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Rabbi Nachum Shifren: Rides the Wave of Islamophobia

Rabbi Nachum Shifren

Rabbi Nachum Shifren

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is a West Bank Settler, a teacher in the Los Angeles educational system and a surfer. The last time he came to the attention of the media was for his books on surfing and spirituality.  He implied then that he wasn’t into politics, Denise Dowling of wrote at the time,

The Surfing Rabbi will talk religion, but not politics. If pressed on his views, it’s evident how he earned the nickname “Shifty.” “My politics are not germane to what I’m doing,” he demurs. “All I’m about is surfing.”

Yet even then there were hints that he was deeply political and that his allegiance was to extreme right-wing Zionist ideology,

Yet he opted to reside in Kfar Tapuah, a West Bank settlement perched a half-hour from the “lousy” Mediterranean surf. Kfar Tapuah is considered an extremely militant, right-wing, anti-government stronghold. “I’d compare its residents to white militants in the United States,” says Hagit Yaari, an Israeli spokesperson for Americans for Peace.

Kfar Tapuah is the settlement where Israeli police recently arrested an remorseless extremist Jewish settler who was killing Palestinians. Now Rabbi Shifren is running to be a State Senator in California and what he is saying doesn’t reflect the peaceful rhythms of the Ocean but instead reflects a hateful ideologue filled with bigotry against Islam. I haven’t investigated his past statements thoroughly but there is no need to waste time to find his views, his most recent article sums it up quite directly.

Shifren writes on a recent student protest at UC Irvine where 11 students were arrested for protesting the visit of Israel’s Ambassador to America, Michael Oren on the grounds that he represents a government which perpetrates “war crimes, violates international law, and subjugates and oppresses Palestinians.” Shifren believes that they will get off too lightly and he wants them jailed and expelled from the university.

In an article he penned, Cal. Senatorial Candidate Responds to Muslim Hooliganism, Rabbi Shifren writes that the protesters weren’t just “rude, and disrespectful students” but they “are the front line of an army of Muslims that is waiting patiently to take over and subvert our country.”

The article doesn’t make a lot of sense a lot of the time but he goes on to repeat many of the stereotypical essentialist, paranoid, anti-Muslim statements that we are used to from Islamophobes,

For instance the canard that Muslims only respect strength,

The rule that we in the West refuse to acknowledge is simply that to the muslim, whoever is perceived as strong, will be feared and will survive; and whoever is seen as weak, irresolute, or wavering, will be despised and will be vanquished.

He also states that he believes we are at war with Islam,

This will be a hard bullet for America to bite, but we are at war with Islam! Those who deny this are quislings or fifth-columnists — and very often, university professors and chancellors. With strong leadership, there would be no notions of “academic freedom” for those who come here to subvert and destroy.

These students weren’t just protesters but according to Rabbi Shifren are “Muslim terrorists-in-training,” who are “breeding” like crazy on our university campuses,

Make no mistake: these students are the probing squads that are testing the waters to see what they can get away with, positioning themselves to ultimately shut down the entire campus when they please. These are among the first salvos in a war that, until now, has been only academic and ideological — at least in this country.

If you want to see where we are headed, if we don’t find the courage to stand up to and defeat these muslim terrorists-in-training, just look to France, Spain, England and other countries where muslims have been allowed to get a toe-hold. Or consider the carnage caused by just one insane muslim terrorist at Fort Hood, then multiply that many times over, as more muslim terrorists consolidate their power base in our country — and our state and their favorite breeding grounds, our campuses!

Hurry, the Mooslims are coming, the Mooslims are coming, in fact they are here!

Without strength of character in our leaders, and the courage of our people, we are poised to become just another chapter in history — right next to the debauched and pillaged societies of Greece and Rome. The muslim onslaught is at the gates; they are weary of our self-indulgence and they abhor our eroding social mores and valueless culture. They are sharpening the long knives, knowing that their time will come shortly.

Of course Rabbi Shifren thinks he has the “strength of character” to be a leader, but the reality seems to be he that he is not fit to be a teacher. Can one imagine him teaching a diverse classroom of students that includes Middle Easterners and Muslims? Can we trust him to to be respectful, even handed? In fact can we trust him to educate and open the minds of youth when the bigotry that he revels in indicates that his mind is narrow and constricted?

I urge readers to contact the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to lodge a formal complaint that due to the preponderance of bigoted and hate filled comments by Rabbi Nachum Shifren he is not fit to teach in the school system and should be disciplined.

LAUSD information:

Address: 333 S. Beaudry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 241-4131 (thanks Usman)

The Video from the Protest at UC Irvine of Israeli Ambassador, Michael Oren:

[youtube: 350 300]

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  • Eli Hakan

    You have bend backwards for the muslims.
    He is the only one brave enought to speak the truth.
    There is not such thing as Islamophobia, it is not an illogical fear!
    They are really about killing, maiming and not accepting freedom.
    I cant believe you call this guy a racist when the muslim faith is so far-right: htey believe they are better than non-muslims and they think they have the right to take over the world and they are Hitler’s admirers. Need I say more?
    How much money do you get from them?
    Why dont you go to live to saudi Arabia if you like it so much?
    I bet you all have shrines to the Che Guevara too. Disgusting.

