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Russia TV: Views About Mosque at Ground Zero from New Yorkers

If you listened to Pamela and company who would’ve thought there were New Yorkers for the mosque and cultural center?

[youtube: 350 300]

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  • @MINDI :If you like the Russian open mindedness ,then why don’t you move to Russia?America is no good for brain washed people like you.

  • Yep – Danios, the average person is simply not very bright. My impression from watching RT regularly is that Russians are better informed about the world than Americans are…

    Russia is actually becoming a more responsible country internationally too.

  • Danios

    Although I think these street interviews are always a disaster since the average person is usually not very bright, I must say that Russia TV seems to suffer from far less censorship than does American media. Having said that, I’ve only seen a few clips here and there of RT, so my sample size might be too small. But the clips I *did* see were things that you simply would never see on the U.S. cable news networks.

  • Good for RT! The reality is that most Americans – when explained clearly about Islam and religious freedom, are in favor of the Cordoba House based on our freedoms and liberties. I am 150% in favor of the building of Cordoba House and would even like to visit it someday!

    Now – President Obama does not need to apologize for coming to the defense of religious freedom! This is actually what an American President should do! The reason why I am NOT a Democrat is that Democrats are spineless! The defense of freedom and liberty should not be something we need to say sorry for!

    Regarding the global media we must asked: How many times has RT did stories and interviews of Geert Wilders – and not an equal story about Dutch Muslims?

    Geert Wilders would not be where he is today if not for irresponsible and biased media coverage of his insanity and myths about Muslims in the Netherlands! Even Al- Jazeera has acted irresponsible, giving Wilders an election day story – but appears to have never produced a single story about Dutch Muslims, especially those who have served in the Dutch police, Tweede Kamer (Dutch parliament) and are doing great things for their country too!
    When you see another story about Wilders and his one-man “political party” put out by yet another media outlet – and not an equal story about Muslims in the Netherlands – judge that media outlet as “irresponsible and biased!”

  • mindy1

    YAY openmindedness 😀

  • froger29

    I love RTV… I wish I got this channel on my cable network in the US

  • Schlaftius

    It is NOT a Mosque, first of all, it is an Islamic Cultural Centre and it is NOT on the Ground Zero, it is about 2 blocks away. New Yorkers are great ppl, they GET it, it was an attack by a bunch of loons, not by Islam or Muslims.

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