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Pamela Geller Watch #4: Nazis Adopted Jihad

The Looniest Blogger Ever: Pamela Geller

The Looniest Blogger Ever: Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller is up to her old antics, employing more over the top hyperbole peppered with frequent cases of verbal diarrhea.  Now she is saying that the Holocaust was the fault of the Mooslims, and that the Nazis were just adopting “Jihad.”

Nazis adopted the Muslim idea of Jihad —  total destruction and complete annihilation in the spirit of a Holy War.

Of course this was the next step for Pam, demonize the Muslims and Islam to its logical end, next she will be saying that Hitler was a Muslim. Where does she get this wild stuff, and then she claims that she isn’t a conspiracy theorist?

Pamela Geller seems to have stumbled on something that World War II scholars and Holocaust historians didn’t know, a fact that has been “suppressed” by the world in a conspiracy to further Islamic Jihad,

As the leading role the Islamic world played in the Holocaust comes out of the shadows and into the fore, and decent peoples recoil in repulsion, it is necessary for Islamic media, “scholars” and asshats-in-residence to rewrite history — as Islam has done so exceedingly and singularly well all throughout history.

Pam wants us to believe that the colonized Muslims in Africa and Asia somehow made the regular trip to Concentration Camps to gas Jews, and then went back home to be ruled by Europeans? Insane.

Other Insane stuff on her blog:

The not so new crusade against Muslim Chaplains in prison is also making the rounds on the anti-Muslim sites, and Pamela Geller is no exception. She lays it out succinctly as only a proud bigot can,

All Muslim Chaplains are Jihadists

Her insanity on Barack continues, calls him an “Usurper,” “Megalomaniac”, and something called “L-Dopa.”

This is the face of the Tea Party right wing, and Conservative blogs love her because she gives them what they want to hear; hate.  At least it’s a good laugh.

Here is a blast from the past from Keith Olberman who recognized the insanity of Pamela Geller a long time ago.(hat tip: Pamela Geller)

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  • Skhan

    @ Dolly: um no. Why don’t you get back to me with an actual verse of the quran or the hadith, then make such a horrendous accusation against islam. Islam does not say kill the infidel, it says kill the infidel if they try to kill you. And islam does say to protect others.
    Read this, dumbtard. It’s good for you.

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  • @ Beautiful Muslim Doll, I can understand your points, but I still must respectfully disagree with you. Let me put it another way. Racism is a form of bigotry, but a person can also be both racist AND prejudiced against a religion. In other words, someone may be anti-black, but also anti-Muslim. Would you agree? In fact, I’d dare go so far as to say that racists in general are going to be more prejudiced towards ANYONE different from themselves.

    Just listening to the Islamophobes talk, one gets the distinct impression that they view Islam as a ‘foreign’ religion, and that they conflate Islam with the Middle East and (maybe) South Asia. They make comments about Arabs, but seldom mention black African Muslims, white European Muslims, or Southeast Asian Muslims. In fact, many of the Islamophobic attacks targeted Indian Sikhs and Hindus, Middle Eastern Christians, Greeks, Latinos, etc. Presumably because we ‘all look alike’ to them. You can’t deny that these attacks ARE based on race, or that they are at the very least conflating race with religion.

    I would daresay that the situation is worse in Europe, where the anti-Muslim crowd is tied in with anti-immigrant fervor. The Brits target Pakistanis, the French target North Africans, the Germans target Turks, the Dutch target Moroccans and Indonesians, and so forth. It’s hard to tell where the attacks on “MOOOSLIMS” end and the attacks on “Pakis” begin.

    I will proudly be amongst the first to tell ANYONE that Islam is a global religion. That we are multi-ethnic, multi-national, and multi-cultural. I celebrate that fact. I LIKE that I have coreligionists as far apart as Samarkand and Mogadishu, or Fez and Lahore, or Detroit and Durban. It gives us such a rich, vibrant heritage to share ideas and inspiration. So I am not trying to downplay the fact that there are white Muslims, black Muslims, Asian Muslims, etc.

