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Jon Stewart Takes on the anti-Muslim Discourse in the Media

Jon Stewart is one of the last men out there with the moral courage to do the kind of reporting the mainstream media just won’t do. A beautiful segment, that skewers Fox News, and the likes of Steven Emerson and Robert Spencer. Spencer no doubt will be howling at the moon about Stewart being a dhimmi. Nothing makes him more upset than being portrayed like the clown that he is.


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  • R5h

    To anyone willing to side with Fox News, I present you with four words: “IT’S A SPACE PLACE!” You want to side with HIM?

    I also present you with this video of Jon Stewart lampooning the hypocrisy of these people. He said it better than I can, but I will try.

    The problem with the people on Fox News (also Diane Sawyer, apparently) is that they are deliberately ignoring the fact that EVERYTHING THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT IS SOMETHING THAT APPLIES TO CHRISTIANITY. “Indoctrination into Muslim beliefs begins in a mosque”? (Probably not the exact quote, but whatever.) First of all, duh. Secondly, where oh where does he suppose Christians get their beliefs? They get them from their churches. Oh, they probably get them from their homes as well, but so do Muslims.

    Furthermore, the thing about Muslims trying to spread Islam… yeah, I don’t think I need to cover that, except by saying that just about every religion has a tenet like this. Mr. Stewart got all the quote from the Bible that I know of, and some that I didn’t.

    And about building mosques in your community? Read the first amendment, THEN try to make a case for not being allowed to practice your religion because some schmucks might get worried about it.

    As for “MUSLIMS IN SPACE!” (love that title), I don’t see why NASA shouldn’t be used as a way to make peace. It seems to me that in space, beyond borders and territories, you’ve got a much better chance of operating on roughly equal terms with one another and working together.

    There’s more arguments against anything and everything that these idiots said. Especially this one – once more, I will repeat it.

    “IT’S A SPACE PLACE!!!!!!!” If I made the rules, that guy would have just forfeited his right to participate in a discussion, because it’s clear he isn’t any good at it.

  • Awesome

    If only more people had enough common sense to see past the nonsense of Spencer and Geller.

    But, I suppose you can’t help people who are so in love with their empty hatred, that they suspend their own intelligence to satisfy it, by taking the contrived nonsense from people like Spencer seriously. But then again, there are still people who, in spite of reality, believe that the Earth is flat, and that the Universe is geocentric, so I guess it can’t be all that surprising. Perhaps one day, all these small-minded people who believe these silly things (geocentric Universe, flat Earth, Robert Spencer’s words) will grow up, but that day, sadly, isn’t today.

    Such a pity.

  • robaby

    @Iloveislamtoo, when have the authors on loonwatch ever blamed the faults of the muslim people on Israel or the Jews? In fact, Israel and Jews are mentioned less then 3% of all the articles on this site. Moreover, the reason why Israel plays such an important impact on the muslim world is because of the recent wars in the middle east(where Islam originates and where all their holy sites are) from Iraq, Iran to Lebanon where Israel was a major player. Btw, you will find a very prominent figure in Islam who condemns the indiscriminate killings of civilians whether muslim or non-muslim. Guess who? Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

  • techkid

    @ IloveIslamtoo

    When the filth like Spencer and Geller are cleaned from the fabric of this country, there will be two less hypocrites in America.

    This whole website that you fail to understand, is designed to expose the hatred and utter ignorance of “critics” of Islam and the hypocrisy of their viewpoints. And you evidently have bought into their nonsense that Islam poses as a threat to this country and we Muslims want sharia law in America blah blah blah, so I’m not going to waste my time arguing the points that have been time to time refuted and debunked on this site and many others.Yes we understand there are nut-jobs who use our faith for horrendous acts, but what we are trying to show people here is the media and right wing leaders exaggerate and magnify a few bad apples to spread fear and gain power. We welcome opposing viewpoints but don’t be surprised that yours are being challenged.

    To say that such human waste like Spencer and Geller will save this country really shows that you don’t think for yourself.

    @ Jihad Bob, please go back to jihad watch or atlas shrugs where you can spew your garbage there with the other morons.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    That’s nice that you love to troll around here and the fact that you mock Islam with your name. Please get a life you typical Spencer/Geller supporter.

  • Lex

    All violence against muslim is justified 😉

  • tom

    How do you download this BEAUTIFUL VIDEO CLIP?????????????

  • ILoveIslamToo

    Of course, posting anything contrary to the viewpoints in this site is an exercise in futility, as it gets immediately and summarily dismissed, but here it goes:

    Islam masquerades, under the hood of a decent religion, the current state-of-the-art of a blood-thirsty, aggressive, irresponsible, demanding, feudal political and social system. I yet have to see a major school of thought within Islam, a major islamic institution, a major islamic preacher or a major islamic leader, disengage themselves from (1)Jew-hating (which is just termed in modern-speak as anti-Zionism, more palatable to good-willed fools) (2)the indiscriminate killing of clueless civilians (I won’t use the term innocent, since in Islam’s view, no kaffir is innocent) (3)slamming all the tribulations of the “billion muslims” on the “Zionist entity” and the “American Great Satan”. Yes, the ill-fated life of a muslim peasant in Malasia or the worries of a poorer-than-poor camel-driver in the Arabian peninsula is the work of these contrived Jews in Israel.

    Loonwatch should look into Islam characters, where it would find plenty of folly, plenty of lunatics, plenty of deranged psychopaths. But in the traditional Islamic everybody-else-but-me-is-guilty credo, in its absolute lack of self-criticism, it prays on the few ones who choose not to be lured by its sweet-coated poisonous apples.

    When America looses its last Spencers, Gellers, et al., America will go down the drain into the dark ages of a Saudi-Arabia-like feudalism. Those few kaffirs in the loonwatch’s payroll will then witness firsthand the fruits of Islam.

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