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Dennis Avi Lipkin: The Final Battle

Dennis A. Lipkin, an Israeli author, lecturer and future political hopeful thinks Israel is too socialist and wants it to be more like America. He also believes Islam is a “pyschosis” and that there is going to be a final battle between Judeo-Christians and Muslims.

Speaker wants to change Israeli policy

By CALEB SOPTELEAN/The Daily Inter Lake

Although Sept. 11, 2001, was a tragedy, “God sent the Muslim threat as a blessing because it brought together the Jews and Christians,” Lipkin said.

He said he believes many Jews will be killed leading up to the final battle, which he called “Mecca vs. Jerusalem.” The final battle is between Judeo-Christians and the Muslims, he said. “Islam is not a religion, it’s a psychosis,” he said.

“Bring them to the Lord or they’ll bring you to the sword,” he said, citing political scientist Samuel Huntington’s book, “Clash of Civilizations.”

Citing the Biblical book of Deuteronomy 11, Lipkin said God will defend Israel and its borders will run from Lebanan to Saudi Arabia.

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  • The Antichrist takes control of the international anti-Christian Socialist movement and goes after the Christians who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus while he makes a peace treaty with many nations regarding Israel, in which he will have the clout to and will subdue three of the leaders of the Muslim terrorist organizations that are operating with in the ten nation kingdom that is fighting against Israel. As the Antichrist grows in power and he sees that the balance of powers have tipped in his favor he will break the peace treaty with Israel and when he does, this he will undo his rule, somewhat, and wars will break out as he reestablishes himself. In the midst of this John saw an earthquake which will split the USA, which is Babylon the Great into three and this will cause all the cities of the nations to fall and when the Antichrist see that the USA is defenseless he will form the fourth beast and defeat the Babylon the Great or the USA militarily. The ten horns, that make up part of the fourth beast, are the leaders of the terrorist organizations that are operating with in the ten nation kingdom, which is fighting with Israel. They give their terrorist cells in the USA the command to help the Antichrist defeat the USA militarily. After the USA is defeated the Resurrection takes place and the believers go to heaven for the wedding feast for forty days, while the Antichrist is gathering the nations to Har-magedon to finish reestablishing his rule. After the wedding feast Jesus returns with His saints and He throws the Antichrist and the False Prophet who performs the Satanic signs, that lift up the Antichrist, into the lake of fire, and then Jesus begins ruling from Jerusalem for a thousand years. The Muslims are being used by the Socialists and with out their empowerment they are nothing and can easily be brought under control again. It is the Socialists, again, who are behind causing the problems in the world. They are responsible for the propaganda that has caused the unsaved Americans to hate Christians and Jews and love their fellow anti-Christian/Semitic Muslims.

  • Jarkai

    Avi Lipkin is doing a great job. God bless him.

  • Moonbat

    Ragfish, spot on dude. Sniff some more rubber cement and tell us the rest…the suspense is killing me!

    Batya says: “People just need to STOP wanting the tickling ears”

    That’s right, Mooslems…knock it off with the tickling ears! You guys are so kinky.

  • TheBig_T

    i think this guy is on crazy pills

  • SKhan

    Batya and Ragfish, both of you are delusional. Read the articles on this site if you don’t believe me.

  • Batya

    I know Avi is a God send to all of us…. People just need to STOP wanting the tickling ears and wake up and smell the coffee it is burning….. How much time do we have? We look forward to see you again.

    Avi Lipkin we pray for you and your family. Rachel is on our prayer list for G-d to up lift her also.

    Thank you Avi God bless and keep you

  • I too heard this guy speak at my church. He is as ridiculous as Pastor Glenn Beier, another loon, that invited him. The offensive lies and misinformation are on recorded audio here(both Avi’s and Glenn’s):

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  • Felicia

    I sat and listened to Mr. Lipkin last night at my local church. He was quite offensive and I hope he saw me and several others walk out. The lies and misinformation were just disgusting!

  • Ragfish

    America was all that stood between Islam and its ambitions of global domination. Russia seeks to topple America and will fight us to the last drop of Muslim blood! Russia is assisting Iran, hoping that in an Israeli-Iranian war, Iran will cripple the US, which in turn will neutralize Iran. Russia gets rid of two potential adversaries at once!
    It was likely Russian technicians who planted the Stuxnet virus into the Sieman designed centrifuge computers.

    Saudi Arabia already has Chinese missiles armed with nuclear warheads at its the Al Sulayya base.

    The likely outcome of any Middle East war involving Iran, will be oil at $200/bbl.

    Evangelicals taking Israel’s side is the least of our problems. We have become debtors to China and a vassal state to Saudi Arabia, due to our oil dependence.