    However, one seldom hears about Eastern European Muslims being targeted for their faith in America. Here in Chicago we have a fairly sizable Albanian and Bosniak population, but white Muslims haven’t been victims nearly as much as Arab and South Asian Muslims. I think a big part of it is because the Islamophobes don’t think of whites as being Muslim or even foreign. They can’t tell the difference between an Orthodox Russian, Muslim Bosniak or Catholic Pole! Similarly, black American Muslims aren’t assumed to be Muslim unless they say otherwise, even though I believe blacks are numerically the most numerous Muslims in this country.

    Now I think you raise some interesting points that these are not entirely race based, of course. But I think there is a third factor here. Culture. And this is doubly true in Europe. Islamophobes will talk about their “western Judaeo-Christian cultural heritage” but the dark undercurrent here is that they are envisioning a purely white and European cultural identity. Specifically white, Western European culture. They want everyone to dress the same, eat the same foods, look and act the same. I think that may even be a bigger component than skin tone, because certainly not all of them are knee jerk racists.

    Most – though by no means all – have avoided mentioning being anti-black. At least here in the US. In Europe anti-black racism is slightly more tolerated. Why? I suspect because most blacks in Europe are more recent immigrants, who are identifiably ‘African’. In the US, most blacks have been living here as long or longer than white Euro-Americans. They developed their own (albeit quite distinct) American culture. And while they have had to face racism, the Islamophobes view them as ‘westernized’ and thus not a threat. Or not as much of a threat.

    But tellingly, the Tea Party has become a haven for people who are both anti-Muslim and anti-Immigration. If it were solely a religious issue, wouldn’t we expect them to welcome in Latino immigrants? Latin America is overwhelmingly Christian, with most being Roman Catholic but fast growing Pentecostal and Mormon churches as well. Shouldn’t we expect these Islamophobes to welcome fellow Christians to preserve America’s Christian majority demographics? In a logical world, perhaps, but I suspect they view Latino Christians as being ‘foreign’ and having their own culture. Therefore Latinos are as much of a threat as we are!

    I’m simply throwing this out as food for thought. But I have to say that many of their claims – and especiallly those put forward by European Islamophobes – seem to hinge on a hatred for ANYONE having a distinctive cultural identity. Unique styles of dress, food preparation, music, art, literature, music and the like seem to set them off. They don’t like men wearing salwar-kameez in London, or bringing curries and naan, or introducing Lollywood films and bhangra. And I think a big part is a sort of cultural envy. Most Europeans long since gave up distinct cultural identity in favor of being assimilated and now they are jealous of what we have.

    Its not SOLELY a religious thing. I mentioned the hatred for Latino Christians. In Europe, one can see a far less thinly veiled hatred for black African immigrants, whether they be Muslim, Christian or animists. Many black Africans in fact are more devout in their practices than the majority of Europeans (save perhaps in a few countries like Spain). Similar prejudices have existed towards those distinctive pockets in Europe, such as the Irish, Gypsies, southern Europeans and (more recently) eastern Europeans. Slavs and Orthodox Christians are seen as ‘non-western’ and treated as second class citizens in many areas.

    As for Pam, I am not so sure she is Jewish. At least not practicing. If you pressed her, I think she would self-identity as ‘white’ but would also claim Jews are ‘white’. I suspect she is of Jewish descent but has become affiliated with evangelical Christians like the Jews for Jesus camp. Its an important distinction, as Geller hangs out with openly neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. I strongly suspect that she cannot tolerate ANY atrocity being linked with white European Christians period. She has defended the Bosniak genocide, hasn’t she? And the Crusades? I suspect she would also have supported European colonialism as well, if asked.

    If I had any reason to believe that Geller was capable of thinking for herself and wasn’t just an opportunistic fear-peddling bigot, I might give her the benefit of the doubt. MIGHT. But I don’t, and so I won’t. Instead I’m going to call her out as the bigot she is.

