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Arab Jailed for Having Sex with Israeli Woman

A very interesting and unbelievable case from Israel.

Arab jailed for sex with Israeli woman

By Adrian Blomfield, The Daily Telegraph July 20, 2010 1:02 PM

A Palestinian man has been convicted of rape after consensual sexual intercourse with an Israeli woman who believed he was Jewish because he introduced himself as “Daniel”. An Israeli court made international legal history by jailing Sabbar Kashur, from East Jerusalem, for 18 months.

The 30 year-old delivery man was convicted of “rape by deception” after a criminal trial that drew criticism from across Israel.

Kashur was accused of misleading the woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, by introducing himself with the traditionally Jewish name when they met on a street in central Jerusalem in 2008. After striking up a conversation, they went into a nearby office block and engaged in a sexual encounter, after which Kashur quickly left.

The woman discovered his true racial background later, lawyers said.

Although conceding that the sexual intercourse was consensual, Tzvi Segal, the district court judge, concluded that the law had a duty to protect women from “smooth-tongued criminals who can deceive innocent victims at an unbearable price”.

She said: “If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she would not have co-operated.”

A conviction for rape by deception on the grounds of racial misrepresentation is believed to be internationally unprecedented, according to British legal experts.

The charge is rarely used in the West. In 2007, a Syrian pilot walked free from a court in Swansea after being accused of tricking a woman into intercourse by saying it could cure a sexually transmitted disease. While forced sexual intercourse by deception is an offence under Israeli law, experts say it is a charge used sparingly in cases involving protracted deceit and a promise of marriage.

Adnan Aladdin, Kashur’s lawyer, said he had filed an appeal to ensure the verdict was not considered to be setting a precedent, adding that otherwise “many men would find themselves in jail”.

Israeli legal experts said they found the verdict disquieting. “It puts the law in the position of what could loosely be described as discrimination. I would feel intuitively uncomfortable about prosecuting someone for something like that,” said a former senior justice ministry official.

Gideon Levy, a leading liberal commentator, said: “What if this guy had been a Jew who pretended to be a Muslim and had sex with a Muslim woman? Would he have been convicted of rape? The answer is: of course not.”

The prosecutor was unavailable for comment. District attorney officials declined to discuss the case.

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  • uhm

    is het feit dat zij het goed vond om sex te hebben met zomaar iemand ookal van de zelde ras of geloof raar of ben ik raar. ze moet in mijn ogen meer respect voor drzelf hebben.

    ciao ciaooo

  • JJ

    She’s just a tramp. Picture this: A women meets a Chinese man in a bar. He says “Hey babe I’m from Tokyo” They get a room and bump uglies. She later finds out he’s from the city Yangquang and that he’s really Chinese and not Japanese. Now she calls rape because he’s not Japanese. Should he go to jail for a year and a half?

  • Yagya Dollie

    If strict jewish and islamic law had to be applied in this matter, then both these two parties should have been stoned to death. What’s the point of being “strictly to the law” if you’re gonna be selective in what laws suit your and which don’t. And if a woman’s honour is to be protected for the purpose of racial purity, then should not the same apply if the woman were arab and the man jewish. This whole thing stinks of Nazi laws. These jews are the best students and fans of Nazi purity culture.

  • Tiger should quit trying to apologize & embrace his swinging & promiscuous lifestyle, just Like Hugh Hefner did. He could reinvent the sport & take into a completely new direction. Perhaps he could also start wearing clothes like the rappers that glorify such behavior in their music

  • Paul

    When are you gonig to catch up with the rest of the world.
    Still living in the 18 cent.

  • Marlene

    Could this be an easy way to make money and try to save her ‘honour’???

    I wonder if there are still men who would say the truth and not bluff in the first 15 mins???

  • Andy

    What the heck, of course it’s a racist decision! I don’t usually sympathise a lot with Muslims, but this was too much! These ppl simply met, discovered they had the hots for each other, and just went and did it there and then, JUST LIKE ANY NORMAL SEXUALLY-DRIVEN COUPLE WOULD DO ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!! What the heck is so strange here?? Oh yes, I know – this is Israel, the Middle East’s strongest ‘democracy’. Oh, and also, the man was a Muslim. Shame on him, tsk-tsk!! Going there, dirtying and dishounoring them pretty Israeli women with his sexual acts! Shame on him, I say, and shame on her for being so consensous too! She should know better than to have sex, willingly, with a complete stranger, especially if he’s an Arab, and more especially if he’s Palestinian! Shame on you girl, you should just stick to ‘normal’ Europeans or Americans who would never think of shagging you after 15 mins of meeting you! Not even if you’re some Israeli sex-bomb, like I know some of your women are! NO, a Yankee would never do that. And even if he did, you’d never shout out ‘RAPE!’ afterwards either! Cos he’s American or European! ‘RAPE!’ only happens if the man is Muslim!! Them bloody Muslims, all they want is sex sex sex!! It’s not normal, no American or European man wants only sex sex sex!! TSK-TSK!!! Israel should start posting adverts on American and European travel sites, reading – “COME TO ISRAEL! OUR WOMEN GET SHAGGED IN LESS THAN 15 MINS!! (NOT APPLICABLE IF YOU’RE MUSLIM)” TSK, TSK, I SAY!!

  • lalala

    why dont you write the allll story and only try to make bad name to israel!? i live here and this arab guy lied to her that his is jew!!! so the women in herself want to the police and asked to to jailed him!!!!!
    and he deserved it!!!! sory about my english!!!

  • Les

    “She wanted Kosher and got Halal!”


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