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Update: “f**” Magically Disappears from Robert Spencer’s

Part Two of Robert Spencer and the "Hate URLs" Saga

Part Two of Robert Spencer and the "Hate URLs" Saga

Recently LoonWatch came out with an exclusive report on the link between Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch and the defamatory and bigoted sites known as “” and “” As we reported, when one clicked on the aforementioned sites they would redirect to

These sites according to WhoIs have been registered and operational since 2004 which brings us to our most recent inquiry into the shady ways of Robert Spencer.

It seems that after we exposed the link between his website and the hateful url’s someone who was minding the shop at JihadWatch all of a sudden decided to change the redirection from their website to another one. The natural choice was a website with images of the heinous 9/11 attacks in an attempt to stoke people’s emotions and hopefully make a strong case as to why they should hate all Muslims, Islam, and Allah (The Arabic word used by both Muslims and Christian Arabs for the deity of Abraham also known as God, El, Yahweh, Gott, Dei, Dios, etc.) & &

The fact that this magic disappearing act occurred only hours after LoonWatch exposed the link to JihadWatch does not get Spencer off the hook as he was presumably hoping to do; to the contrary, it raises even more pressing questions and suspicions about his complicity in this scandal:

– Did Robert Spencer register those sites and quickly try to offload them after being exposed so as to avert a PR disaster that will further shoot the credibility of his already discredited hate site, JihadWatch?

– If he claims to have no connection to the “fuck” sites (he has not even denied responsibility yet and is staying mum hoping to weather the storm), then how and why did they magically disappear from his own site immediately after LoonWatch exposed the redirection scandal?

– Why would “random” vandals who redirected to JihadWatch care about whether JihadWatch is being scrutinized and act quickly to save face for it if they are so random to the website? More believably, the administrators of those sites – assuming it is not Robert Spencer – are collaborators of Spencer’s that he maintains contact with and reached out to in order to delink the sites and save face.

– Why has Robert Spencer, to this day, not come out to disavow and apologize for this ludicrous and most vile endorsement? It makes sense that any civilized person with an ounce of honor and credibility would be outraged at being associated with such vile messaging upon “finding out about it”. But not Robert Spencer. Does he then accept the hate messages of those URL’s? His failure to publicly disavow this proven link can only mean that he does.

We await answers to these burning questions, but don’t hold your breath. The hate guru will try to lay low on this one.

But expect us to be out there shedding light on his disappearing act.

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  • James

    This is sooo funny! Spencer exposed yet again.

  • HGG–well, she is in the pic with Bobby up there!

    Oh man, this is f**king hilarious. At least LGF redirects either to an IDF site or a flashing one that could cause seizures (in those previously seizure free as well).


    Spencer and no doubt “Hugh” and “Marisol” are definitely watching this. Hey Spencer, for the last time, my family were NOT VICTIMS OF JIHAD, ya dumbs**t!

  • iSherif

    Spencer is such a failure on so many different levels it’s not even funny anymore. His inability to even respond to the reasonable questions posed by Loonwatch in this connection, really captures the spirit of bankruptcy of his position. I’m pretty sure he would be enthusiastic about banning the Quran and all Islamic literature, but yet portrays himself as a crusading darling of free speech. He is deeply inconsistent and hypocritical and is definitely not the angel most unsuspecting people take him to be…

  • Zeeshan

    Another Great and Good work by Loonwatch in exposing Evil and hypocrite people.

    Another Good think is Spencer is also following

  • JamesK


    Spencer is already out of the spotlight, he was really never in it. He is radioactive material that mainstream media won’t touch with a 10 pole stick. And he lacks any credibility within real academic circles. He preys on the uninformed average guy and girl, and this is where LoonWatch is providing a good service in exposing his two-faced nature. But I would not worry about media outlets unless its FOX, and probably not even they would care to stoop so low.

  • HGG

    Now Loony Pam bought and it redirects to Atlas Shrieks.

  • Out of Many, One

    Spencer’s a strange person. Sometimes he can keep his composure and speak eloquently, if still disingenuously, and probably sounds impressive to a lot of uneducated people. Other times he sounds like a blithering idiot. More often than not it’s the latter. It’s hard to believe someone who acts so idiotic so often can keep it together long enough to sound intelligent in front of a camera. I don’t get it, myself.

