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Evangelist preacher kills wife, stuffs in freezer; What if he were Muslim?

Anthony Hopkins is pictured during jury selection Monday, April 5, 2010, in Mobile, Ala. The part-time south Alabama evangelist faces life in prison in the death of his wife, a mother of eight, whose body had been stored in a freezer inside his home for at least three years before it was discovered by investigators. (AP Photo/Press-Register, Mike Kittrell) Original Filename: AP100405119353.jpg

Anthony Hopkins, a Christian preacher in Alabama, was arrested for allegedly killing his wife and stuffing her body in the freezer, which was not discovered for at least three years. In perhaps the world’s best (worst) defense ever invoked, Hopkins admits to stuffing her body in the freezer, but says he had nothing to do with what happened before that.  Prosecutors are not buying the What?-I-just-found-her-dead-and-decided-to-stuff-her-body-in-the-fridge-instead-of-calling-the-police defense. According to officials, Hopkins is thought to have killed her after she confronted him about sexually molesting children, an act that he justified by invoking the Bible.  The CBS News article below says that he “terrorized his family.”

So we must ask: what if he were Muslim?  What if it had been the Quran instead of the Bible?  How would the right-wingers have responded?  Well, the answer to that question is not really hypothetical, since last year Muzzammil Hassan of Bridges TV was arrested for beheading his wife.  At the time, the anti-Muslim world lost their own heads as well and covered the event with great glee.  The Islamophobes didn’t want to prosecute just that one particular mentally unstable husband; they wanted all of Islam put on trial.  After all, if one Muslim dude does that, then that represents all of Islam and the entire Muslim community, right?  Somehow they don’t like that argument so much when it involves a Christian preacher molesting children and killing his wife.

Ala. Evangelist Gets Life For Dead Wife In Freezer

Alabama Evangelist Gets Life Plus 51 Years For Dead Wife In Freezer, Abuse Of Girl

(AP) MOBILE, Ala. (AP) – An Alabama evangelist who authorities say terrorized his family while preaching at revivals has been sentenced to life plus 51 years in prison after being convicted of killing his wife and storing her body in a home freezer.

Circuit Judge John Lockett imposed the sentence Thursday on Anthony Hopkins, 39, who showed no remorse during the proceeding. He got the maximum sentence of life for murder and additional time for convictions including sodomy and sexual abuse.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Rich called Hopkins “evil of the worst kind.”

She said he taught the eight children in his home things about the Bible that were not true and that helped him get away with his crimes for years.

During Hopkins’ trial in April, prosecutors said he killed his 36-year-old wife, Arletha Hopkins, in 2004 after she caught him molesting a girl, then stuffed her body in a freezer at their home in north Mobile. Investigators discovered the body in 2008 after a young woman abused by Hopkins told child advocates about it, authorities said. Police arrested Hopkins while he was preaching at a revival in the south Alabama town of Jackson.

Defense attorney Jeff Deen said his client admits putting his wife’s body in the freezer, but he doesn’t know how she died.

“There’s evidence in the trial that it could’ve been by natural causes, and it needs to be explored on appeal,” Deen said.

The two oldest children in the Hopkins home are now grown. The six youngest are living with relatives in Georgia.

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  • Reynardine

    These femicidal megalomaniacs will always use whatever religion/ideology/psychobabble they are promoting to justify their actions, and the rest of us don’t (Theodore Bundy was evidently the son/grandson of a guy pretty much like this, only white)

  • Robyn

    Why are the comments about Muslims and not about Anthony Hopkins, 39? And the horrific act that he committed. The article refer to the girls as someone else, but these girls that are being referred to, was his wife daughters. The 2 oldest weren’t his, but the remaining 6 kids were his and his wife’s children, and he molested them over and over for 4 years.. They heard their Mom’s screams for help during the attack by him, in their house, and felt helpless to assist her, before he choked her to death. Plus he made 1 of them help bury her body before he dug her up the next day, and made that same child help him to bring his wife’s dead body back in the house, and also made her help him to put her mother in freezer for them to be able to open it at will, as a reminder that if they didn’t do what he said, this was going to be their fate! But yet.. everyone on this site’s comments side steps the horrors that he committed, and the damage that was done to his wife’s children for the following 4 years.. Aside from the sodomy and molestation that they experience, when the oldest child turned 16, she ran away and got help for her sisters and brother.. But she was pregnant with his child @ the time. He had been molesting her since she was 9 years old.. and continued to molest her and her other sister’s who were much young than she, until she ran away! Had it not been for her concerned about her siblings, he never would have been found out or caught! I don’t get it!

  • Argon

    If he were Muslim, it would be further proof that Islam is just as hypocritical and worthless as Evangelical Christianity. Wasn’t there that Muslim talkshow guy who killed his wife? So yeah, things are bad everywhere.

  • Abdullah

    Another Priest who turned his home into “erotic dungeon” for altar boys.

  • iSherif

    Excellent article by Stephan Salisbury in the Huffington Post

  • “Why this would be more proof of how Muslims engage in honor killing and how their abuse their wives…” [sarcasm]

  • Zaxim

    This is horrible!
    But does anyone find it eerie that this guy’s name is Anthony Hopkins, and Anthony Hopkins is the actor who played the cannibal Hannibal Lecter?

  • Sam Seed

    Aah Haji Tonto, what a moron – is Kookran another version of the Bible?

  • Abdullah

    Well, this is an isolated case for a Christian. But Muslim men, I’m told kill their wives and stuff their bodies in fridges. Ha hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhha. Stupid. That’s what they were taught for decades, nay for centuries.

  • Haji Tonto

    “She said he taught the eight children in his home things about the Bible that were not true and that helped him get away with his crimes for years”

    The difference is, in Islam, you don’t have to lie about the teachings in the Kookran to justify inhumane treatment of women.

  • mindy1

    Ewww, I hope he becomes someones B@#$ in prison

  • iSherif

    “Defense attorney Jeff Deen said his client admits putting his wife’s body in the freezer, but he doesn’t know how she died.”

    I guess that says everything there is to know about this psycho…LOL!!

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