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Helen Thomas Resigned, will Chuck Schumer?

Chuck Schumer

Helen Thomas made an indefensible and impulsive comment that she subsequently apologized for, and now is being branded an “anti-Semite” and the “scum of the earth.” Not only has she apologized but she has essentially been forced to retire.

It is sad that her whole career will be overshadowed by one statement made by a questionable guy sticking a camera in her face. She let her emotions get the best of her, something we can all relate to, but I don’t agree with those who are impugning from her comment that she implied Jews should be ethnically cleansed.

However, insert Chuck Schumer into the equation, a life long advocate of the belief, “Israel is right no matter what,” who was speaking at an Orthodox Union dinner in which he said ‘we should strangle the Gazans economically until they moderate.’

Think Progress:

This past Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) delivered a wide-ranging speech at an Orthodox Union event in Washington, D.C. The senator’s lecture touched on areas such as Iran’s nuclear program, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and several domestic policy issues.

During one point of his speech, Schumer turned his attention to the situation in Gaza. He told the audience that the “Palestinian people still don’t believe in the Jewish state, in a two-state solution,” and also that “they don’t believe in the Torah, in David.” He went on to say “you have to force them to say Israel is here to stay.”

New York’s senior senator explained that the current Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip — which is causing a humanitarian crisis there — is not only justified because it keeps weapons out of the Palestinian territory, but also because it shows the Palestinians living there that “when there’s some moderation and cooperation, they can have an economic advancement.” Summing up his feelings, Schumer emphasized the need to “to strangle them economically until they see that’s not the way to go, makes sense”

Read the whole story: Think Progress

Outrageous isn’t it? But do you think Chuck Schumer will apologize let alone be forced into retirement? The truth is that anti-Palestinian remarks will not get you into trouble, in fact they might boost your votes depending on where you live.

An interesting aside here is that Schumer got something else wrong as well. He stated that Palestinians don’t believe in “David or the Torah.” This statement was obviously directed at Palestinian Muslims who make up the majority of Palestinians (he can’t be referring to Christian Palestinians who obviously believe in the Old Testament).

Unfortunately the ignorance of our elected officials know no bounds. Schumer doesn’t know much about Islam, and probably hasn’t read the Quran, because if he did he would realize that David, or in Arabic Dawood, is one of the most revered prophets of Islam. The Quran also calls on Muslims to affirm belief in the Torah and all Heavenly revealed books from God, to do otherwise is contrary to basic Islamic creed and puts one outside the pale of Islam.

If he was following recent news he would also have noted that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas quite controversially stated his belief in the legitimacy of Jewish claims to Israel deriving from the Quran,

Reports of Abbas’s remarks were met with seeming disbelief in the Arab media and led an Al Jazeera reporter later that day to ask him if the reports were correct. Abbas replied, “Jews are there, and when you read the Holy Koran you have it there. That’s what I said.”

Cenk Uygur had some excellent commentary on the hypocritical double standards that this situation highlights,

Bill Maher on the other hand seems to think that Israel is besieged in the press. Here he goes toe to toe with Oliver Stone.

What do you think?

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  • Sam Seed

    I whole-heartedly agree with DRM and Islam Created the World. I don’t see why we should show sympathy to mischief makers such as Lawrence who goes out of his way to discredit Islam and the Muslims.

    Danios, you asked to ease up on the tensions and ignore Lawrence, but is it not best to fight falsehhood with truth? It’s a rational argument these guys have put across surely we get what Lawrence is about so why waste space on his insults all the time?

  • Les


    Would you have supported Jewish immigration to Palestine provided that they accepted Palestinian citizenship after the British Mandate led to an independent Palestinian state? Just a historical what if…

  • http://www.drmaxtor.blogspot,.com DrM

    “Islam Created the Modern World” said

    “You show little compassion for the problems that Jews faced in Medieval Europe and Russia, the same people who wrought the Crusades. Surely as Muslims, we should help a persecuted minority (persecuted soley for their religious beliefs in most cases)”

    Little compassion? Care to show me where I’ve posted that I don’t give a damn about historical persecution? You can’t because you’re trying to shift the focus from “israel’s” criminal behavior by making a play for sympathy.
    That being said, Jews are hardly the only group to faced persecution. And Palestinians should not pay the price for Europe’s crimes.

