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One Story You Won’t see on JihadWatch: Muslim Samaritan Mohammad Asadujjaman

Mohammad Asadujjaman

Mohammad Asadujjaman

Do you think this story is one that Robert Spencer would mention on his site? This seems to be the Greater Jihad, fighting the temptations of the self to do something right.

NEW YORK – A New York City cabbie said he returned a lost purse containing more than $21,000 in cash and expensive jewelry because his mother always advised him to be honest.

“I’m broke, but I’m honest,” 28-year-old Mohammad “Mukal” Asadujjaman said Tuesday.

Felicia Lettieri, of Pompeii, Italy, and six relatives had taken two cabs from midtown Manhattan to Penn Station on Christmas Eve. The 72-year-old Lettieri left her purse behind, with more than $21,000 of the group’s traveling money, jewelry worth thousands more, and some of their passports.

Police advised the tourists they had little chance of recovering the lost goods.

Felicia Lettieri returned to Pompeii and could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday. Her sister, Francesca Lettieri, 79, of Patchogue, told Newsday the honest cabbie had saved her family’s vacation, and said “We really love what he did.”

The cabbie, a native of Bangladesh, saw the rolls of euros when he opened the bag to look for an address, but didn’t even count the money. “My mother is my inspiration,” the soft-spoken cabbie said. “She always said to be honest and work hard.”

The cabbie called a friend with a car and drove some 50 miles to a Patchogue address in the purse. No one was home, so Asadujjaman left his cell phone number and a note. His phone rang a short time later and he drove back to return the bag.

“They were so, so, so happy,” Asadujjaman beamed.

The immigrant is a full-time student at a city college near his apartment in Jamaica, Queens. He began driving a cab a few days a week about three months ago, after his hours were cut back at a former factory job.

Asked if he was tempted to keep the cash, Asadujjaman acknowledged the money would have allowed him more time to study, “but my heart said this is not good.” He also turned down a reward, saying he could not accept it as an observant Muslim.

“I’m needy, but I’m not greedy,” said Asadujjaman. “It’s better to be honest.”

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  • Guest

    nazi scum

  • Omer

    Here is another Muslim with the name, Mohammed Khalil

    “Pure-hearted taxi drivers are not as rare as some might think.

    Two years ago, the Grammy-nominated violinist Philippe Quint left his $4m (£2m) Stradivarius in a New Jersey taxi after flying in to Newark airport at 3am.

    Despite fearing that he would never see his 285-year-old ex-Kiesewetter violin again, Quint was eventually informed by the airport that the driver, Mohammed Khalil, had returned the precious instrument. To show his gratitude, Quint handed Khalil a $100 tip and free tickets to his next Carnegie Hall concert. He also gave a kerbside recital at the airport taxi rank to an audience of 50 cabbies.

  • Jalal

    What many non-Muslims don’t know is, that there are three types of Jihad (Jihad means struggle btw, check any Arabic dictionary):

    The foremost and greatest is Inner Struggle.

    The second one is Intellectual Struggle, inviting people towards the truth, using logic, this, that and all.

    The third and most LESSER one is Armed Struggle.

    Congratulations and prayers with Muhammad Asadujjaman for emerging victorious from the Inner Battle =)

  • Gary Rumain

    Big deal! He’s not a true arselifter if he doesn’t lie to, rape, or steal from the kufurs.

  • joseph starling

    fancy that – an honest charitable moslem – that is incredibly newsworthy – well done for finding such an event and giving it the attention it merits

  • Schlaftius

    Surprise Surprise Lou a.k.a. the Loser Raymond Ibrahim has made no comments on this story.

  • Nabeela

    It’s refreshing to hear about someone who follows the tenets of Islam, instead of those who abuse the laws for their own agenda.

    Well done Mohammed Asadujjaman. You’re an honest gentleman and a credit to your faith and upbringing.

    I’m glad Ms. Lettieri got her purse back.

    Leonara, I agree with you, but he is also right, he probably thinks that would mean he had returned it for a reward and not because it’s the right thing to do.

    That said, there is no reason for Ms Lettieri not to show her gratitude at a later date in another way. Who knows she may well do that, that way he get’s what he deserves, and she got her lost goods back.

  • Cassidy

    Of course you won’t find it on jihad watch; spencer’s too busy denying and supporting the genocide of muslim Bosniaks.

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  • The guy who’s not imad :p

    Allah will reward him for that.

    As for Spencer, any good out of Islam is the exception, and bad is the rule.

  • This man embodies what Islam is all about, having a good character and doing good deeds.

    This was the ultimate test for him and he passed!

  • Leonora

    I think he could have accepted the reward. It was a lot of work to borrow a car and drive all that way. I know people who are like this guy, fortunately.

  • Just a Fan


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