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Robert Spencer: Here’s Hoping for an anti-Muslim Backlash

Here's praying that Islam and Muslims face the blame for Fort Hood

Here's praying that Islam and Muslims face the blame for Fort Hood

 Since news of the heinous Fort Hood massacre at the hands of Major Malik Nidal Hassan first broke out, “Islam Scholar” Robert Spencer, of f**kislam fame, has been like a gluttonous kid in a candy shop, frantically blogging over three dozen times with one goal in mind: slap down the blame on Islam and Muslims at large.

That is precisely the line that every sane responder has warned against. Whether it was the American Muslim leadership, the US military leadership, the mainstream media, or the President of the United States. But to Spencer who is rubbing his hands praying that a massive backlash could befall the American Muslim community, the sanity that he is hearing and seeing from mainstream America is cause for anger, bitterness, and complaints.

For the “Islam Scholar,” everyone including the US Military leadership are “dhimmi” wimps afraid of the Mooslims. Fancy that, a sedentary blogger who barely gets off his backside where he sits day and night punching away at a keyboard sees fit to accuse those who venture on the war frontiers risking their lives to protect this country (including his) of being cowardly sell-out wimps.

As pretentious and downright sick as that is, Spencer who is drenched in his own bias and deafened by the screeching sound of his own propaganda will likely fail to take notice.

Spencer’s mad response of course is entirely predictable, after all he has shown tremendous consistency and undying loyalty to a line of arguments whose sole agenda is to drive a wedge between America’s faith communities and make a compelling case for the widespread hate of Islam and distrust of Muslims.

Accordingly, only moments after news of the shooting was made public, the opportunistic preacher wasted no time getting on his e-pulpit and positing that the shooter was carrying out a legitimate Islamic Jihad, a religious requirement of all Muslims (unbeknownst to you and them for that matter). Since then, he has immersed himself in whipping out a flurry of dishonest and sinister propaganda posts, cherry picking items to strengthen his case, and completely ignoring those that do not.

For example, Spencer seems to the be the only one who missed the tremendous outpouring of support from the American Muslim community and their organizations of whom CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, and virtually every registered Muslim organization – if not Mosque – in the United States were quick to issue condemnation and condolences as they expressed that such action has no support in their Islamic faith. Some even started support networks for the victims. Not a peep from Spencer. Instead, all the expedient Spencer could see was that one 18 year old kid and this one Imam in Yemen (condemned by Muslim orgs in the US and refuted by American imams) who supported the killing. Oh and wait, there is a radical web forum out there too. “Aha! There you have it, it’s a MOOOSLIM thing! It’s Izlaahm! Am I lying about anything I posted?”

Lying by highly selective reporting and glaring omission, yet another example of the objective scholarly ways of the “Islam Scholar” Robert Spencer.

Spencer’s three dozen posts on the Fort Hood massacre fall into one of three rants:

1) Incriminate the faith of 1.5 billion Muslims who had nothing to do with Hassan’s actions, and 7 million American Muslims who condemned his act (moved ironically by their faith to do so). Question the loyalty of Muslims in the military, ignoring that there are 3500 active Muslim service men and women in excellent standing.

2) Cherry pick any instance of support for the massacre regardless of how off the beaten path they are while turning a blind eye to the zillions of instances of more credible and representative Muslim voices condemning it.

3) Whine when others take a pass on your loon rants. Throw a temper tantrum at the mainstream media, the US military, the public and everyone else; respond by ridiculing them as dhimmis and wimps. (Take solace in the fact that at least Lou Dobbs and slimey Senator Joe Lieberman may come through for you).

Here is a fun little exercise for our wonderful readers, see if you can match each of Spencer’s posts below to its appropriate category above:

  • In the wake of Fort Hood jihad, Houston authorities try to assure non-Muslims that steps are being taken to keep them safe — no, wait…

  • AP: “Anti-Muslim Backlash Immediate” — but offers not even one example

  • Muslim vets group: No reports of harassment of Muslim soldiers. None.