  • Uri Geller

    “Why is it that every time I read an article about the “Dangerous Islamists” it’s always written by a Jew”

    Though there are Jewish extremist Zionist like the ones we expose here, they are minority in the big picture, they are also a minority in Israel,

    You cannot be doing much reading then. Most of the Islamophobia actually comes from the Christian Right crowd, and the Jewish extremists are a minority. I guess you never heard of Christian Zionism or the dominionists who pushed for the Iraq war for the Armeggdeon and Jesus return? that is not a jewish belief it’s a Christian one, Have you heard of Blackwater? what kind of reading do you do anyway?

    Your statement sounds like something that the brainwashing that goes on in some backward Muslim countries. They stupidly blame Jews for Islamophobia, giving the more numerical Evangelicals a free pass.

    Some of our best allies in fighting Islamophobia are Jews, Aside from the ones that Danios mentioned, there is also Jim Lobe, Phil Weiss, Richard Silverstein, MJ Rosenberg, Jerry Haber, Daniel Luban, numerous Rabbis, and a whole host of other influential Jews who fight Islamophobia on our behalf, without expecting anything in return. That is unlike the support that the Christian Right give to the Jewish extremists, they want to convert Israel to a Christian state, hence their support.

    People like you show why we are unable to fight this menace. When you cannot even see what the problem is how do you fight it?

    check the websites below you ignorant man and learn. follow the links they recommend.

    Christian Zionism Exposed

    Military Religious Freedom Foundation


    Talk to Action

  • Uri Geller

    Sorry but this circus is bought and paid for by Zionists. Why is it that every time I read an article about the “Dangerous Islamists” it’s always written by a Jew. When will North Americans wake up to the fact that Israeli hawks and their limitless supporters in the US are the greatest danger to world peace.

    Comment by Danios: Your statement is bordering on anti-Semitism. It is absurd to claim that “every article” on “dangerous Islamists” is “always written by a Jew.” Clearly, this means you need to read more articles. Believe it or not, but some of the greatest supporters of Muslims’ rights are Jews, such as Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, and the list goes on and on…Your comment would be inverted on JihadWatch, as follows: “Sorry but this circus is bought and for by Jihadists. Why is it that every time I read an article about the ‘Dangerous Zionists’ it’s always written by a Muslim. When will North Americans wake up to the fact that radical Muslims and their limitless dhimmi supporters in the US are the greatest danger to world peace?”

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    You are prime example of why Muslims are so crappy at fighting Islamophobia.

    I’m afraid you’re confusing racism with bigotry. You are doing what many Muslims do, who don’t bother to look into the roots of what is going on and immediately label this conflict as being race against race.

    It’s not race against race. This is about religion. 9/11 could be said to be the catalyst for this current xenophobia.

    The far right Zionsists have an agenda to taint Islam because the Muslim countries reject Israel. People like you who confuse these things with skin colour as being the reason for the hatred, only make this problem worse, because it’s not about Skin Colour.

    Geller embraces, black yellow, brown Islamophobes.

    Pamela Geller is not trying to make the “white” race look innocent, when she talks about Hitler being inspired by Islam. She does that to rouse the anger against Islam. Geller is a Jewish extremist. She is not white.

    Islamophobes are not necessarily racists. Racists may or may not be Islamophobic.

    You will see Islamophobes showing Islamophobia against white Muslims, Russia is nearly majority Muslim now. and you will see Islamophobes in all colours, from black to white, to yellow to brown.

    “By saying that Hitler was a Muslim or at least Muslim sympathizer, Geller lets white people off the hook, ”

    No she doesn’t. She does that to “convince” the west that Islam is as evil as Hitler’s ideaology. By the way, Islamophboes like Geller regard Hindu Indians as being their allies.

    Please learn the differnce between Racism and Bigotry. Islamophobia is bigotry. Though racism exists, that is a different form of prejudice.

    Muslims are a not a race, they are in all nations and of all skin colours, and all are hated by Islamophboes.

