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Robert Dreyfuss: Anti-Muslim Bigot Explains Islam to FBI

Robert Dreyfuss

Robert Dreyfuss, contributing editor to the Nation Magazine and also a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone, The American Prospect, and Mother Jones has a great blog post about anti-Muslim bigot Robert Spencer of SIOA-fame training and explaining Islam to the FBI and Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force.

This is how Robert Spencer will react: “Robert Dreyfuss is a leftard, dhimmi, who is tarnishing and libeling me!! Wah! Wah!”

Dreyfuss also links to us, and I urge our readers to take time out and comment on Dreyfuss’ blog piece, or at the least thank him for bringing this to light.

Anti-Muslim Bigot and Fanatic Explains Islam to the FBI and the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force

By Robert Dreyfuss

The Council on American Islamic Relations is making noise about the fact that an extremist, right-wing anti-Muslim rabble rouser was “invited to offer training to state and federal law enforcement officers.” It sounds like something that might have happened under the administration of President Bush, but no – this happened on Obama’s watch.

Robert Spencer, co-founder of the group Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), is the culprit.

According to CAIR, Spencer was called in recently to pontificate to the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force. (The JTTF’s are law enforcement and intelligence coalitions that began Washington. Soon every jurisdiction wanted the federal dough for a JTTF, and after 9/11 the number of JTTF’s exploded.)

Says CAIR:

“Our nation’s law enforcement personnel should not receive training from the head of a hate group that seeks to demonize Islam and to prevent American Muslims from exercising their rights as citizens,’ said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “Robert Spencer is the same individual who claims in his new book that President Obama is waging ‘war on America.’”

He noted that Spencer recently co-authored the book, “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America,” that sounds a “wake-up call for Americans to stop the Obama administration from limiting our hard-won freedoms, silencing our democratic forming in the 1990s in key areas thought to be vulnerable to terrorism, such as New York and voices, and irreparably harming America for generations to come.”
According to Loonwatch, the SIOA is so extreme that it seems almost satirical. Like a Tea Party phalanx of radical anti-Muslim bigots, the SIOA says that its goal is educate Americans “about about the threat that Islamic doctrine and those who support it present to our freedoms, and the future of our democracy and country.”  Its  organizers call themselves “scholar warriors/ideological warriors in the cause of American freedom and Constitutional government,” as well as in “the defense of… our society of liberty, knowledge, and human decency.”

Spencer’s co-founder, Pamela Geller, is a piece of work, too. Notes CAIR:

“Geller has posted images on her blog that include a fake photograph of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan in a Nazi uniform, another fake image of President Obama urinating on an American flag and drawings purporting to depict Islam’s Prophet Muhammad as a pig. In a June 25 blog entry, Geller posted a video claiming that Muslims engage in bestiality.”
This needs repudiation – or, as Sarah Palin would say, refudiation – from the Justice Department, and quick.

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  • ilahiler

    I inviting that goonatic Spencer to speak to our Law Enforcement is like allowing Hitler to speak at a jewish wellness center. Glad someone is speaking up! Nice story

  • antimuslim

    eslaporte Says:
    It is outrageous – and we Americans need to get angry about this !!! What if a leader from the KKK was allowed to speak to the FBI about “minority crime?”

    They would likely have pretty accurate information. After all minority crime is higher than any other type. Well, any other type of violent criminal I mean. White collar crime is predominantly a white mans crime.

  • jock

    @ Judge Bao

    Poor you, I can only imagine how much ‘ass-kicking’ you’ve endured at the hands of ‘mussulmen’…lol

  • I am proud to belong to a religion that commands me to respect the holy books and prophets of other religions. I think that the American people are too intelligent to do what this unholy man of religion asks of them.

  • Judge Bao

    I can’t imagine if someone who loves freedom denounce Mr Robert and Ms Geller except an idiot. Robert is just a matter of time the mussulmen kick your ass.

  • write to the FBI as much as we want but the culture against Islam and Muslims has taken hold on the American public and law enforcement I do not think it will be much effect

  • Jalal Kaiser

    Yup, the FBI definitely needs people like Robert Spencer – in fact, more than a fish needs a bicycle.

  • Adam

    Anyone think we can write to the FBI about this?

  • Disgusting, and the FBI thinks it will get more Muslims to join it in tackling extremism – what about the extremists they employ like this twit?

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  • It is frightening that the FBI law enforcement agents are getting their information on “Islam and Muslims” from is First-Class Islamophobe – someone responsible for Geert Wilders and his (anti-)Freedom Party – which would turn the Netherlands into a rogue nation and set Europe on phony policies against non-existent “Islamification” and a war against all of Islam world.

    It is outrageous – and we Americans need to get angry about this !!! What if a leader from the KKK was allowed to speak to the FBI about “minority crime?”

    Maybe a law suit and other legal action against the Department of Justice by the American Muslim community is in order!

  • froger29

    I inviting that goonatic Spencer to speak to our Law Enforcement is like allowing Hitler to speak at a jewish wellness center. Glad someone is speaking up! Nice story

  • Daniel

    Great story, thanks for posting.

  • Abdullah

    The Lt. Governor of Tennessee, Ron Ramsey, is running for governor. And he thinks America’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion may not apply to Muslims.

  • Justin

    I am genuinely frightened that someone like Robert Spencer might be able to influence law enforcement or the military!!!

  • Thanks to Robert Dreyfuss for posting the original article; and thanks to you, Garibaldi, for re posting it here. I did register with “The Nation” in order to post a comment there to thank Robert Dreyfuss for his article. Naturally there were already several comments denouncing Mr. Dreyfuss and ‘defending’ Robert Spencer. Hopefully there will be a number of others giving their support to the Dreyfuss report for this article.

  • nat

    Comforting to there are still sane people in the MSM.

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