    “Israel as a country gives Jews that right. ”

    According to who? You completely missed the point, or perhaps that was your intention. No nation in the world uses Biblical style “right of return” laws because its not only ridiculous, destructive but bloody stupid as well. Zionist Jews were using the ludicrous “right of return” before there was an “israel” using their influence in the British empire. So I guess Palestinians who have been continuously uprooted from their homes for the last 60 years have no right to return? “israel” is not a country, it’s a expansionist rogue state of Zionist terrorists. They have no right to “return” to a land they didn’t belonged to.
    It’s 2010, not 5000 BC.

  • Islam Created the Modern World


    “Are we all now going to pack our bags and go back to the land ancestors? Can 60 million Chinese Muslims invade Saudi Arabia and occupy Mecca?”

    You show little compassion for the problems that Jews faced in Medieval Europe and Russia, the same people who wrought the Crusades. Surely as Muslims, we should help a persecuted minority (persecuted soley for their religious beliefs in most cases)

    and No because Mecca does not have the right of return for all Muslims. Israel as a country gives Jews that right.

    “Can 15 million African Americans go back to Africa and forcibly displace whoever they want and annex territory? Ofcourse not.Only in the psychotic mind of a Zionist terrorist living in 5000 b.c. can entertain such madness.”

    But if Africa were to give the right of return to Americans of African descent, some may go, others not.

    If Saudi Arabia were to say Muslims have the right of return how many would go? some would and others wouldn’t.

    The point being, a country decides it’s own laws. In principle, there is nothing wrong that law, as long as it doesn’t mean those already there will suffer.

    and so on and and so on…and no they don’t have the right to uproot people living there right now. That is the part of the Zionism that is unacceptable.

    Those people would have to leave voluntarily or else the country should settle them, and that is what Israel needs to do, rectify the wrongs done in the past to the Palestinians living there.

    As Muslims our sympathy is with Palestinians, but America is a more worthy candidate to be condemned for uprooting and killing a native population than Israel if you look at it through neutral eyes.

  • Organisation of the Islamic Conference

    I am not Sheikh Palazzi.

    “the self declared “Khalifah of Rome , who pretends to be a Muslim”

    Proof please, that he is not a Muslim.

    “Sharif al-Hussein was a traitor who the British bought for 7 million Pounds Sterling……”

    What does this and the rest of what you said have to do with the fact that the British stopped Jewish immigration? Your assertion that Sharif Hussein thought the Jews would be allies of Arabs in ending the Khilafah (which he wanted for himself) does NOT discredit the fact that he did support Zionism. That appears to be your own attempt to justify your statement that he is a traitor. It is understandable that he would forge an alliance of convenience with allies. Who doesn’t? Do you think the Ottomans did not? Or the Khilafa did not? But more importantly, your rantings imply that the Khilafah would not have allowed Jewish immigration? The genetics thing that you believe in, had no fans amongst the Khilafa, they didn’t ban East European Jews from immigrating to their lands.

    “As for the East European Jews pretending to be Semitic Hebrew Israelites, they have NO right whatsoever to be in Palestine.”

    It is not for anyone other than Jews to decide who is a Jew or not. Just as nobody can tell us who is a Muslim. We decide that according to our beliefs, not others and according to our beliefs. The definition of a Jew is not “a semitic Hebrew Israelite” by any standard, ( even our own religious one ) what about those who marry with and convert? Marriage and conversions over the centuries would mean that people become Jewish. Just as they become Muslim, or Christian or any other faith.

    My point is that the genetic study that Ustadh or you brought means nothing to us as Muslims. If you say it should then bring your proof.

    So according to your logic then it could be argued then that Pakistani’s have no right to be in what is essentially India then? Would you agree with those who say Pakistani’s are occupying India? And how on earth can Helen Thomas be right when she herself is sitting on land belonging to native red indians?