  • truthywood

    Christians and Jews are the biggest murderers, criminals in world and no body could deny that.
    from WW2, Hiroshima, Bosnia, Congo, Rwanda, Iraq, every where you will find Christians fingerprints.

  • Late, but better than never, I guess.

    Two things to point out. First, while Germany did not have ANY colonies in the Middle East, or the Muslim world in general in fact (they briefly held Zanzibar, but it was taken away after WW I), Italy DID. Specifically there was Libya and Italian East Africa (roughly corresponding to Somaliland and Eritrea). And there was resistance to the Fascists amongst the Libyan Arabs. Omar Mukhtar is still a national hero. So there wasn’t much sympathy for the Axis in North Africa. The Sanussi were decidedly anti-European in general.

    The second, and far more disturbing point is that claiming Hitler and the Nazis were somehow “influenced” by Islam or even practicing Muslims gives them an excuse to claim Hitler wasn’t “white,” “European” or “Western.” It preserves the myth of “Judaeo-Christian” cultural unity in Europe. The term of course only goes back 50 years or so, gaining currency in America AFTER WW II. Before that, Jews and Christians in Europe lived together, yes, but their relations were uneasy and marked by brief but VIOLENT periodic waves of anti-Semitism. The Dreyfus Affair, Spanish Inquisition, stories of Castophilius the “Wandering Jew,” etc.

    By saying that Hitler was a Muslim or at least Muslim sympathizer, Geller lets white people off the hook, so to speak. Hitler has become one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century. His name is associated with evil beyond any mere serial killer or rapist. By saying that he “wasn’t REALLY Western”, Ms. Geller can preserve the myth of moral superiority. Yes, she’ll admit that Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot killed more people. But unlike Hitler, they “aren’t Western”.

    She can essentially wash her hands of all that history, and claim that only good things came out of Europe. The genocide of the American Indians and the Australian Aborigines seems much more distant, and can be brushed aside as “progress”. The Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides can be laid at the feet of Muslims. But only Hitler stands in her way of making Europeans seem completely innocent and angelic.

  • dale


    I think we actually agree, I put “Arab Legion” in quotes when discussing her usage of the term, due to her incorrectness, but wished to utilize her exact speech,(even though it pained me to have her reference the Arab Legion as a generic term, and pained me worse that one would possibly confuse that noble unit with pro-nazi forces) in addition to your comments, there was a detatchment of the Jordanian Arab Legion attatched to the British forces in the Anglo/Iraqi battles, I believe it was a Mechanized unit that joined the fray against the Pro-nazi forces in Iraq.

    But otherwise, great input:)

  • Garo

    Correction to Dale’s comments as expressed in number 21 commentary:

    Dear Dale,

    Being a student of history all of my life,I wish to make the following historically correct statements:

    (1) There is in history one single phalanx or phalanxes named “The Arab Legion”. And it was formed in the early 1920s by a British General named John Glubb in Trans-Jordan(present day The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

    (2) The vast majority of soldiers of “The Arab Legion” were made of fierce Arab Bedouins from Trans-Jordan since it was then a British colony.

    (3) During the Second World War,North Africa was a battle ground area between British troops led by British General named Montgomry and German troops led by German General named Rummel. Because the German General gave the British General hard time,he was called “The Desert Fox”. In order to defeat Rummel and his German troops,General Montgomry needed help. The help came from Trans-Jordan’s “Arab Legion”.

    (4) Jordan’s “Arab Legion” gave the needed backing that the British troops needed through which they finally defeated the German troops in the famous battle of “el-Alamain”. The “Arab Legion” of Jordan backed the British troops in Africa,which was under the indirect command of General Dwight Eisenhower who was the Commanding General of all Allied Forces in the Second World War. In other word,the Five-Star British General,Montgomry,was reporting to the Five-Star American General,Dwight Eisenhower,who,in the 1950s,was elected twice to the Presidency of the United States of America-a fascinating American General and President.

