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Bob Beers: Loonwatch Writers Brains are “Mushy”

No Head

No Head

Bob Beers, a garden-variety Islamophobe who writes for the racist right-wing rag, known as the Canada Free Press, wrote a while ago that the brains of LoonWatch writers have gone to “mush” because we are too progressive. (If anything, our brains have gone to mush because we have to read the crap that Islamophobes spew daily.)

If you are scratching your head and wondering who the hell Bob Beers is, I don’t blame you. He is mostly a no-body who we did a piece on (Bob Beers: How about we bomb Mecca) a few months ago to highlight the obsession on the part of many maniacal Islamophobes and Muslim haters with destroying Mecca and Medina. It is something we call the nuclear card.

We exposed his ridiculous logic and moved on. Beers obviously read what we wrote and had this to say,

Too Dumb to believe Liberalism Works

There is a site called “Loon Watch”. On it, I and a great many other conservative writers, some as lofty as Glen Beck (whose research is always impeccable by the way) are called out as being somewhat less than rational because of our “non-progressive” views. The example they use for me is where I suggested that America use “the threat of”, not the actual act of, nuking of Mecca to forestall any further terrorist attacks against our citizens and cities. It seems that the progressives don’t like the idea of our government standing up for its people in the face of the threats of fundamental Islam. Loon Watch is yet another example of how mushy a so-called progressive brain can become.

As lofty as Glen Beck? Whose “research” is always impeccable? Is he joking? Seriously, I hope he is joking. This kind of sick, excessive and unseemly jocking of wing-nut Conservo-stars in the hopes of getting noticed is pathetic.

Beers proves himself to be as cowardly and slim of conviction as most right-wingers. He now claims he only wanted to “threaten” to destroy Mecca. A distinction without a difference in my book, but the truth is he dreams of the destruction of Muslim holy places. This is what he wrote,

If I were President this is what I would tell the Saudis, If one more terrorist incident happens in the US by any sect of your religion, even if you didn’t order it, say goodbye to your temple. Do you think there would be a few orders sent out to the training camps?

Well, at least I can dream.

A sicko, wouldn’t you agree? Oh well, maybe now Beers will receive an audience with his idol Glenn Beck or maybe even…hold your breathe… Rush Limbaugh!

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  • Shuama

    Bob Beers,his views and name match very well.A fitting name for a buffoon

  • What’s even more funny is that Muslims already know how the Ka’baa will be destroyed, and it certainly won’t be by any nuclear attack. I mean, I don’t mind if XYZ person advocates the destruction of Mecca and the Ka’bah – they’re just buildings and cities that can be rebuilt – but hey, at least try to study the subject matter so you can speak like an educated person.

    For someone like me, a Muslim born and raised in USA and Canada, whenever I see someone advocate the visitation of a nuclear holocaust on Mecca and Medina as some kind of a way to “stop” Muslim terrorists, it makes me immediately presume that the person didn’t even pass high-school.

  • Cagliostro

    Ah nuked militia hideouts; what a pleasant thought!

  • Lena Rose

    eslaporte said: “So, if there is another Oklahoma City, do we nuke the hideout of a right-wing militia?”

    I think a parallel comparison would be to say “If there’s another abortion clinic bombing, do we nuke the Vatican?” They’re not talking about actually going after the people responsible, but instead about destroying the holy sites of an entire religion.

    [Just to be extremely clear, I’m not in any way threatening the Vatican — just drawing a parallel Christian comparison to the wing-nut threats on Mecca to demonstrate the absurdity and injustice of their threats. Maybe it’s clearer to some people when it’s a different religion.]

  • Al Bakrastani

    Indeed George , the only thing that will happen will be a massive “conversion “to the “Terrorist”brand of Islam …

  • George Carty

    Did the Roman destruction of the Temple kill Judaism? Nope.

    Did the sack of Rome by the Goths kill Catholicism? Nope.

    Did the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople kill Greek Orthodoxy? Nope.

    So why should the destruction of Mecca kill Islam?

  • Ustadh

    Bobby Beers takes satisfaction in threatening to nuke Mecca. It makes him feel strong and powerful.

    Mahgoub, this loser is trying to get attention. He knows that things would get worse but he is hoping to become, as this piece says a Conservo-star.

  • Oh wow. “Nuking Mecca for the safety of our citizens.” Doesn’t he realize that if America nukes Mecca, then the perpetrators are dead meat due to rises of terrorism my raged Muslims and Islamic nations / republics?

    If you’re going to fight “Extremist Islam”, at least try to do it right.

  • Sir David

    When they give up argueing and turn to insults then you know you have won 🙂
    A win for loonwatch I think

  • Rachael

    Mushy? *actually laughs out loud* He (and the rest of the Islamophobes) could ONLY WISH.

  • Andrew

    I’m not a religious person, but it’s still pretty staggering to see that, even though this guy has likely never been personally victimized by a Muslim, his first recourse after having his… I don’t know what, chauvanistic cultural sensibilities rankled by Muslims, is to advocate punishing/offending ALL Muslims in an act of totalizing blasphemy. That’s quite the Sadean “dream” there. Adorno had this jerk (an his loon-cohorts) pegged half a century ago: power worshipping chicken shits, projecting their fantasies of god like vengeance on vulnerable foreigners that stand in the way of petty military booty.

  • Syed

    Wow! These guys are grasping at straws. An ‘Islamic scholar’ like Spencer, an ‘impeccable researcher’ like Beck, an ‘astute commentator’ like Rush … Looks like they crawl out of the woodwork and latch onto anyone who justifies their bigotry. Good Job Loonwatch! I would prefer a mushy progressive brain to a brainless moron any day … LOL

  • This wanting to “nuke Mecca and Medina” comes from that nutcase Michael Savage, who has been banned from entering the UK.

    So, if there is another Oklahoma City, do we nuke the hideout of a right-wing militia?

    What people like Beers tend to view as “weak” (because their brains are mushy) is diplomacy. It take vastly more courage and hard work to get the other side to the table to talk a ceasefire and peace. When the war between Russia and Georgia broke out in August 2008, it was the European Union and the French Presidency that did the dirty work of getting a ceasefire and stop the two sides from killing each other.
    This bringing about an end to a conflict takes vastly more courage and hard work than dropping bombs on “enemies,” which actually take little brains, as well as courage!

    Diplomacy is not weakness, but strength…neither is multiculturalism and tolerance!

    Take a hike Beers!

  • Arsha

    What an imbecile.

  • Danios you aren’t mushy, you’re made of steel. 🙂

  • @Andrew,

    LOL. Yes, I think that might be a more apt description of Beers.

  • Danios

    Actually, I *am* very mushy. 🙂


  • Andrew

    I’d say more of a boot-licking loser than sicko, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

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