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Mosque Protesters Bring their Dogs, met by Freedom of Religion Protesters

Mosque protests are springing up all over the United States. It seems as though disparate groups are taking up the rallying cry against Islam and Muslims. Is this anti-Muslim sentiment a blip on our screen or is it a reflection of the coalescing of disparate forces into one larger anti-Muslim movement?

Both sides clash over proposed Temecula mosque


Waving signs such as “Muslims Danced with Joy on 9/11,” about 20 protesters gathered outside a Temecula Islamic Center today to protest Islam, calling it a political movement that oppresses women and seeks to place the world under a brutal system of religious law.

A larger group of counter protesters wore white shirts in solidarity with the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley and carried signs such as “Leave These American Citizens Alone.” Police stood between some counter protesters who crossed Rio Nedo to confront the other side.

While both sides exchanged heated words, the midday protest ended peacefully and police reported no arrests.

The protest announced on a local and a national Tea Party website came in response to the Islamic center’s plan to build a 25,000-square-foot mosque on the other end of town. The mosque is scheduled to go before the Temecula Planning Commission in mid-November.

Some opponents said they see the mosque as part of a larger effort by Muslims to silence non-believers and destroy constitutional rights.

“Islam is a political movement and to have a mosque, you have to have Sharia law,” said Diane Seraphin of Murrieta.

“They’re infiltrating as much as they can,” said Lois Cowan of Hemet. “It’s a desire to take over.”

The executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who was at the protest, said the protesters were ignorant fear-mongers.

“We’re living Islam in America. That’s the greatest counter-argument to Al-Qaeda,” said Salam Al-Marayati. “We are Americans. We’ve made a pledge to this country and that is equal to a pledge to God.”

Joelle Budzynowski of Anza, who wore a white headscarf to support the Muslims, said she was welcomed warmly by Muslims while travelling in Egypt and other predominantly Islamic countries.

“I believe God is love and love is God,” she said. “We should tolerate other people.”

A couple protestors brought their dogs. A notice about the protest accused Muslims of killing dogs and encouraged protesters to bring canines. Muslim-American advocates said Muslims don’t hate dogs.


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  • julian riotoni

    Yeah they managed 20 protesters out of a country of over 307 million. Yet they get maximum news coverage, prime time TV news slots, their blogging leaders get talking head spots on Fox and are called “experts” on Islam.

    Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

  • julian riotoni

    What the hell happened to the Tea Party movement? Ah, the likes of Geller and Spencer et al Fox News took it over to peddle their hate. The Tea Party evolved around smaller government, Fair Tax and a VAT style tax with no income tax, no foreign war intervention, Libertarian style politics. Now it’s been taken over by the Neo far right.

    You try telling one of these loons that the 1st Amendment guarantees Freedom of Religion and they will “try” and tell you you are a traitor.

    Someone wants our Constitution changed. I will fight tooth and nail to keep our constitution and I don’t give a fuck who gets in my way.

    I will fight for the right for the mosque to be built even though I really dont give a crap about Islam but I support the 1st Amendment and detest all these assholes who want the 1st Amendment ripped up to stop freedom of religion.

  • Ivan

    next time if you want to scrare the the muslims bring pigs instead of dogs that will really scare the hell out of them.

  • Biz

    I have also heard the Muslims hate $100 bills. They should throw $100’s at the Muslims!! I hear fifties work too.

    Oh yeah and green kryptonite weakens them so they won’t be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and they won’t be faster then a speeding train.

  • Lena Rose


    I see what you are saying (although I believe anyone cheering for the death of civilians anywhere is disturbing), but the way they portray it makes it sound like many or even all Muslims were dancing and celebrating. I was just curious if anyone has a source for the allegation to help with refuting it, since it is used in a damaging way.

    I don’t know if he’s a redneck or not, but I believe the new Cent-Com director once publicly “cheered” the deaths of Afghan civilians….

  • nat

    @ Lena Rose

    But what if they did? A handful of Muslims or even a town full of Muslims dancing in the street on 9/11 is but a drop in the Muslim world. If some redneck cheers on the deaths of Muslim civilians killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, does that mean that all White People everywhere are stupid and heartless? It’s not that hard to cheer for the death of people who you think are out to kill you.

  • JD

    Yeah and there were aslo reports of
    “The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11 in NY ” its all lie to scare people and i wont put it past foxnews to spread lies like that

  • Lena Rose

    “Muslims Danced with Joy on 9/11” — does anyone know the origin of this absurd allegation? It’s everywhere, but I’ve never seen a source (or any effort to back it up with fact). I heard once that FOX played clips of Palestinians cheering during the World Cup and said they were cheering for the 9/11 attacks, but I don’t know if that is true or not.

  • I find it really, well strange, that people, both here in the US and Europe, that claim not only “freedom of religion for all” – but that government should now tell its citizens that they cannot practice Islam.

    Remember that out cherished religious freedom and its defense is not intended for only majority Christians — but for the religious freedom of a minorities who can be made vulnerable by the majority, like Muslims.

  • kesmarn

    I’m told that two dogs were brought to the demonstration. One of them, a POODLE. Hahahahahaha!

  • Ibrahim Stuart

    this kind of stuff is just absolutely ridiculous… it’s laughable!

    “Hey Bob, lets go protest that mosque they keep talking about… hey, bring your dog… i hear them moozlems hate dogs… that’ll be funny.”

    where do they get this stuff? we oppress women, kill non-believers with no provocation… and we hate dogs…?

    it gets goofier everyday…

  • DrM

    LOL @ froger29!

  • froger29

    20 protesters?? YAWN. I have seen more vermin on a hot summer day in my backyard.

    I would have sprinkled thew lawn with some Hershey kisses for their dogs though. Dogs love chocolate!!

  • mindy1

    The tea party should focus on lowering taxes and shrinking the gov’t like it was intended

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