    If Spencer replied to CAIR under the title “f*** CAIR” and then proceeded to call them liars, it wouldn’t surprise me. He has a history of having emotional outbursts in which he calls his opponents liars. I’ve seen him respond to a simple question by calling the person who asked it a liar. How can someone lie by asking a question? Maybe there’s a way to do it, but it certainly wasn’t being done during that exchange. So I’m not surprised in the least to hear that Spencer may have reacted to CAIR’s newsletter in that way.

    I’m not surprised by this news about the “fuck” sites either. That’s the kind of people Spencer attracts. If you look at the reader comments on JihadWatch, nearly everyone on there appears angry and irrational. Spencer, far from being embarrassed by that level of discourse, seems to encourage it. I seriously doubt he would have a problem with drawing hits from the “fuck” sites. That’s the kind of people who make up his fan base. I’m not surprised to learn that he’s behind those sites.

    I’m pleased to see you are documenting this connection between Spencer and the “fuck” sites. He definitely has a crazy and irrational side. It takes only a little digging to find it. However, many media outlets are too biased to be relied on to do that digging. Documenting Spencer’s crackbrained side will go a long way towards keeping him out of the spotlight, thus preventing him from misinforming the public. Keep up the good work, Loonwatch!

  • The Pondering Dhimmi

    I didn’t say “hate is not so bad.”

    I said that it can be justified.

    Hatred of torture, for example. Or Nazism. Or rape. Or communism.

    Not all hatred is irrational or wrong. In fact, hatred of evil is mandated by God.

  • To JihadWatchers


    “And I’m still not understanding why Robert Spencer needs to respond to any of this”

    Well PD (who argues that hate is not so bad)it seems your man has responded to any of this after all.

    And to Al H’s chagrin who commented above that Robert Spencer can’t be behind the URL’s because Spencer never uses foul language, I hate to burst your bubble little man, but Spencer’s “response” headline was 50% foul language of the type used in the URL: “F**k CAIR”

    Enough said.

  • TYO

    Can you make that screen shot bigger and clearer? I can’t read the text of Domain Tools.

  • Al H

    Anyone who follows Robert Spencer knows that he is not behind and You can agree or disagree with Robert’s views, but you’ll have to agree that he’s articulate and never uses foul language in his speeches, writing, or anywhere else.

    This accusation against Robert Spencer is yet another cheap attempt to shift the focus from him message to himself and to discredit him.

    Like the ThePonderingDhimmi, many of my posts were censored. It will be interesting to see if this one makes it through.

  • The Pondering Dhimmi

    According to liberals’ logic, hatred of evil is evil.

    And I’m still not understanding why Robert Spencer needs to respond to any of this since it still has not been proven that this website was purchased by him or purposefully connected to his website with his knowledge.

  • To JihadWatchers

    Your leader, Trigger Happy Robert Spencer seems to be unable to shut his mouth and loves to yap about anything and everything that remotely affects him. Why is he so silent now? Why hasn’t he even clarified his position? If he claims that he has nothing to do with the URL’s which I am certain he will claim, then why hasn’t he disavowed the connection and apologized for it? And why haven’t you automatons held his feet to the fire to demand he addresses the issue.

    Hope you enjoy the taste of cool aid to the sounds of Crickets, Crickets…..

    Drink up!

  • The Pondering Dhimmi

    See, hatred is a natural emotion that occurs for a variety of reasons. When someone experiences hatred they have a few ways of dealing with it.

    One, they can talk about it and figure out why they feel hatred, determine if it is justified, and then determine what the correct, just, moral, right course of action is.

    Two, they can hold it inside quietly and let it fester into resentment, bitterness, rage, etc. until it finally bursts out in a particularly harmful way.

    Three, they can express it loudly and attempt to get others to join them in the hatred. This does not mean it is an irrational hatred, by any means, but this can lead to chaos and violence IF that person is advocating violence.

    Four, through God’s mercy and strength they can forgive the person (if it is a person they hate), and if it is an evil deed or evil ideology that they hate, then they can do their utmost to fight against that evil also with God’s strength.

