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The Alyona Show Takes Pamela Geller to Task

Finally someone has taken the time to bring up loony Pamela Geller’s crazy quotes to her face. She seemed surprised and dumbfounded…again.

I really love the Alyona Show! Wasn’t that host awesome? Why is Russia TV doing a better job at challenging the Geller’s of the world then our own oblivious and slow mainstream media?

[youtube: 350 300]

There was a plethora, a million things that the host could have brought up, all in all she did a pretty good job. How silly does Pamela look with her hypothesis that Islam inspired Hitler. She did not leave that interview feeling good about herself.

Please take some time out and thank the host, Lauren Lyster for the great job that she did. She needs encouragement and positive feedback because the haters are going to be contacting her and spitting all sorts of vile.


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  • Anthony

    This chick is like Glenn Beck on crack and a botox binge.
    She is the most vile and disgusting thing I have ever seen or heard. So much so that I will be starting the ‘Draw A Pam Geller Competition’, I call shotgun on the Pigs face.
    Get out of New York, you make us ashamed to be in the same state.

  • @ DEEEG: You claim that Hitler was ‘inspired’ by Islam. I seriously doubt that. I don’t think Hitler believed in ANYTHING. And he certainly wasn’t predisposed to like Muslims. If you’ll recall, he viewed any non-Germans as inferior. Blacks (and there are a lot of black Muslims), Slavs (again, quite a few Slavic Muslims)… You really think Hitler was sympathetic to Muslims, or was he just using a convenient and politically expedient ally to stab at Britain and France.

    The really insidious part of your claim, of course, is that it supports the lie that ‘the west’ (or ‘whites’ or ‘Christians’) have never done anything wrong. If you can say that Hitler was a ‘secret Muslim’ then you wash your hands of any guilt. Europe is still ‘innocent’. And the rest of us are just primitive savages. But the problem is, Hitler’s racial policies were clearly based on western prejudices and biased towards ‘white’ Germans. There is no way around it.

    > If you are ignorant of islam you might laugh at this but the damned
    > muslims on this website knows what I am talking about don’t you? Don’t
    > f*** with me, I know your Islam In and out. You can fool this stupid
    > dweebs nonmuslims who stumble arouind here like so many headless
    > chickens but those who know Islam, you can’t fool.

    I am a Muslim, and I’m confident that I know more about Islam (and world history in general) than you. Might help to actually take a history class, or at least read a book instead of believing whatever garbage comes through your e-mail. But since you claim to know your Islam, you would probably know that the Mufti of Jerusalem (who was appointed by the Brits btw) means absolutely nothing to us Shi’a. Sure, there are Shi’a who are sympathetic to the Palestinians and their plight, but the title means about as much to us as the Pope does for Lutherans.

    @ Marta: LOL, I’m sorry babe, but your quotes are pretty much a goldmine of epic fail. I’m going to pick them apart for amusement. Feel free to ignore them if you want your feelings spared.

    > For nearly nine years the “mainstream” American Islamic community has
    > never come out and openly condemned the extremist faction of Islam,
    > its violence and terrorist methods.

    Ummm… actually we do denounce violence all the time. Many of us who have family overseas have lost relatives and loved ones to terrorists. Many of us come from families that have fled terrorism. We denounce it all the time. It’s you guys who never pay attention, or worse, claim that we are doing ‘taqiyya’ and subsequently ignore it.

    > Read foreign writers (Oriana Fallaci for instance),

    I wouldn’t waste the money for her book unless I was desperately in need of toilet paper (and even then I’d think twice).

    > read the opinions of foreign legislators.

    Why should I care? I’m an American. We’ve got a much better government.

    > Listen to what the European people are saying.

    I actually do keep in touch with Europe, and I have to say that people like the BNP and Geert Wilders seem to be part of a lunatic fringe. The impression I get is that they are more popular with American bigots than in their own homelands.

    > Their land has been suffering invasions from the East for thousand of
    > years.

    You mean like the Roman Empire? The Hundred Year’s War? Napoleon? Or do you mean like the Germanic and Slavic tribes (who did come from ‘the east’ btw).

    > Stop believing that your position is the only valid one and that
    > everybody else is wrong.

    Which is pretty much the exact thing that you and your Islamophobe buddies are doing.

    > Stop critizising the preventive measures European countries are starting to take to protect their culture and their way of life.

    So when whites pass laws limiting immigration from Africa, banning interracial marriage, etc, its not because they are racist, its because they are trying to protect their ‘white European’ identity? That pretty much what you are saying?

    > The world is not necessarily the world you want it to be.

    How long did it take you to figure that one out. The world is flawed. There are wars, terrorism, famine, disease, corruption and all kinds of other things. Maybe you should look at the world outside of Europe before whining and then thank God for good you have it.

    > And as a closing note, I´ll repeat the words of a recent Muslim
    > immigrant in Barcelona.

    Ah, the anonymous ‘friend-of-a-friend’ story. I love these. Notice that the Muslim had to be an immigrant. Not a second or third generation European. Not a convert. No, an IMMIGRANT, because that makes him scarier.

    > “We came to claim what is rightfully ours”. He was talking of course of
    > the Califato de Córdoba,

    No more silly than Eastern European Jews claiming that they have a ‘divine mandate’ to conquer Palestine after a couple thousand years in exile. Or Mexicans claiming that the American Southwest is ‘really’ Aztlan. Or India being divided between ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ while ignoring deeply seated cultural, linguistic and economic lines.

    > which was lost by Boabdil and his forces to Isabel de Castilla and
    > Fernando de Aragón in 1492.

    These being the same Catholic monarchs who launched the Spanish Inquisition (you know, torturing and killing the Jews), and then spread the Empire (and Catholicism) to North and South America, the Philippines, even Morocco, killing and enslaving native people, forcing them to adopt Spanish language and names, and bringing all the gold back to Spain for themselves. Imperialism went both ways.

    > They never accepted the loss, and they are coming to claim it back.

    I never knew that I had some sort ‘right’ to claim Spain simply because someone I’m probably not related (and followed a different denomination of my religion) to set up camp there a thousand years ago. Better call my friend in Seville and tell her about that. I’ll give her a good deal on rent for her flat at least. 😀

    > Laugh if you want, as you laughed at the botox lady. Only time will
    > prove who is right, and who was wrong.

    Ten, twenty years from now, the paranoia will move on to another ethnic group. Probably Latinos or East Asians. And then Islamophobia will be exposed for the morally bankrupt industry that it really is.

    @ Mosizzle:

    > Muslims haven’t had a leader since Abdul Mecid II in 1924.

    Partially true. I know we Shi’a are an EXTREME minority (and not always a popular one), but I’m going to point out that we never accepted the Caliph as valid (except for Imam Ali obviously). The first, last and only time that the Ummah has been politically unified was under the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    Just trying to be difficult there 😀

  • Mosizzle

    “the grand mufti of jerusalem, who was the leader of the muslim world, and that is a fact”

    Muslims haven’t had a leader since Abdul Mecid II in 1924.


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  • nat

    @ Mart

    “He was talking to an acquaintance of mine…”

    What a surprise. Delusional idiots stick together.

    LOL@ taking Orianna Fallaci seriously though. God you’re daft. Everything you say is either incorrect or dumb.

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