member like this? This man should be deported to Israel.

    Rabbi Hausman is the older brother of Israpundit contributor, Matthew Hausman.
    Israpundit is a notorious right wing blog Zionist blog run by far right Canadian Jewish Zionist Ted Belman. Ted Belman had a notorious campaign against Obama during the American elections. His attacks and fairy stories were so widespread that Jews for Obama had to launch a counter campaign against his lies.

    Here is some background information on Rabbi Hausman, from his own website

    Rabbi Jonathan Hausman hails from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He is the eldest of four brothers.

    He is currently a Vice President of the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts and serves on the Board of Governors for the Va’ad HaKashruth. Rabbi J is a member of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis and the American Association of Rabbis.

    Apparently the President of Rabbi Hausman’s synagogue (ATC) is someone called Phil Weiner. If anyone wants to contact a member of the Executive Board they can call the ATC office at 781-344-8733. It’s worth questioning why they have a man like this leading their congregation.

  • Nabeela

    Why do i get the feeling that this “Mohammed shouman” is Ali Sina from Faithfreedom especially since he used that link.

    Ali Sina (faithfreedom) claims to speak for Sunni Islam, when he is in fact an Iranian Shia converted to Atheism. The irony is that on his website he says Judaism is worse in violence (Joshua) than Islam, but that the reason he fights Islam is because he says Judaism is dead and Jews are no threat, but that Islam will take over the world.

    The modus operandi of this “Rabbi” is to use people who claim to be ex Muslims. How can a man like this claim to be giving religious guidance when he doesn’t even have the courtesy to respect the privacy of Mr Turner and probably others. Which is his congregation?

    Thus “Rabbi” Hausman, is a fool and an even bigger one than Spencer. At least Spencer actually makes the effort to write his lies himself, Hausman, hides behind “ex Muslims” who are just cheap charlatans out to make a quick buck, and thinks that he will have more credibility this way.

    How about sending this to Abe Foxman at the ADL the organsisation that fights anti-Semitism? They need to be made aware of their own bigoted “Rabbi’s”.

    I’m curious to know how many and what kind of Jews attend Ahavath Torah. They’re probably Kahanists, and Kahanism is illegal in the USA.

  • iSherif

    Yup, I certainly agree that Mohammed above does not sound like he used to be a Muslim at some point. The thing about all of these ‘ex-Muslims’ is that when they talk about Islam, they almost always seem to view it through the eyes of a bigoted non-Muslim. They show tremendous consistency to the same arguments propounded by most Islamophobic websites, smearing Islam and the Muslims as if their very lives depended upon it. Not very believable I’m afraid…

  • Garo

    To: John P. Turner

    Mohammad Shouman is full of beans-a lot of beans.

    He does not deserve even the above comment as a response. DISCARD.

  • James

    Agreed nat. Something is fishy about “Mohammed”. There are genuine “ex-Muslims”, they don’t turn around and viciously attack Muslims and Islam. These ex-Muslims in fact attack Islamophobes and the fake, lying, opportunistic ex-Muslims. (example: As’ad Abukhalil at

  • nat

    Uh oh! Fake ex-Muslim alert!

    Muslims leave Islam because they stop believing in God or other such reasons. I’ve never heard genuine ex-Muslim (the ones not on the media circuit) trot out blood libel-esque lies about Muslims like taqiyya (!) or dhimmitude (!!). How transparent, “Mohammed”.

  • James


    You should send back the link to the new Danios story on dhimmitude as a reply. Funny how he calls loonwatch a Muslim group when Danios, who writes the academic articles on Islam, is not a Muslim.

  • John P Turner


    I must say I was taken aback to read my private correspondence, on the WWW. I feel compelled to write a note here.

    I read Loon Watch, and other online hate watch sites, and respond to campaigns when it is prudent to do so.

    With this particular campaign, neither the Rabbi nor anyone from the office I wrote to replied to me, but I did receive a third party reply. Normally, I wouldn’t publish private correspondence without permission, but since the Rabbi has already published my email on a website, I will just share with you the email i did receive.

    Kind Regards

    John Turner

    From: Mohammed Shouman
    Sent: 29 November 2009 06:58
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: RE: Wafa Sultan

    Dear Dr Turner,

    I have heard about your e-mail message to Rabbi Hausman regarding disinviting Wafa Sultan to a synagogue. I can tell from your e-mail message that you’re a decent person with good intentions.

    Unfortunately, that’s what Islam relies to to disseminate taqiyya: Our willingness to accept falsehoods because they are more comforting.

    Here are some uncomfortable truths about Islam you may, or may not, be aware of:

    Islam believes you Jews will all die before the Day of Judgment through an Islamic genocide. Please read an article on this issue here:

    Islam mandates you convert to Islam or become a dhimmi. As a dhimmi, you will pay jizya while you are in a state of subjection. As a dhimmi, you will not be able to reconstruct your places of worship. You will not be able to practice your religion freely. Converts to Islam will be welcome, converts to Judaism will lead to the death penalty (and killing or crucifying the Jew who caused ‘fitna’ for a Muslim to apostatize, as per Quran 5:32). As a dhimmi, if a Muslim walks down a road, you must move to the side for him to walk by. As a dhimmi, you are humiliated into converting to Islam or pay the jizya. Period.

    Islam calls you the filthiest of creatures, as per Quran 8:55

    Islam has always held contempt against Jews. This is traced back to the time of the Muhammad, because they refused to accept Muhammad as a prophet. That’s why he massacred, expelled, and raped the Jews of Arabia. He had several Jewish concubines whose husbands and fathers he had killed, such as Rayhana and Safiyya.

    Islam is not just problematic to Jews, but to all non-Muslims and to the human family. Why can’t Sultan express criticism of Islam and question Islam’s loyalties to America and its ‘respect’ for Jews? Would it be hateful for the good Rabbi to invite an anti-Nazi speaker to the synagogue?

    Did you know Muhammad expelled most Jews from Medina and had hundreds of Jews from the tribe of Banu Qurayza beheaded? Do you know about the Khaybar tribe he attacked? Muslims proudly mention it, even today they always chant:
    Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahoud! [Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews!]
    Jaishu Muhammad sawfa ya’ood! [The army of Muhammad shall return!]

    As an ex-Muslim myself, I am asking you why in the world you, a good Jew, would support a libelous Islamic group like Loonwatch in its fight to censor any views critical of Islam.

    I read the links about Wafa Sultan. These are all ad hominens and detract from the issues she brings up. If her views on Islam are false, I am sure the synagogue would be happy to have a Muslim refute her claims.

    I appeal to you to wake up. Islam is a problem for Jews. Don’t just take it from me, someone who hated your guts because I was raised to hate jews. I encourage you to learn more about Islam by studying the main texts: The Quran, the Hadith (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim), and the Sira (Ibn Ishaq’s biography).

    One good Web site I recommend for you is

    All the best in your life.


    Mohammed Shouman

  • mallorcaman

    Terribly sorry but this Rabbi is a sleaze ball and an unrepentant one at that. Where are the moderate Jewish leaders, why aren’t they speaking out against this guy?

  • Ustadh

    My guess is the Rabbi won’t respond to this because he can’t. He has no response. It is very odd to hear his words, considering that humbleness is one of the teachings of the Jewish faith.

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