  • “Everybody knows Islam is a Religion of Peace”

  • Muslims in New York celebrate the deaths of Americans in the Fort Hood jihad

  • DHS Secretary warns that Fort Hood jihad must not be repeated — no, wait…

  • Muslim at Islamic Community of Greater Killeen, Texas: “I honestly have no pity” for victims of the Fort Hood jihad

  • U.S.-born Islamic cleric: Nidal Hasan “Did the Right Thing”

  • Fitzgerald: A Nest of Ninnies

  • U.S. government vows revenge after jihadist commits mass murder at Fort Hood — no, wait…

  • Why He Shouted “Allahu Akbar”

  • It wasn’t jihad, it was heartburn

  • U.S.-born Muslim cleric praises Fort Hood jihadist

  • Lindsey Graham: “At the end of the day this is not about his religion — the fact that this man was a Muslim”

  • U.S. Army General: Lack of diversity in Army is worse than mass murder

  • Playing the victim card: Florida mosque requests extra police protection, even though it wasn’t threatened

  • Fort Hood jihadist’s coworkers saw warning signs, but said nothing for fear of seeming bigoted

  • Muslims at Fort Hood blame army command for jihad massacre

  • It’s getting harder by the minute to say he just “snapped”: Fort Hood jihadist linked to 9/11 jihadists

  • In the wake of Fort Hood jihad, Houston authorities try to assure non-Muslims that steps are being taken to keep them safe — no, wait…

  • Fort Hood shooter regularly described war on terror as “war on Islam”

  • Fort Hood shooter taught Koran when he was supposed to be giving a medical lecture

  • Just before his jihad

  • Al-Qaeda last week called for attacks on “any crusaders whenever you find one of them, like at the airports of the crusader Western countries that participate in the wars against Islam, or their living compounds, trains etc.”

  • “A person behind counter stood up, and he said, ‘Allah Akbar!’ And just opened up on everybody”

  • Fort Hood jihad shooter handed out Korans the morning of his attack

  • Fort Hood jihad shooter was disciplined for Islamic proselytizing

  • Spencer: Jihad at Fort Hood

  • Fort Hood jihadist is alive

  • Fort Hood shooter a devout, observant Muslim

  • Fort Hood jihad shooter said “Muslims have to stand up against the aggressor”

  • Jihad at Fort Hood? Shooter: Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan

  • Islamic Awakening Forum on Fort Hood shooter: “What a brave mujahid”

  • Fort Hood shooter was member of Homeland Security Panel advising Obama

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  • Garo

    Once on C-SPAN TV cable channel,the interviewer asked,at the end of the interview,Robert Spencer what was his religion and Spencer answered that he was/is Eastren Catholic. When one sees Mr.Spencer holding proudly holding an Israeli flag in a rally instead of an American flag,one wonders if his answer to C-SPAN interviewer,as Eastern Catholic,was in reality true!!!!!

    Robert Spencer makes his living through writing TRASHY books against Islam. Only the ignorant,naive,gullible people,right-wingers and haters of Islam and Muslims in the evangelical communities believe what he writes because they want to believe such a TRASH,even if Robert Spencer has never existed. No wonder then,under such circumstances,and among a willingly receptive group,he dares calling himself a “scholar?”. Yeah,a “scholar?” who is full of beans-a lot of it!

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  • iSherif

    @Imad: I’m with you bro…this website is a revelation :)

  • Imad

    Ahhh I hate this man but I’m only fourteen and idk at all how to counter his words. After seeing this website I wanna learn how to debate and hopefully spread light on Islam.

  • HGG

    Man, as bad as Professor F*ckislam is, he still hides behind a facade of hypocritical civility. But his loyal sheep have no masks:

  • Ryan

    Spencers scum.

  • You won’t believe what else robert has said!

