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France: Mosque Vandalised with Swastikas

Muslim Graves Desecrated by Nazis

Muslim Graves Desecrated by Nazis in France

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

French Mosque Vandalised with Swastikas


Swastikas and racial slurs have been painted on the walls of a mosque in the town of Saint-Etienne, says a prominent French Muslim group.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith says the vandalism took place on Monday morning at the mosque in the Loire region, in the latest example of rising Islamophobia.

The Council says such vandalism has multiplied in France “in a very worrisome way” and repeated a demand for the government to create a parliamentary panel to study rising Islamophobia.

Muslim leaders are among those saying that a debate in France on the face-covering veil and a national identity debate have stigmatised Muslims and fed anti-Muslim sentiment.

Nazi slogans and pig feet were found in December in a southern France mosque.

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  • Dante

    Peter, what do you think should be done with all those christians attacking lesbians, gays, bisexuals and all those priests sexually abusing children in the catholic church? I propose anyone who has a name called Peter to be expelled from the face of the earth, on the basis of dullness let alone ignorance!

  • peter

    what are they doing in europe about all the muslims attacking non beleivers , gay people , they are doing absolutely nothing , it’s time for europe to wake up and get those mohammed believing , pedophile worshippers out of europe

  • ADKhan2105

    Its getting absurd how it seems like nothing is happening against these hate crimes. The gov needs to get their act together and rather than squabbling over the face veil which is down to individual preference they should get the think caps on to stop these kinds of act of terrorism, and terrorism is not just groups doing the terrorism but individual terrorist are terrorising the people who are affected by these atrocities.

  • Leonora

    it would be so ironic if the hooligans painted the swastika backwards -a peace sign

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