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Minnesota: Woman asks Forgiveness for Election of First Muslim

Amidst prayers for the entertainment industry a woman asked God to forgive Minnesota for electing the first Muslim to Congress.

Religious right leaders ask God to forgive Minnesota for electing first Muslim

Religious right leaders from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for “May Day 2010: A Cry To God For A Nation In Distress.” Topics addressed from the podium ranged from decrying the evils of Dakota Fanning to praying for God to take over Hollywood. But then the prayer turned to Minnesota — and a state woman’s call for repentance after electing a Muslim to Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison.

The unidentified Minnesota woman took to the microphone to pray: “And father, we repent that we have not used godly wisdom when we have elected officials into elected positions in our state and nation, father, and that it has opened the door, that Minnesota holds the responsibility for placing the first Muslim in Congress, and, for that God, we repent.”

The organizers selected speakers for every state in the union to pray at the event. The event website, however, doesn’t list the name of speakers from Minnesota.

Here’s some video of the prayer rally, courtesy of People for the American Way:

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  • Rev. BigDumbChimp

    Wow, huge crowd there.

  • Dawkin’s rottweiler

    I only hope our future generations will look at this and say………these primitive homo sapiens have lost their minds!!! They are speaking to their imaginary friend out in public!!

  • aLEKSA

    Israeli flags brain washed Christian fundamentalists LOOOL that is the picture of the world where we live today
    I pissed my pens with laughter
    Weee repent OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH loOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD forgive US for being brainless morons oOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh Looooooooord forgive us for being more extremist han any of the Muslim extremist (provided there are any beyond the CIA covert ops outlet that goes under the name Al Qaida that I am 150% sure is run by Zionist a-holles and brain washed desperate kids)…
    thanks for existing

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  • Unimpressed

    Rogain and schmorgus,

    It’s hardly surprising that the Israeli flag is there. Israel was Apartheid South Africa’s best friend at a time when the world shunned them. Zionists exploit the past suffering for Jews yet have no hesitation with being in bed with far-right racists and even neo-Nazis.

  • schmorgus

    Ha, I have to agree with Rogain, what the heck is the Israeli flag doing there? Are the Zionists not ashamed of having there flag at an event sponsored by wackos such as these?
    But it does make all the sense in the world, especially when you consider the fact that the collusion of Zionism and Christian fundamentalism is what is driving a lot of the loons in American today especially the loons who hate Islam and Moslems.

  • Rogain

    WTF is the Israeli flag doing there? Jews, even Zionists need to wake up and pick better friends before they are relegated to kookdom beyond return. They seem to whore Israel to anyone, ANYONE who will lobby for it. Desperate?

  • Syed

    Strange concept of having to take an appointment with God! God is busy today and regrets to inform you that he can only send a sun-burst to commemorate the day… lol

  • Mr M

    They all looked weird and out of place.

  • Ustadh

    This May Day religious rally is so goofy. Look at the language they use, “help us God to take over Hollywood.”

    The Asian lady was so emotional that it kind of puts one off immediately.

  • Les

    I don’t understand… the evils of Dakota Fanning?

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