    (5) Now adays,”The Arab Legion” is called simply “The Jordanian Army”,controlled by Jordanian Generals. No more British Generals in the “Jordanian Army”.

    (6) After General John Glubb,the founder of “The Arab Legion” was dismissed by the late King Hussein of Jordan,in 1956-1957,he returned to England and wrote the following book:

    A Soldier With The Arab
    John Glubb

    In his book,Glubb described how he was hired by Prince/King Abdullah,The First,in early 1920s to form “The Arab Legion” and how he,with his fluent Arabic,got along with the fierce Bedouin Arabs of Jordan and how at the end he was resented by the more educated young officers,all of them were enlisted by him and some of them were trained at a some military academy in England. It is a fascinating account of his experience as the founder and Chief of Staff of the crack “Arab Legion” of Jordan. Although the book is by now out of print,I highly recommend reading it,if you can find it in your local library. It was a best seller when it was published in the 1950s.


    as you may see that Pam Geller has no idea what she is talking about when she falsly claimed that [el-Husayni was also responsible for the “Arab Legion that fought the American invasion in Africa”].

    It was really beneath my personal dignity to address my above correctional comments directly to Pam Geller.That is why I have made a point in addressing them only to you,since you have been the one who has challenged her falsified claim.

  • nat

    That’s exactly right Robert4.

  • C.

    To Lord Elpus:

    “Ridicule is the only weapon that can be used against unintelligible propositions.”
    –Thomas Jefferson to Francis A. van der Kemp, July 30, 1816

  • Dolly

    Let me get this straight. When some jihadi tries to blow up a plane with an explosive device hidden in his pantaloons, it’s

    “Don’t equate this guy with the whole religion!”

    But when it’s a question of moslem soldiers who happened to be in the pay of the British, it’s

    “Look at what good guys the moslems are!”

    You can’t have it both ways. The fact is the jihadi pantalooners are following the dictates of their religion, whereas the loyal soldiers of the Indian Army were in fact ignoring the teachings of the quran.

    Get an education!

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  • Folks, let’s recognize what’s going on here. Pamela Geller’s hate site has always been a trash heap of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigotry. By claiming the Nazi’s were not responsible for the Holocaust, she is trying to mainstrea fascist and neo-fascist Euopean groups like EDL and Vlaams Belang.

  • Sir David

    The more I think about it’s obvious this person is ill to come up with such bizzare ideas . Cannot she afford health care in the states?
    All you folks in the states write to your congress person to vote for Obama’s health care plans . Pammy needs your help.
    Write today

  • Lord, don’t hold your breath. No one’s going to bother giving this a serious refutation, nor the lovely bit you have linked in your name. Get back to us when you are actually titled.

  • dale

    yep, I am def going to have to label Ol’ Geller as a revisionist, not just of the Holocaust, but of World War 2.

  • My husband, as a German, is outraged that Geller is giving his people so little credit.

    I’m so sorry, I’ve been through this discussion in so many places (including in emails WITH the loon Pammycakes herself) and I’m wondering exactly when we can all just lose it laughing?

    Actually, I’ll cut the video if y’all want to send in short clips of yourselves just laughing hysterically at this (I would, of course, place the Pammycakes statements at the intro.). Get back to me on this one, because I think a video of real people laughing their asses off at her BS would probably be the one thing that would wound her.

  • Robert4

    Lord Elpus,

    Do you really want to go down this road? Pamela Geller is now literally a Holocaust revisionist and your argument that no one has yet refuted her “evidence” is an old page from the IHR book.

    Lord help you indeed.

  • Gordon Bennet

    Oh and additionally we had a far more popular and widespread Nazi sympathiser movement in good ol’ blighty. Namely the British Union of Fascists led by the aristocrat Sir Oswald Moseley, which had widespread support among the British aristocracy and amongst the middle classes. Far greater sway comparably than Al- Husayni.I dont suppose that Ms Geller is gpoing to stigmatise British society.

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