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  • I’m chiming in rather late, I realize, but as an aside I think those students’ behavior was wrong, not to mention tactically moronic for the cause ostensibly being supported. So long as certain legal lines aren’t crossed, the other side has every right to hold events and discussions that represent their viewpoint. Explusion would be extreme, but disciplinary actions are certainly warranted in such cases.

    As for this rabbi, talk about politics making strange bed fellows. He’s allied with white supremacists in the UK.

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  • TYO

    Some of you sound just as extreme as this rabbi.

  • ff

    Shifren is an extreme right wing hate-monger who surfs a little (and publicly pontificates a lot). As the video demonstrates, he surfs better than he pontificates. He also feeds at the same trough as some of the wackiest, most corrupt and dangerous right wing politicians in the US and Israel. He has also been reported to the Wiesenthal Centers Digital Hate and Terrorism project. Don’t be fooled by his silly surfer dude mask.

  • Garo

    It is immoral to equate the attrocities and repressions of the victimizer(ISRAEL),in the last 60 years with the pains and agony of its victims(the Palestinians),for the last 60 years.

    Since its adherents have arrived to the shores of Palestine in the early of the last century,initially from Russia and Eastern Europe,what the ideology of Zionism has brought to the Middle East,especially to the Palestinian people,is death,land thefts or confiscations of Palestinian lands,destructions of Palestinian homes,apartheid violence,hatred and wars and I see no end to what Zionism has brought.


  • TYO

    I checked out that video. The rules of the university apply equally to all students, and if those students broke them then they should face the consequences just like any other student.

    The Ambassador should have been allowed to speak and the students should be free to protest within university guidelines. If I had been at that event, it would have been a better learning experience for me if the students had a question and answer dialogue with the Ambassador. I think neither the Arabs or Israelis are completely blameless. They both contribute to the on going conflict.

  • Garo

    The Israel’s Firsters,in the United States,like Rabbi Sachum Shiftren,have never disappointed me in my attempts to figuring them out:

    They enjoy what America offers,including good waves for surfing,but their hearts are in and for Israel. To them,the good old U.S. is a good milking cow and a good place to abuse,financially,legislatively and militarily:

    * Financially: Israel receives,at least $3.0 Billion in aid every year,although the Israeli per capita income per year is roughly $18,000 per
    person-such an income is considered one of the highest in the world. Why then the U.S. gives Israel so many Billions of dollars each year??

    * Legislatively: Through a lobby called American Israel Public Relations Committee,AIPAC for short,in Washington DC,Israel’s Firsters have managed
    manipulating our laws for Israel’s benefits. What AIPAC decides for Congress,Israel gets.

    * Militarily: The illegal and dirty war in Iraq has been instigated by the
    a group known as American neoconservatives who,most of them,are Israel’s Firsters. Currently,the Israel Firsters in the U.S.,are propagandizing for a war against Iran and applying relentless pressures on President Obama and members of Congress to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. Absolute madness,since no one knows what will be the consequences of such unwise actions. It seems to me,the quagmire we find ourselves in in Iraq is not enough. So,why not another quagmire in Iran also? as long as American soldiers pay,with their blood,for Israel’s dirty wars!!!

  • Paradox

    Yup, I can confirm that the leaders of the LTTE were Catholics. Velupillai Prabakharan and Anton Balasingham….not that there is anything wrong with Catholicism of course… 🙂

  • IbnAbuTalib

    LB: No other Major religion says to Kill someone for not believing. TRUE

    BTW Islam doesn’t say a nonbeliever can be killed simply for being a…..nonbeliever!

  • IbnAbuTalib

    LB: No other Major religion says to Kill someone for not believing. TRUE

    Wrong! Just read the Old Testament. Its replete with verses like that. Even the New Testament says that when Jesus returns, those who refuse to believe will be slaughtered.

    LB: Conflicts in the world are always with Muslim neighbors—True

    Wrong! The world has seen many conflicts. Most of them were Christian nations fighting each other. Remember the World Wars? Don’t forget the conflicts involving the Tamil Tigers. Judging from the name of their dead leader, he was probably a Christian. What about the Russian aggression on Georgia? Doesn’t seem like a conflict with Muslim neighbors to me!

  • LB

    There where no muslims present when the declaration of independence was signed in 1776- Christian Nation-True
    No other Major religion says to Kill someone for not believing. TRUE
    Conflicts in the world are always with Muslim neighbors—True
    Why is the truth so bad for you to hear it!

  • Usman

    Update – the specific number to call to complain about their teachers is:


    Everyone take a minute to do so!

  • Usman

    Thanks – calling them now!

  • Hellboy

    I have to admit this guy is quite a character, however here are a few quotes from his site that I find highly offensive:

    “We are a Christian nation”

    “Moreover, our youth must be divested of any traces of “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, or else we cannot survive as a free people.”

    Nachum on Hispanic immigrants:

    “I am pledging to all Californians: I will not countenance the foreign invasion of our state”

    The amusing thing is that that comment sounds very similiar to anti-semitic xenophobia.

  • Ustadh

    While we are doing campaigns, please support these 11 students who were demonstrating against the Israeli Ambassador,
    Many on the other side are trying to have these students expelled which is preposterous.
    I don’t see how anyone can invite an ambassador of a murderous, violator of human and international rights to their campus.

    On Shifren, he should just surf and leave politics to the intelligent.

  • Schmorgus

    Thanks for the info, Shifren is a schmuck, has zero chance of winning.

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