    You think that’s loonatic? Check this out. Robert spinster had a blog post where he wrote about nidal malik hassan going to a strip club! Of course no honorable Muslim would do that. It’s a major sin in Islam. Right? Nope. Nada. Not according to the Great Mufti Shaykh Robert Spinster. He manages to link jihad and strip clubs into one subject! Envious! But of course, what would a lie be without sprinkling on some out-of-context hadiths? He then lamely says, and I quote “So if a believer goes on jihad, his good deeds will outweigh all his evil deeds. Thus if a jihadist knows he is about to wage a great jihad, he knows its value will outweigh anything evil he has done.” LOL! Really? How utterly stupid is that. What about the verses about not killing humans? Nothing about that?! Oh and debbie schlussel uses this strip club as an excuse to say that Muslim don’t have any modesty. Well of course! One Muslim represents us all! Doh! And get this, I’m banned from commenting on jihadwatch! I am honored.

  • James

    “and they pray to God that such things happen.”

    Cynical, but true. These people make me sick.

  • Danios

    It’s truly insane how many posts JihadWatch has churned out after the attack. I really truly believe that they celebrate each time an attack like this happens…and they pray to God that such things happen.

  • FromAdamToMuhammed

    Zingel, thank you for this,

    We do so appreciate the wonderful work you and your team do. Hot on the heels of your previous expose, which was just as informative with a tongue in cheek flavour..this had me cracking up….Oh beauty!

    It should be carried by CNN,

    Oh wouldn’t I love to be a fly on the wall, when Spencer reads this…..LOL , you know what? If anyone CAN get a reaction, or a clip of a movie showing as much it would be most welcome, and a hilarious laugh..I bet he shows his true colours, when he thinks nobody is looking, as online even he has to put on a scholarly false face, which Loonwatch managed to crack.

    Thank you for this great entertainment. It’s better than a comedy sit-com


  • nat

    I strongly believe that Gellar, Spencer et al are on their hands and knees everyday praying – just praying – that terrorists strike the US or other western countries. They get too much joy and mileage out of their guilt-by- association and collective blame shtick, that they perfect in the lead up to these events.

    They care not for the victims, honestly – and they wouldn’t think twice about dancing on their graves if only to make any asinine point to demonise all Muslims.

  • Ustadh

    Zingel, great piece. This is a humorous and logical critique of the failure known as Bob Spencer.

  • JamesK

    well, “professor f**kislam” sure is angry and bitter, he’s wondering dammit why hasn’t America rounded its Muslims up yet and invaded the lands of their ancestors, seig heil! Too bad for you spencie, the neocons have screwed us over and fled like rats of a sinking ship, while Obama tries to fix it, yesterday’s leftovers like you manage only manage to create a stench.

  • Geneva’s Witness


    That’s funny I must admit but me gathers you give “professor f**kislam” waay too much credit. His 15 min of fame have always been in the ghettos anyway (crappy third rate books, hate radio, creepy speaking circuit).

    It’s not like the dude was ever a regular on CNN, the BBC, or a worthwhile recognizable name anywhere outside Pamela Geller’s basement round table poker nights (i’ve seen the photos) and his webshlog where the only goafers who follow this creep are the unemployed ultra conservative angry aging men who entertain fantasies of knighthood and/or neocon fetishism as they fester in their wifebeaters before their flickering tube screens.

  • A99

    It’s only a matter of time before Robert “F*** Islam” Spencer is relegated to the same level of obscurity as such hate luminaries as David Duke. I hope Spencer’s enjoying his moment in the spotlight, because it won’t be around for long. Soon he will be joining Duke in some squalid bar reminiscing about old times when they were taken seriously and got the attention they crave. Kinda sad if you think about it…

  • Snarla

    His number one reason for wanting an anti-Muslim backlash, of course, is more money for Robert Spencer. “Who has two thumbs and doesn’t mind getting rich fomenting hatred? Robert Spencer, that’s who.”

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