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Robert Spencer and the FBI

This is still my favorite picture of Robert Spencer.

Robert Spencer loves to flaunt and name drop his speeches to “officaldom,” it serves to legitimize his anti-Islam/anti-Muslim crusade. However, as we have copiously catalogued on our website, the chorus of those speaking out and exposing Spencer is growing larger every day. They include Conservatives as well as Liberals, from various groups across the nation.

Spencer used to regularly write on his blog about speaking in front of this security group or that security group. The truth is that those requests for Spencer’s speeches have decreased over the years, especially under the Obama administration (another reason for  the hate he and his buddy Pamela Geller direct towards Obama).

The fact that the FBI has erred so terribly in giving a voice to a bigot such as Spencer does not in the least legitimize Spencer as a trusted, objective or authoritative voice on Islam, terrorism or American Muslims. It just means that it has taken the FBI longer to realize what everyone is realizing, Spencer is a fraud, a Crusading (to use Andrew Sullivan’s term) Christianist bigot who sees Islam as the competition that must be eliminated.

It is only a matter of time before the FBI realizes that inviting Spencer to speak on Islam is akin to inviting David Duke to speak on the holocaust or a member of the KKK to speak about race relations in America. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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  • Yes – and we should be alarmed that law enforcement in the US is quite possibly being indoctrinated into Islamophobic thinking. This can translate into law enforcement practices that amount to Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry.

    We should ask questions as to why the attempted terrorist attack in Jacksonville has not been solved. We need to scrutinize law enforcement in particular for biased practices. This includes apathy and investigation slowness with regard to crimes against Muslims and their communities.

    Law enforcement can have an outstanding working relationship with American Muslim communities. The cultivation of a good working relationship between law enforcement has occurred in the Netherlands, where the Dutch national police also recruit new officers from the Moroccan community- and it has helped eliminated Islamist radicalization in the Netherlands. This is a take on the programs from the US where police in minority communities recruit officers from those communities. This improves community -police relations – and there is the added bonus of curbing radicalization and criminal behavior among especially minority youth.

    People like Robert Spencer believe in hostility and that all members of the Muslim community are “enemies of our country” who “practice an violent ideology of Islam” that is “incomparable with Western democracy.”- It is inconceivable that the FBI could keep and maintain any working relationships with American Muslims operating from Spencer’s radical views about Islam and Muslims.

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