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Peter Mullen: Church of England Priest Persists with anti-Muslim Bigotry

Peter Mullen

Peter Mullen

Rev. Mullen continues the anti-Muslim Islamophobia. (via Islamophobia-Watch)

C of E Priest, Peter Mullen continues to spout anti-Muslim bigotry

Revd. Peter Mullen (pictured), Rector of St Michael’s, Cornhill, and St Sepulchre-without-Newgate church in the City of London, offers a further sampling of his bigoted views on Muslims in a recent column in the Northern Echo.

Mullen, commenting on the attempted Detroit airplane bombing, writes:

‘…we are not fighting the murderous Islamic fundamentalists where they are at their strongest – and that is in Britain. We have not followed up the promises we made after the July 2005 London tube bombings.

‘For instance, the authorities still tolerate the informal operation of sharia law in Muslim areas. We support the Muslim Council of Great Britain which gives aid and comfort to Islamic extremism. The Government has refused to outlaw the Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation which preaches jihad. We have not prosecuted the fanatics in mosques and madrassas who advocate terrorism.

‘Our junk universities have allowed freedom of speech to the promoters of terrorism and provided sanctuary for Islamist students who shout the hate-filled slogans of al Qaida.’

Does the good Reverend not realize that voluntary Shari’ah councils in the UK are not an ‘informal operation’ but are mandated by the Arbitration Act, as are orthodox Jewish Beth Din courts?

And on what grounds does Mullen defend his assertion that ‘We support the Muslim Council of Great Britain which gives aid and comfort to Islamic extremism’?

He doesn’t substantiate the claim with any evidence, largely because nothing from the MCB would lead one to believe that it ‘gives aid and comfort to Islamic extremism’.

And had Mullen read the TaxPayers Alliances’ extensive study on the distribution of Prevent funds, or read Hansard for ministerial statements on allocation of various funds to Muslim organisations, he’d have known that the MCB is not financially supported by any body other than itself.

Mullen continues:

‘Effectually, our intelligence services are fighting this war with one hand tied behind their back. What is the use of their identifying extremist agitators and terrorists in the making if legislators do not allow them to take vigorous action against these enemies?’

What ‘vigorous action’ is Mullen proposing that legislators stand in the way of? Banning HT even though the Justice Secretary has acknowledged that there are no legal grounds for doing so? Torture, detention without trial, or the imposition of control orders? Or rendition perhaps?

‘All this official talk of young Muslims being “radicalised” – as if taking up terrorism were something passive – is particularly irritating.

‘As if these incipient mass-murderers were victims. They are not victims, but perpetrators of evil acts committed according to the dictates of their own perverted ideology.

‘They should be weeded out by all rational means; imprisonment or deportation. The so called educational institutions operating as schools for terrorism should be closed down’, he says.

It’s not the first time Mullen has courted controversy. ENGAGE had cause to write to the Bishop of London for comments Mullen made last year about Muslims on Hajj, to which we, sadly, got no reply. He wrote:

“They usually manage to stampede and slaughter quite a few hundred of their coreligionists. Just imagine for a moment what a field day the BBC and the leftwing press in England would have if anything even remotely as bad as that happened in Vatican Square at Christmas or Easter.”

In a different blog on Muslim prayer, Mullen wrote:

“[Muslims] certainly lend themselves to ridicule: sticking their arses in the air five times a day. How about a few little choruses, ‘Randy Muslims when they die/Find 70 virgins in the sky’?”

Last year he was forced to apologise for making derogatory, offensive comments about gays on one of his blogs yet, somehow, he managed to keep his column at the Northern Echo.

You can write to the editor of the Northern Echo, Peter Barron, (email: peter.barron[at] and ask why, despite these persistent displays of despicable bigotry and anti-Muslim sentiment, the Revd. Mullen continues to be offered a column in the paper to spout his venom?

Judith Townend on remarks, ‘if you now search priest + sodomy, on Google most the results return articles about Peter Mullen. Ironic, that.’

Perhaps searches for ‘priest + bigot’ will return the same results.

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  • Sir David

    Alan , maybe with such limited social skills Islamaphobes will always be virgins.
    Apart from Plastic Pammy who is something altogether different . I will not say what out of respect to the owners of this site

  • Alan Ireland

    Even when there are trampling deaths during Hajj, they are not the result of “stampedes”. What happens is that someone falls over in a confined space, such as a tunnel, and others fall on top of him/her. In that kind of situation, it’s actually quite difficult to avoid a tragedy. I have also seen people stop to pray during tawwaf, which is also dangerous.

    PS: Why are Islamophobes always obsessed with virgins?

  • Nabeela

    Which hole did this Peter Mullen crawl out from under, and what the hell kind of a church would have a priest like him?

    he seems to be the English equivalent of Omar Bakri so if Omar bakri (the man behind islam4uk and al muhajiroun) was banned from Britain, why is this bigot allowed to propogate hate?

  • Sir David

    Still the only one to comment on the Northern Echo web site :-( bit of a pity that

  • The guy who’s not imad

    I dint mind if someone at te grocery store says to me go back to ur country blah blah blah I’m a stoopid hater. But if someone with influenexe is gonna say that, thn I’m worried. Anywaays, the part that struck me the most is the thing he said a bout prayer. First off, if you pray five times a day, obviously it means ur faith to god must be great. As far as I know, Christians only pray on Sundays (not sure, but if a priest can be that ignorant of Muslim prayer and still make a news paper column, then obviously I can to make a comment on a website).

    Anoter thing about the 72 virgins: the Hadith that says that is EXTREMLY unreliable in the sense of chain of narration. Look up myth of 72 virgins on google and you’ll see.

  • Sir David

    What a bigot . As someone who was born in the area where the Northern Echo is published I went straight to the website registered and left my comments on line.
    Strange that I was the only one :-(

  • Snarla

    “They usually manage to stampede and slaughter quite a few hundred of their coreligionists.”
    Actually, no. According to Wikipedia, since 1990 there have been 20 Hajj pilgrimages and in only seven of those years were there any trampling deaths. A total of 2,114 people were killed in those incidents, and at least two million pilgrims do the Hajj each year. So out of over 40 million people, 2,114 died in stampedes.
    The Saudi government has made some great improvements in the infrastructure and in directing pilgrim traffic, and the last few years have been trampling-free.

  • Arab Business

    There is no doubt this Rector is a bigot and unfit to lead a congregation.

    He makes the type of comments that bums and ignoramus’s make. He can express his disagreements in a more respectable manner surely?

    and even other faith group leaders (Rabbi’s) have said that if the terrorists had attended Islamic schools they would not have been misled into doing what they did.

    Thank you Emperor. I shall be sending an email to the Northern Echo.

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