    Do you also agree that Americans have no right to be in America, because their genetics are not linked to the native red indians?

    The right to land has always been by conquest only.

  • Danios

    Let’s ease up on the insults and ignore Lawrence the troll.

  • DrM


    A subhuman like “lawrence” claiming to not have any prejudice against Muslims is about as believable as OJ looking for Nicole’s killer. He’s just upset the US welfare check hasn’t arrived in the mail at Kibbutz central.

  • DrM

    @”Organization of Islamic conference” aka “Sheikh Pallazi”

    Nice try, but no kosher cigar for you. For those who don’t know, “” is run by an Italian Zionist charlatan named Massimo Pallazi, who pretends to be a Muslim(a classic Sabatean practice) calling himself “Abdul Hadi Palazzi,” the self declared “Khalifah of Rome.” Palalzi is widely discredited and has no credibility whatsoever, yet the only places you’ll find him being taken seriously is on Zionist websites promoting the “israeli” agenda. What a surprise. Funny how you dropped by the moment your latest “genetic study” was rubbished for the fraud that it was, so now you’re trying to re-write history.
    Don’t even try to pull your historical revisionist shenanigans with me, you crook. Sharif al-Hussein was a traitor who the British bought for 7 million Pounds Sterling(Bill Gates kind of money in that day and age), who thought the Brits were going to make him the king of the Arabs for betraying the Khilafah. Instead the Brits betrayed him for a new lackey by the name of Ibn al-Saud, the desert bandit who used to rob pilgrims for came to perform Hajj. The Brits got him at a much cheaper price of 5000 Pounds Sterling per month for his services, and was he rewarded by being made the first King of “Saudi Arabia,” and establishing the house of Saud which would be “inherited” by the Americans after WWII.
    As for the East European Jews pretending to be Semitic Hebrew Israelites, they have NO right whatsoever to be in Palestine.


    Your continuing online mental degradation and desperationis funny. Your taqqiya(a word not found in either the Qur’an or Hadith) is in full swing. I am now convinced that you aren’t the radical Christian you pretend to be, your criminal mindset is far more in line with terrorist Zionist settler thugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Plastic Pammy herself. After I corrected you for your lie and misrepresentation of 5:51 about Muslims not being able to fraternal relations with Jews and Christians, so you foolishly try again. So how can I marry(note it is allowed, not encouraged) a Jewish or Christian woman but Muslim women can only marry Muslim men? Simple. Islam recognizes Christianity and Judaism. Christian and Jewish women who marry Muslim men are under no obligation to convert and are free to practice their own religion. But neither Christianity or Judaism recognize Islam, hence the Muslim woman’s religious rights are out of the question, not the least of which is the Shirk and incompatibility of non-Muslim men. Now let us further see what the religious scriptures, of the People of the Book, teach. They state that the wives are to submit to their husbands just as they submit to God. The wife is told to submit to their husbands just the way the church submits to Christ.

    Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. – [Ephesians 5:22-24]

    Another verse that is important to mention is as such:

    Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. – [1 Peter 3:1-2]

    I wouldn’t mind marrying you’re sister, “lawrence” but I don’t find inbred lunatics with a 5000 year old messianic mental disorder the least bit attractive.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    lawrence:I am not prejudiced against the Muslims

    Wow! First, Pamela Geller says she loves Muslims. Now, Lawrence says he is not prejudiced against the Muslims (after implying they are ignorant and deceitful by nature). I think he deserves to be nominated for the LoonWatch awards. Don’t you?

  • http://googlemail lawrence

    Dr.M:Your ignorance and taqqiya does not surprise me because you are a Muslim.The Muslims are allowed to marry the Jewish and the Christian women but are the Muslim women allowed to marry Jewish or Christian men unconditionally?.If so,I would love to marry your sister even though she might be ugly and brain dead,just to prove that I am not prejudiced against the Muslims.I just despise their evil Ideology.Read sura 5:51 with your intellectual eyes open.

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