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Right Wing Nut-Jobs Campaign against Calendar for Citing Islamic New Year


Is Joyce Kaufman related to Joe Kaufman by any chance? Florida seems to have a high percentage of loons!

Cerabino: Publix Calendar Yanked through Political Mischief

Hey, don’t bother looking for your free Publix calendar.

The coupon-loaded calendar, which had been a yearly giveaway for the past five years, was yanked this past week from all of the chain’s South Florida supermarkets.

Why? Collateral damage of today’s political climate.

On Dec. 7, the 2010 calendar lists Islamic New Year, not Pearl Harbor Day.

There are two ways to react:

1. To get into a xenophobic tizzy while weaving this into a narrative of a vast anti-American conspiracy that leads right up to the subversive undercover-Muslim, Kenyan interloper in the White House.

Or …

2. To assume that the grocery store chain has no reason to offend people, and that Publix, in an effort to be inclusive, inadvertently became a victim of a synchronicity of dates and an unconscious omission.

Publix pointed out that Pearl Harbor Day had never been listed in the store’s calendars . And the Islamic New Year had been on the Publix calendar since 2006.

And nobody complained.

Not a political document

The rub is that this year the Islamic New Year, which changes dates because it is based on a lunar calendar, falls on Pearl Harbor Day.

And why does the calendar list Islamic New Year? For the same inclusive reason it lists the Jewish High Holidays, Chinese New Year and an international array of other dates, including Puerto Rico Commonwealth Constitutional Day, Haitian Flag Day, Boss’s Day and Administrative Assistant’s Day.

It’s not a political document. It’s a calendar with pictures of animals that you get for free, along with discount coupons. To make more of it is to engage in political mischief.

“I was driving home Tuesday night and Allen West told me to look at the Publix calendar,” said Joyce Kaufman, a WFTL-AM talk-show host.

West, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a Republican candidate running for the congressional seat held by Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.

Radio host urges audience uprising

Kaufman, who advertises her radio show with the words “America first. No apologies,” didn’t require much arm twisting to parlay the quinella of Islamophobia and flag waving to her audience the next day.

“What relevance does Islamic New Year have in my country?” Kaufman told me. “Islam is an ideology, and it’s not friendly to me.”

She said World War II veterans were “terribly offended” and she urged her audience to show up at their local Publix to complain.

“You show this calendar to the manager and say, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ ”

Meanwhile, a “Dear Fellow Americans” e-mail was urging a boycott, citing an “un-American attitude” of Publix for “recognizing the Muslim New Year over Pearl Harbor Day.”

Publix wisely yanked the benign calendar, which had become a talking point in a cartoonish alternate universe.

“Based on feedback we have received this year, if a free calendar is produced for 2011, we will also include Pearl Harbor Day,” Publix spokesman Kim Jaeger said in a statement.


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  • J Baldwin

    Lussenheide hangs out with radical nut teahag Chelene Nightingale for governor 2010 constipation party in ca. These nuts run around and harrass churches and anyone they feel fit to terrorize. They are extremist and they should be watched carefully. Read up on that nut Nightingale. birther truther and delusional mental case.

  • Jimmy

    She’s also the Commander and Chief of the teaparty wingnuts down here in S. Florida. Warmonger and hate speech non-stop. If I’m not mistaken she has been nominated to the New Hampshire Gazette’s “Chickenhawk Hall of Shame”.

  • riverside for mary bono

    Bill Lussenheide candidate for congress ca-45 loon and extremist just say no!!!

  • WWII veterans should be offended: after all, it’s been public knowledge for years that Truman let Pearl Harbor happen. Just like other cases of (ahem) planes flying into things in U.S. territory, the President knew well enough in advance that something could have easily been done about it. You know, besides become the only country to ever use nuclear weapons against outside of a testing environment, let alone on another country that had already tried repeatedly to surrender–as an example to, not the bombed country, but the Soviets. However, I’m guessing none of that came up on the Patriot Hour for Ostriches, or whatever that radio program is called.

    But I digress.

  • Laughing out loud

    I just read that west guy is running for congressional seat as a republican. God help us all.

  • quake

    Do they get upset when they see Jewish or Christian holidays on their calendar? You can’t be both.

  • Yusuf

    These people just love controversy, don’t they? *shakes head*

  • Juan P

    These guys are as bad as the nut jobs who are causing trouble in Malaysia over a simple word. Do the brains of intolerant people work in such a way that they simply cannot avoid being offended over nothing?

  • R. Mahmudov

    Cheap opportunism by Joyce Kaufman and allen West, otherwise why didn’t they complain last year, or in the previous years when Pearl Harbor Day was not mentioned in the calendar?


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