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Robert Spencer Exposed: Gets Facts on Pope Pius XII Wrong

This is still my favorite picture of Robert Spencer.

A while back Danios wrote one of his most popular pieces debunking Robert Spencer’s work. It dealt with a chapter from Spencer’s, Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and was titled The Church’s Doctrine of Perpetual Servitude. Spencer wrote a reply that basically skirted around the subject and in effect dug himself into a bigger hole then he was in previously. Danios replied to Spencer who has remained mum on the debate since then, essentially conceding to Danios and Loonwatch.

One of our readers, Paterfamilias, wrote to inform us that Spencer’s reply contained more factual errors. Spencer claimed that Pope Pius XII, though “controversial” was “memorialized at Yad Vashem.”

The record of Pope Pius XII is controversial, but there has been a good deal of misinformation publicized about it. In reality, he helped save many hundreds of thousands of Jews and was memorialized at Yad Veshem.

Oh really, a lot of misinformation? So much for Robert Spencer’s research abilities. He could have easily done a Google search to check the veracity of such a claim, but for a paid polemicist with an ax to grind it’s probably considered a waste of time.

The following article, Pope Pius XII and Yad Vashem, from Wikipedia makes it clear that not only is Pope Pius XII not memorialized at Yad Vashem, his candidacy has been repeatedly rejected for decades.

Yad Vashem, the state of Israel‘s official Holocaust memorial, has generally been critical of Pope Pius XII, the pope during The Holocaust. For decades, Pius XII has been nominated unsuccessfully for recognition as Righteous Among the Nations, an honor Yad Vashem confers on non-Jews who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust altruistically and at risk to their own lives.

Yad Vashem affixes the following captions to two pictures of Pius XII in both English and Hebrew,

In 1933, when he was Secretary of the Vatican State, he was active in obtaining a Concordat with the German regime to preserve the Church’s rights in Germany, even if this meant recognizing the Nazi racist regime. When he was elected Pope in 1939, he shelved a letter against racism and anti-Semitism that his predecessor had prepared. Even when reports about the murder of Jews reached the Vatican, the Pope did not protest either verbally or in writing. In December 1942, he abstained from signing the Allied declaration condemning the extermination of the Jews. When Jews were deported from Rome to Auschwitz, the Pope did not intervene. The Pope maintained his neutral position throughout the war, with the exception of appeals to the rulers of Hungary and Slovakia towards its end. His silence and the absence of guidelines obliged Churchmen throughout Europe to decide on their own how to react.

Pretty damning stuff.

Yad Vashem’s official website has this to say about Pope Pius XII,

The controversy about Pius XII and the Holocaust is still open. At the end of his visit to Israel in 1964, Pope Paul VI came to Pius’s defense in Jerusalem. On March 12, 1979, Pope John Paul II met with Jewish leaders in Rome and said: “I am happy to evoke in your presence today the dedicated and effective work of my predecessor Pius XII on behalf of the Jewish people.” In a meeting with American Jewish leaders in September 1987 in Miami, John Paul II again recalled the positive attitude of Pius XII. However, his passivity in the face of the Holocaust remains a controversial subject.

How could Robert Spencer get a fact so brutally wrong? Maybe one day Yad Vashem will find Pope Pius XII legitimate for memorializing, but as of now the controversy surrounding his actions and inaction during the Holocaust continue to make the attempts of various Pope’s and advocates unsuccessful.

Robert Spencer should think twice before undertaking a task of disinformation, it just doesn’t fly anymore.

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  • Mossizzle

    Robert Spencer is struggling to convince his Jewish Islamophobic friends that Catholicism is much better than Islam when dealing with Jews. He has uber failed.

    By the way, Hitler was baptised a Catholic and continued to attend regular Mass until age 18. During these years he had consumed the “Hoast” which in Catholic doctrine is, molecule-for-molecule, the flesh of Jesus.

    So Hitler murder 6 million Jews, with the Spirit of Christ within him. Also one shouldn’t forget that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, including Hitler’s. Thus Robert Spencer must believe Hitler is now in heaven.

  • iSherif

    Spencer responded to this article when confronted by a reader at JW. His first sentence is revealing….completely contradictory to what he said previously:

    “As far as I know Pius XII is not honored at Yad Veshem. However, late in 1945, the World Jewish Congress gave a financial gift to the Vatican, in recognition of its efforts to rescue Jews from the Nazis. The Jewish historian Sir Martin Gilbert, author of several books on the Holocaust, has stated that “hundreds of thousands of Jews [were] saved by the Catholic Church, under the leadership and with the support of Pope Pius XII.? Another Jewish historian, Pinchas Lapide, estimates that as many as 800,000 Jews were saved through Pius XII’s efforts.”

