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Daily Show and Keith Olbermann Rip Islamophobes

Posted on 17 August 2010 by Emperor

Two takes on the issues revolving on Islamic cultural center that has been dubbed the “Ground Zero Mosque.” One is a very serious toned and heart felt monologue from Keith Olbermann,

The other is a satirical and hard hitting segment of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show called “Mosque-erade,”

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  • jock


    Isn’t it a tragedy that when people talk sense, there are few who listen. But when semi-literate idiots like Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, Geller and Savage go on their rants plenty of useful trailer trash like you show up. Sadder reflection on your society than anything the ‘libtards’ have done…:P

  • Evenflow

    No one except you fucking libtards gives a damn what Oralman and pussyboy Stewart have to say. Someone asked who watches? The answer….NO ONE!!
    Whine away losers.

  • Bass

    Both were wonderful, but Keith Olbermann was particularly brilliant.

  • Mohammed Abbasi


  • J Mohd

    Marco –

    But it’s only available for another four days or so, so it would be great if somebody could upload it to YouTube or the like.

  • carole mckinzie

    i love your special comments and the worst segments.

  • eslaporte

    I watched Mr. Olbermann last night and this had to be one of his best ever!

  • marco

    can someone please find me a youtube version of the Jon Stewart videos? I live in the UK, so as such i can’t watch it which is unfortunate.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Great but how many people in the USA see this stuff.

  • mindy1

    Jon Stewart hehehehe makes a good point. Regarding Olberman-not usually a fan, but here he is right on point.

  • Ali

    Mr Olbermann made an amazing and very moving speech. and he definetly knows wht hes talking about. Jon Stewart also made a very good and hilarious epsode

  • http://loonwatch NassirH

    Olbermann was epic.

  • Johnny K

    Keith Olberman almost made me cry. The was possibly the greatest rhetoric I’ve heard over this whole debate. What a rousing defense.

  • islamispeace

    That was a brilliant and moving defense by Mr. Olbermann. Even in this climate of hate and ignorance, there are always voices of reason.

    And Jon Stewart…What can you say? Absolutely hilarious and brilliant expose of the bigots (like that dumbass Glenn Beck)!

  • nat

    Sad that one of the most consistent and reasoned takes on this (needlessly beat up) “issue” is from a satirical news programme.

  • janey

    wow. I think many people would begin to understand from seeing/hearing Keith Olbermann. Far fewer people could find it possible to name him as a “sympathizer.”

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