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Debbie Schlussel Hits out Against “Pseudo-Warrior” Pamela Geller

Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel

This is what we expected all along, for the ravenous loons to eat each other up. There may still be a salvageable relationship between Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller, they might bury the hatchet to continue with the profitable business of Islamophobia but it does not seem likely.

Of course we couldn’t care less if they remain buddies or not, in fact we hope that we can sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch the preceding blog brawl escalate. Again the starter of this fire is Debbie Schlussel who writes that she regrettably has to call out Pamela Geller who unlike her is not a true warrior but a “pseudo-warrior.” All we can do is laugh.

Some choice cuts from the most recent oeuvre served by Schlussel (hat tip: enaater):

How do you go from–less than two months ago–rightfully condemning a mother for sending her daughters to what she knew would be their murder by their Muslim father  . . . to making her a featured speaker at your anti-honor killing rally?! That’s a question you’ll have to ask Pamela Geller, who–as is her recent SOP with me–ignored my e-mails to her, including two asking her why she invited Patricia Said…

This is all over ignored emails. Ha. Priceless.

It boggles the mind that any sane, principled person truly against honor killings would invite this woman, Patricia Said, to speak at such a rally.  If she was Rifqa Bary’s mother, the Bary teen would be dead by now, with her help.

Schlussel, herself an insane loon pretty much calls her old friend Pam insane here as well.

Instead of answering my question, Pamela ignored it and covered her ass–choosing to deceive readers of her Atlas Shrugs website with creative editing and removing Patricia Said’s name and changing it to “honor killing victims’ family members.” (It should have read “co-conspirators in honor killings.) But Said will be there, courtesy of Pamela, who organized the rally and paid for Tissie Said’s travel to and lodging for the event.

Tsk, tsk. Schlussel is really bringing the hammer out now. Shocking revelations: Pam Geller is paying people to come out for the anti-Muslim “rally.”

Pamela preferred symbolism over substance, and this isn’t the first time.


It pains me to write this because I’ve done much to help Pamela–some of it at her request and much of it because it was the right thing to do–over the years.

We hear your anguish Debbie, you helped Pam be a bigot and now she screws it up by not answering her email.

Some people say “not on my watch,” but not only don’t they really mean it, they enable the perpetrators.  There are warriors, and then there are pseudo-warriors, who casually throw principle to the wind whenever it’s convenient.

This is the cherry on top, Debbie pretty much calls out Pam’s credentials (if there ever were any) and labels her what we all know her to be: “an opportunist.” Also notice the vanity and self-adulation, Debbie proclaiming herself a “warrior.” If you’re drinking milk, I sure hope it didn’t start gushing from your nose due to an obscene amount of laughter.

All I can imagine now is the precarious position that this puts Robert Spencer in, who dubbed Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller “freedom fighters.” He will have to choose sides or attempt to reconcile these “warriors” as he increasingly stands a top a pile of crumbling Islamophobic alliances. An alliance undone by the very hatred that fuels it.

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  • Alexia

    I am glad I googled “Is Pam Gellar an Idiot?” and got to your blog. I had no idea who she was until yesterday when I read the crazy ranting about the stupid Campbells soup variations in Canada. I sent her an email about having tolerance, not promoting hate, etc. I myself am a naturalized American, born in Europe. Anyway she sent a vicious reply that had me stunned and actually very worried about the fact I emailed her in the first place. Is she a publicity stunt? Or does she really believe what she is saying. It is very terrifying to know people like this exist and are making money off fear and hatred.

  • Joe, this may surprise you, but I know what Islam is because I LIVE it every day of my life. Many people on this site do. Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Geller and Hanan Tudor are all nothing more than hate-mongers trying to make money off saps like you. Looks like business is booming.

    Also, this is a good sign for us. Hate-mongers usually turn on one another because its in their nature. Debbie Schlussel in particular wants to be seen as a “leader” of the Islamophobia movement; that means she has to discredit everyone who doesn’t agree with her. Maybe the market is starting to dry up.

  • Joe Young

    What is more idiotic? Two who should stick with the real problem of radical Islam, OR IDIOTS LIKE YOU who can’t see past the their noses and recognize Islam for what it is?

    Your dripping sarcasm is only exceeded by your naive, arrogant shortsightedness.

    Einstein’s famous words come to mind when I hear your mockery of those who see what you are incapable of seeing.

    Good day.

  • Ali Azizi

    This is not surprising, most of these commentators are in the Islamaophobia game for the money, and eventually they will have to butt heads over the limited spoils their increasingly irrelevant effluence will garner them. Schlussel in particular is protective of her territory, she’s already called out Walid Shoebat and revealed the real identity of Hanan Tudor aka Briggite Gabriel.

  • nat

    Pammy will win. She is not hindered by logic nor the rules of grammar.
    She will shriek loudly and repetitively in her usual manner, and it will drown out her (equally idiotic, but more polished) opponent.

  • Robert4

    Pam’s logic is clear here: Only Muslims can be responsible for honor killings and white people like Patricia Said get a pass.

  • AF

    Loony Heaviweight Title Match:

    -On the Left corner we have Debbie “Blonde Bimbo” Schlussel
    -On the Right corner we have the Undefeated Champion of the LoonyWorld, Pamela “Batshit Crazy” Gellar

    Whos gonna win ?
    I put my money on Pammy!

  • Zatti

    This is not so surprising. People in league together for the cause of hate usually end up turning on each other at some point. That is because they are not fighting for a principle, but fighting against anyone who disagrees with them.

    This occured with a former friend who deemed me a terrorist sympathizer because I merely suggested that all Muslims are not automatically terrorists. I was swiftly lied about to others, unfriended (in real life and on Facebook–she even had others join her!), and that was that.

    Disagreement, even if strong, is healthy; however, rancor and division, as with Schlussel and co., is a sure sign that other motives or issues are at work.

  • HGG

    This was the best laugh I’ve had all day. But as fun as the main post is, check the comments. Loony Pam and Prof. F*ckislam made their appearances, and Debbie practically called Spencer Geller’s lapdog.


  • Ustadh

    Hilarious, this gets better and better. Is Schlussel an ego maniac or what? Her self importance is only matched by her (ex?) fellow travelers Robert Spencer and the PAM.

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