    Guess poor Spencer’s lost again! Oy vey!

  • Inspired By Muhammad

    Stephen Parker, yes. There were lots of good people, like the Danes too (Christians) who helped Jews and others escape the Nazi’s.

    As for the mosques sheltering, remember during the Caliphate for 1000 years, Jews, Christians and other minorities used to immigrate to escape persecution from Europe and other places.

    The British stopped Jewiish migration to Palestine during the Nazi era, had their been a Caliphate they would have been let in as refugees.

    By the way, I posted another article by Cajee, “Holocaust Heros and Zeros” i wonder why it hasn’t been posted? It was a good rebuttal to the likes of spencer and Geller who always make out that the Nazi’s were influenced by Muslims. I mean when the Muslim Caliphates were strong, the Nazi’s were not influenced by them, but when they were under European colonial rule suddenly the Nazi’s were influenced by Islam. Look how these loons think

  • langsammer

    “like Crazy Pam, go the extra mile to say Hitler was *inspired* by Islam and the Mufti of Jerusalem made the plans for Auschwitz.”

    Right, but we all knew that was coming – at some point Islam has to be even worse than Nazism (Same for Muslims by extension); even more of a danger.

  • Stephen G. Parker

    “Organisation of the Islamic Conference” – Thanks for that link about mosques and Muslims who protected Jewish people from the Nazis. My wife and I just watched a program on Public TV a couple of nights ago about Arabic people who had sheltered Jews from the Nazis and Nazi collaborators in North Africa. A reporter had started a search for such Arab protectors of Jews as a response to the Holocaust denial which seems to be so prevalent among Arabs. It seems that the Arabs who helped the Jews didn’t think they had done anything special – it was just what they OUGHT to do – and they weren’t seeking publicity. In at least one case, the man’s descendants were themselves unaware of what he had done to aid the persecuted Jews. But those Arab protectors were present when they were needed, and, at least usually, they were Muslims. I think there were some Coptic Christians among them also.

  • HGG

    “Yes, yes but in jwatch world he was in fact acting AGAINST christianity because its all cute and cuddly whereas Islam is evil.”

    Hitler is everyone’s favorite ping pong ball. Atheists like to blame Christians for him, Christians blame atheists and now Islamophobes want to associate him with Muslims. They usually like to say that they had the same goals, but those really creative ones, like Crazy Pam, go the extra mile to say Hitler was *inspired* by Islam and the Mufti of Jerusalem made the plans for Auschwitz.

  • Barenziah58

    The Pope was unable to say anything when Germany military Units occup the city of Rome. The Pope have than 100 men Swizz Guard who did wear regulate army uniform than carry regulate military rifles. At one point when the SS was ready to enter his state in force he was willing to fight, but Spain which was neutral treaten to declare for the Allies. Spain was where Germany got some of the raw material it needed by buying it. I once talk to than France underground member than he said when they got travel paper from inside member of the military government to travel they gave the naize sulate at every chechpoint didnot go around ramdon attacking germany military men. First Germany have 40+ divisions in France occop it.

  • Jack C

    langsammer, thank you so much, I completely forgot that we are evil evil evil all the time…. I must go and kick puppies and steal sweeties from the little kiddies to make up for my unforgivable act of forgetfulness 😛

    Yes, it really is interesting to read Min Kampf (one of the most boring books I have ever had the displeasure to pick up) and read about Hitlers beliefs. It gets really juicy when he says stuff like “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord..” which of course is completely in line with centuries of Catholic teachings against Jews. Did I hear a pin drop Mr Spencer?

  • Zeeshan

    Robert Spencer is exposed as always. One cannot lie forever and fool the people everytime.

  • Project Pat

    “Robert Spencer should think twice before undertaking a task of disinformation, it just doesn’t fly anymore.”

    Only in America, can people like Robert Spencer still thrive and sell books no matter how many times they’ve been discredited. Our politicians are a testament to that.

  • langsammer

    “Added to your stuff about the Nazis, oh pray remind me what was the religious affiliation of most Nazi soldiers? Which church used to bless Nazi equipment? Which church was Hitler a ‘member’ of? Do remind me….”