    It’s a perilous world and the Middle East is supersaturated and ready for a war to be precipitated. Most likely this will be a proxy war of Iranian elements attacking Israel via Hezzbullah. This may happen as soon as the UN’s report is released, pointing a finger at Hezzbullah as the assassins of Lebanese Prime Minister Herari.

  • These nutters like Avi Lipkin had their man Cheney during the Bush years. There are those at who believe that Cheney had a hand in 9/11


    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    “Remember the one about the B-52 bomber that, according to legend, had six nuclear weapons loaded onto it by accident, which, of course, could not have happened—by accident—for a dozen different reasons, or more.”

    By 2007, there was tremendous fear in the Bush Administration that the lid couldn’t be kept on 9/11, people were coming forward and Commission members were screaming for a Grand Jury.

    Look back at 2007. With the Bush administration in tatters, an unprecedented economic disaster hitting the United States and the failures in Afghanistan finally coming to light, a core of Christian Zionists, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Don Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, five supreme court justices and select members of the command structure of the US military decided to use the waning moments of their defacto control of the nuclear forces at their disposal to begin the nuclear war they knew would destroy all life on earth, bringing about the biblical prophesy, the rapture, they had seized power to bring about.

  • Avi Lipkin’s website is here

    Does anyone know if this Avi Lipkin is a Messianic? Certainly his lawyer in Israel is Calev Myers, a Messianic activist lawyer, whose agenda is to challenge the Rabbinate, and make Israel more conducive to the Messianic Christian agenda. Messianics are considered a trojan horse, an extension of Christian Zionist groups like CUFI who fund them, and the aliya of Christians to Israel.

    They try desperately to pass themselves as Jewish, in much the same way the Alavi’s do in Islam, but they are an Evangelical Christian, Souther Baptist spin off. They dream of a Christian Israel with a battle of Armeggedon where Jews die or convert to Christianity, and Jesus returns to destroy Islam.

    These people are the ones who are now pushing for an Iran war, after being the biggest supporters of the Iraq war ( Evangelicals)

    They also do their damndest to get influence in Israel, and so far no luck but they see these characters like Avi Lipkin as being the trojan horse they need.

    Avi calls himself Jewish, but he may be a secret convert to Messianic Christianity, so that he can better represent Messianics.

  • By Avi Lipkin

    “I have been working to create a Judeo-Christian understanding of this threat. By and large, the Christians get it. For the most part, the Jews don’t. ”

    Doomed to Extinction

    By Penina Taylor,cntnt01,print,0&cntnt01articleid=7&cntnt01showtemplate=false&cntnt01returnid=28
    “The Christian preoccupation with converting Jews and making Israel a Christian state is about much more than just a difference of religious opinion, and even about who is our friend, its about the validity of Judaism and the continued existence of a truly Jewish State called, “Israel”. Don’t let statements to the contrary fool you. When an Evangelical Christian says that of course Israel must remain Jewish, they mean that it must be Messianic Jewish.

    These are dangerous waters we are treading in and although on the surface a so-called Judeo-Christian party in the Knesset may sound like it would be good for the State of Israel, the truth is that such a party in Israel would mark the beginning of the extinction of the traditional Jew.”

  • DrM


    Actually the Prophet’s(s.a.w) grave is in Medina. How about you European shabbos goyim and your judeofascist master stop living in 6000 B.C. ?

  • Durendal

    Muhammads grave is in Mecca maybe you should visit it instead of blaming the Jews for your misery.

  • Sounds like a nice new heroe for Girt the Freedom Fighter

  • What country of America ?
    America is quite a big continent.

  • DrM

    This living-5000-years-in-the-past-judeofascist is nothing but a shaved Baruch Goldstein. I agree with him about “socialist” Israel, no more US aid and we’ll how his ilk like that. Also theres no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian” an incredibly stupid political term. As for the “final battle,” these terrorists shouldn’t be too anxious for it, as the Lamb will return as the Lion.

  • mindy1

    He forgot his happy pills :p

  • froger29

    If this guy doesn’t fit the mold of a radical wacko I do not know who does.

  • Ian Gould

    Actually Deuteronomy promises to Israel “The Land Between the Two Rivers” – i.e. the Nile and the Euphrates.

    So any Christian Zionist who believes the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of God’s will should support the immediate annexation to Israel of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt as far as the east bank of the Nile and all the Gulf states.

  • Les

    “Citing the Biblical book of Deuteronomy 11, Lipkin said God will defend Israel and its borders will run from Lebanan to Saudi Arabia.”

    And it’s the Muslims who are the fanatics!? Zionist nut!

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  • This dude is delusional !

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