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Do You Love LoonWatch? If So, Do Your Part


LoonWatch has become a very popular website, exposing the dirty underworld of Muslim-bashing.  But we cannot reach our full potential without your help.  So if you really love this website, please do your part.  Here are some things we need our loyal readers to help out with:

1)  Monitor the comments on our website, and if you see an Islamophobe saying something outlandish, respond.  Please do not expect the writer of the article to have the time to respond to each and every comment.  We’re really busy individuals, and responding to comments takes time away from writing future articles.  So we’d really like our loyal readers to pick up the slack, and to respond in full force to these nutters.  But answer them intelligently.  For example, we had a reader by the name of “Zam” who used to do a fantastic job of thoroughly refuting their points.  (Where’d that guy go anyways!?)  Take the initiative, and go the extra mile to help out, so that we absolutely dominate in the comments section of this site.

2)  If you like an article, say it.  If you frequently visit our site but don’t post, please take out some extra time to start commenting on our articles.  This builds our LW community.

3)  Advertise our website.  Drop our links everywhere.  Link to us on your FaceBook wall, and post our links up on various discussion forums.

4)  Send us helpful tips when you hear or read about a story that you might think be relevant to our website.

Everyone always thinks “someone else will do it.”  We need people to think “I will do it.”

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  • Zakster

    Certainly…You do your jobs as if you get paid for it…lol

    Love your sire, your work and your sense of duty… These Islamophobes are the new Goebbels of our times… Their hatred must be brought to light…

  • ibs

    Well done to all involved in this site!

    will do my bit wherever i can and at least now we can have the info to answer some of the obsurd claims of the loons.

    bravo loonwatch!

  • Smoothie

    I’ll try my best. Thanks for this excellent site.

  • Muslim UK

    I have tried to do my little bit & will do more, insha’Allah.

    This is definitely one of the most inspirational sites with regard to beginning the struggle against the cycle of hate & appeasing Islamophobia.

    I also love books by SE Al Djazairy such as “The Myth of Muslim Barbarism & its aims” etc. His books are filled with copious references, without ceasing to be easy on the eyes & brain.

  • Huckleberry

    Thank you, Loonwatch. I have used the articles by Danios many times when writing about racits and Islamophobists here in Finland.

  • let’s spread the truth

  • Olbert

    Why have you censored my comment ? Just wondering.

  • AF

    Why have you censored my comment ? Just wondering.

  • I’d like to see something against, I mean concerning “the jawa report” (I know, too easy) and “internet-haganah”. They try to get websites shut down.

  • Abdallah

    Well, the 1st thing I did is I linked it to my Facebook page and made http://www.loonwatch my display name at msn address. At least the hundreds of people that I engage in many ways will see that. From Malaysia with lots of love!

  • Yes keep up the good work, I find your website very inspiring.

  • AF

    Im a long time reader of this website, and i’ve posted the link to it in many websites. I agree with many of the points made in this article, except for one:

    -dont expect people to lose their time replying to “insults”.

    I’ve seen that you people are not deleting 3-words-posts made only of insults, that contribute nothing to the discussion. If you’re asking people to lose their time by replying to shortass posts like “muslims are scum”, sorry but i got better things to do. Discussion is one thing, internet-brawls are an entirely different thing. Im not interested in the latter, and a minimum posts moderation should be enforced to keep away people who come here only to spit insults.

    Comment by Admin: Can you please email us again. We had some trouble with our email service but it is fixed now. Thanks.

  • Good suggestions. I will put links to “Loonwatch”, “The American Muslim”, and “God, Faith, and a Pen: Living in the Light of His Love” on my own blog site. Unfortunately, I don’t have many readers, but the links will be there for those who do come to the site.

    There is an “Islamophobic” email circulating (which you may have seen before) by a Christian Prison Minister named Rick Mathes. It concerns some questions he asked a supposed ‘Imam’ about whether most Muslims believe that all ‘infidels’ are to be killed. I posted a reply to it recently ( It contains the full text of Rick Mathes’ email. If you haven’t seen it before, you might be interested in reading it to see if you think it’s worthy of a reply at Loonwatch.

    I’ll do what I can with replying to absurd comments; but I don’t believe I’m knowledgeable enough at present to reply to most. I’m still learning though!

  • iSherif

    Yes boss, will work on it… 🙂 LW FTW!!

  • Arsha

    Keep up the great work guys. There are so many islamophobic websites and bigots across the net its good to see that there are those dedicated to exposing their irrational and hate filled thinking like Loonwatch staff.

  • nat

    Great suggestions guys! Will do…

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