    Yes, yes but in jwatch world he was in fact acting AGAINST christianity because its all cute and cuddly whereas Islam is evil. In any case, Robert would tell you that Hitler was a pagan and nazism is a pagan movement and therefore….a logical ally for the Muslims (it gets a bit trickier here because according to the same Robert Muslims are also commanded to be especially evil to Pagans while people of the book have a hope of not being systematically murdered)

  • Zakster


    What more could possibly be said about this charlatan…So much for the veracity of his ‘Islamic Knowledge’ amd so much for those who consider him a source of knowledge about Islam…


  • mirele

    I appreciate the update as this is something I’ve been interested in but hadn’t kept track of. I know there’s been an effort for decades to untarnish Pius XII’s name and thus make his expected sainthood more palatable. However, as mentioned above, Pius’ passivity in the face of the Holocaust, particularly when it came home to Rome with the 1943 razzia, is pretty damning.

  • Jack

    So true Dizz! But it’s typical of how Islam is portrayed these days, even if every single Muslim on earth bar one was an angel, the others would look at the one who wasn’t!

    Added to your stuff about the Nazis, oh pray remind me what was the religious affiliation of most Nazi soldiers? Which church used to bless Nazi equipment? Which church was Hitler a ‘member’ of? Do remind me….

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Mindy :if he had checked his facts then he could not have written this diatribe . Hate needs lies and fear to hide behind otherwise everyone would be able to see it for what it is !

  • Ryan

    well done for being the only ones to challenge his stupidity

  • Organisation of the Islamic Conference

    The Mosque That Sheltered Jews

    “Their children are like our own children”

    “Yesterday at dawn, the Jews of Paris were arrested. The old, the women, and the children. In exile like ourselves, workers like ourselves. They are our brothers. Their children are like our own children. The one who encounters one of his children must give that child shelter and protection for as long as misfortune – or sorrow – lasts. Oh, man of my country, your heart is generous.”

    – A tract read to immigrant Algerian workers in Paris, asking them to help shelter Jewish children.

  • Crusade Watch

    Isn’t it amazing that Spencer didn’t mention that the European colonisers brought and encouraged anti-semitism to the Middle East? even Daniel Pipes one of his contenders for the loon crowd, makes that clear. But than again Pipes is a Jew and Spencer is a Christian supremacist who happened to find someone to fund his hatred.

    Dizz, Spencer doesn’t work for Israel, who probably wouldn’t agree with the extreme right wing agenda that American neo con Jewish extremists like Spencer and Horowitiz support. Walid Shoebat (another lying paid media whore by Zionist extremists) was refused a visa to visit Israel and exposed as a liar by The Jerusalem Post. This problem is acute in the USA, which is where nearly all the Islamophobes are.

    Anyway back to the subject at hand, here is a good article written by Mas’ood Cajee, that is well researched and blows apart spender’s lies.

    Loonwatch, you may want to consider adding Cajee, to your Loon buster list of writers.


    On Holocaust zeroes & heroes

    On this Holocaust Memorial Day 2006, Mas’ood Cajee reflects on the politics of memory and why Muslims should represent the best of Islamic tradition and spirit.

    In their perversion of memory, Holocaust zeroes share another moral
    ugliness. Both insult the memory of the countless Muslims who risked or gave their lives to rescue Jews threatened with extermination by the Nazis. The stories of the Muslim rescuers of Jews are largely unknown and unpublicized.

    Only in the past fifteen years have Holocaust researchers brought a few to
    the public’s attention.

    Several Muslims (whose stories of heroism and courage we know) have since
    been honored by Yad Vashem

  • Justin

    Robert Spencer is a loser.

  • mindy1

    Oopsie-he should improve his fact checking 😉

  • Mohammed Abbasi

    As Muslims we should cease acting victims and cowards hiding away when nasty people like robert spencer raise their voices – well done loonwatch for daring to question this man and his ilk

  • Dizz

    Also, despite limited Muslim interaction with European Jews, five honorable Muslims did enough to help Jews deal with the Nazis to be in Yad Veshem.

    Often overlooked is the fact that hundreds of thousands of Muslims volunteers for the British Empire fought against the Nazis, but Geller waves Mufti Al Hosseini’s “meetings” all the time.

    Point is: Muslims memorialised. Pope isn’t.

  • Dizz

    What a good little Catholic Boy trying to preserve the dignity of his infallible little Pope in the eyes of his employer, Israel.

    Let’s see him defend Pope Benedict XVI with the Child Abuse scandal. I’ve heard some pretty grizzly tells from Irish Catholic Schools….

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Such shoddy research by Spencer proves that he is no scholar, not that anyone of credence believes as much anyway. Thanks Emperor for this update.

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