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Catalonia: Veil Ban Motion Defeated

Veil Ban Motion Defeated (via. Islamophobia-Watch)

Catalonia’s parliament rejected Thursday a move to ban the wearing of the Islamic burqa in public places across the Spanish region after reversing an initial vote.

A resolution moved by conservatives and centre-right nationalists was passed, but opponents said there had been a technical error and some absentees at the moment of the vote.

After the session was suspended, the parliamentary speaker ordered the vote to be put again, prompting a walk-out by the motion’s supporters and a victory for its left-wing opponents.

The motion would have called on the government of the northeastern region to ban the Islamic women’s garment which conceals all but the eyes, in the street as well as in public buildings.

Right-wing deputy Rafael Lopez said it was a question of values, of voicing opposition to clothing which he said kept women in a “degrading prison.”

AFP, 1 July 2010

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  • Harsy

    Morris, female circumcision is not Islamic, rather a CULTURAL/PRE ISLAMIC practice carried out mostly in the Egypt if i am not mistaken.

  • NoName

    As far as i know, women circumsion is not allowed in islam. Quran only instruct male circumsion, and that’s all. And for the hijab, have you checked your bible? Where women is instructed to cover their head?

  • morris Wise

    Freedom loving women should disobey sharia law and prevent themselves from being fully circumcised. Granted that circumcision will stem the heat of passion and make a woman more loyal to her husband, but it also makes life less enjoyable. A fair compromise would be if only the tip of the clitoris was removed allowing some sensitivity to remain.

  • Truth Hurts

    More Quixotic Tilting at Windmills by some of those whose fetish for KKK-style hoods escapes their sense of irony.

  • minoria-maturin

    I am for the ban.WHY?There have ALREADY been a number of jewelery store and other robberies with men dressed in BURKAS in the WEST.It is for SECURITY reasons.
    There should be a ban.I know a few decades ago in NEW YORK they banned(I don’t know if it is still in place)the use of a WINTER COVERING(the one that covers the ENTIRE FACE except for 2 holes,for the EYES).

    There were alot of bank robberies in New York.

  • A couple of weeks ago, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe issued a resolution STRONGLY condemning Member States’ attempts to ban the wearing of burkas.

    There were other very hopeful things to this resolution, including calling on Switzerland to lift the minaret ban, efforts to combat the use of Islamophobia in elections by so-called “political parties” – and enlightened statements about Islam in Europe.


    Muslims are at home in Europe where they have been present for many centuries, as the Assembly noted in its Recommendation 1162 (1991) on the contribution of the Islamic civilisation to European culture. Islam, Judaism and Christianity – the three monotheist religions – share the same historic and cultural roots and recognise the same fundamental values, in particular the paramount value of human life and dignity, the ability and freedom to express thoughts, the respect of others and their property, the importance of social welfare. Those values have been reflected by European philosophies and been included in the European Convention on Human Rights (“ECHR”; ETS No5).

    As the Assembly indicated in its Recommendation 1774 (2006) on the Turkish presence in Europe: migrant workers and new European citizens, member governments and parliaments as well as the Council of Europe must give priority to fostering social inclusion of Muslims and other religious minorities. The many efforts undertaken by member states to better integrate migrants are to be commended, but this integration is often still far from reality, in particular with regard to Muslim migrants. Thus, the Assembly invites member states to be proactive in dealing with social, economic and political inequalities.

    The Assembly deplores that a growing number of political parties in Europe exploit and encourage fear of Islam and organise political campaigns which promote simplifications and negative stereotypes concerning Muslims in Europe and often equate Islam with extremism. It is inadmissible to incite intolerance and sometimes even hatred against Muslims. The Assembly calls on member states to pursue political action in accordance with the General Policy Recommendation 5 (2000) of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) on combating intolerance and discrimination against Muslims. It reiterates that it is for the member states to reject political statements that stir up fear and hatred of Muslims and Islam, while complying with the stipulations of the ECHR, in particular Article 10.2.

    In this respect, the veiling of women, especially full veiling through the burqa or the niqab, is often perceived as a symbol of the subjugation of women to men, restricting the role of women within the society, limiting their professional life and impeding their social and economic activities. Neither the full veiling of women, nor even the headscarf, is recognised by all Muslims as a religious obligation of Islam, but they are seen by many as a social and cultural tradition. The Assembly considers that this tradition could be a threat to women’s dignity and freedom. No woman should be compelled to wear religious apparel by her community or family. Any act of oppression, sequestration or violence constitutes a crime that must be punished by law. Women victims of these crimes must be protected by member states whatever their status, and benefit from support and rehabilitation measures.

    For this reason, the possibility to prohibit the wearing of the burqa and the niqab is being considered by legislatures in several European countries. Article 9 of the ECHR includes the right of individuals to choose freely to wear or not to wear religious clothing in private or in public. Legal restrictions to this freedom may be justified where necessary in a democratic society, in particular for security purposes or where public or professional functions of individuals require their religious neutrality or that their face can be seen. However, a general prohibition of wearing the burqa and the niqab would deny women, who freely desire to do so, their right to cover their face.

    The purpose of posting these excerpt from [ ] is not to annoy or “spam,” but to show that there are, indeed, enlightened bodies in Europe these days that can help turn back the trend to oppress, persecute and abuse the election processes in attempts to bring about policies that seek to treat Muslims as non-citizens ….

    This page gives links to all the resolutions and statements: [ ]

    There is now lots of reason for hope, folks!!!

  • Hassan

    Aw c’mon. Mindy is right thought- even if people who wear the Burqa represent a more “extreme” interpretation or tradition, banning clothing articles isn’t the way to fight it. Extremists generally aren’t violent, and passing laws that essentially criminalize their tradition are counterproductive. Instead, as with all religious issues, the trend should be left up to competition between schools and sects.

    One major problem in religious history is sects with government authority banning or persecuting rival sects. Western governments *shouldn’t* take up this shameful tradition in the absence of theocracy.

  • mindy1

    @iraqiguy, my point was not that they were extremeists, but that they are using extremism as an excuse to do this

  • Iraqiguy, I think you misunderstood Mindy1,

    She wasn’t calling the veil wearing women extremists, she meant that the problem of tackling the Muslim extremists who are bombing and killing can be better handled.

  • The problem is with Muslims themselves – we need to be more ‘engaging’ and open in discussing our religion – it really is our responsibility and we need to collectively work together to help others understand us

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Well said Mindy better the fashion policz than the real ones.
    Its the sort idea ,to ban such items ,that makes Osamas day as it ‘proves ‘ how anti Islam the west is.

  • This is very happy news, i disagree with mindy1 though because i don’t believe this is a case of Islamic extremists. The niqab is one conservative interpretation that some subscribe to, and just because they do doesn’t mean they form a threat to anyone.

  • mindy1

    Well that is good news-I think the problem of Islamic extremeists can be handled in a much better fashion than banning clothing items

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