    So, go ahead and throw the “hate” word around. God knows it’s everywhere and everyone is so terrified of being called a “hater.”

    But hating an ideology is not a bad thing if that ideology teaches hatred, intolerance and violence…and it seems to me like Robert Spencer, and many others including the former imam and Islamic lawyer Sam Solomon, have done a good job proving Islam is a hateful ideology.

  • Robert Spencer responded to this

    Robert spinster replied to this indirectly. CAIR posted these findings on their weekly newsletter and then Robert Spencer replied to it with the title “f*** CAIR” calling them liars and lamely tried to dodge it. Check out his depressing website.

  • Randy

    Wow. This is so low and vulgar, even per Spencer’s low standard. I am glad he got exposed.

  • Zingel

    PonderingDhimmi, It’s amusing how people like you love to begin their posts with “I am sure you will not post this comment” and then proceed to write anyway. Next time you are so sure, it would make sense not to bother. But of course, you are bluffing and you know it, and so you write anyway knowing that your post will in fact be posted like the many others before it contrary to your false claim. (In fact, The few that are not published are trashed due to vile racist or otherwise unacceptable language, not their ideas or excluded due to being too long or plagiarizing.)

    Now, to get to the point. If you believe that hatred is no big deal, “big whop”, etc then welcome to the Spencer club. Now, kindly get him to stop being a hypocrite and to admit it as you do. That’s our issue with Spencer, not so much that he’s a hatemeister (although that’s unfortunate for him) but that he’s a conman who runs around posing as an Islam scholar and fooling unsuspecting Americans about his true colors and agenda.

  • The Pondering Dhimmi

    I’m sure you will not post this comment (as you didn’t my others), but that website still has a thumbnail of a screenshot of for July 13, 2009.

    What I’m not understanding, however, is how it proves anything.

    And sure, the F-word is pretty foul, but since Robert Spencer believes Islam is foul and Allah is not the God of the Jews and Christians, it seems like you are blowing this way out of proportion. Even IF he did purposefully purchase those domain names and have them redirect to (which I highly doubt) it only proves that he hates Islam. Okay, big whoopdie. We knew that already.

  • FromAdamToMuhammed

    Loonwatch, well done, and some good news for you, last week’s CAIR email newsletter, included your excellent expose about the fuckislam sites.

    In case other readers or people coming here think that it was unneccessary to include the name and links, please remember that it helps in finding them on search engines etc. So it’s good that Loonwatch included the names and offending links, as they will also dilute traffic to the real url’s.

    Offensive though it is, in this case these things are necessary, for to defeat a country sometimes you have to sacrice a city.

    Once again, well done, Loonwatch:) It’s hugely satisying to see this liar expose his ugly colours.

  • Amos

    Actually Allah isn’t just used by Muslim ARabs and Christians, it’s used by Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and all other Monotheistic sects in the Middle East.

    European Christians whose version of Christinaity along with American Christianity was more influenced by Rome and it’s pagan religions, hence the word Allah is strange to them.

    Elohim, which is the Jewish word for God, as is Allah, (they have the same root, aleph in Arabic and Hebrew) and since Jesus spoke Aramaic, which is a version of Hebrew, the more authentic version of Christianity is the Middle Eastern kind. Hebrew is 90% Arabic and if you can speak or understand one, you can usually understand the other.

    As Daniel Pipes explains,

    Is Allah God?
    by Daniel Pipes

    Allah (Arabic allāhu الله) is traditionally used by Muslims as the Arabic word for “God” (not “God’s personal name”, but the equivalent of the Hebrew word “El” as opposed to “YHWH”). The word Allah is not specific to Islam; Arab Christians and Arab Jews also use it to refer to the monotheist deity.Arabic translations of the Bible also employ it, as do the Catholics of Malta who pronounce it as “Alla” in Maltese, a language derived from and most closely related to Arabic, as well as Christians in Indonesia, who pronounce it “Allah Bapa” (Allah the Father).

  • Splendid!

    Amazing…somehow I suspect that Spencer will continue to keep mum on his involvement with this site, which surreptitiously changed its redirection link.

  • Ustadh

    Great work. Spencer has to answer these poignant questions. Will he have a rebuttal?

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