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Al Jazeera and Daily Titan Steal LoonWatch Material

We don’t mind people reproducing our material.  In fact, we encourage it.  But this is on the condition that our site is cited as the source (and linked back to). This is common courtesy, and it is bad form to do otherwise.  Maybe “steal” is too strong of a word, but it certainly is from improper manners.

Check out this video from Al Jazeera:

Skip to 4:00…look familiar? That’s taken straight from our article:

LoonWatch: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t

Sabrina Park of the Daily Titan did an even more egregious job and passed this article off as her own:

The Daily Titan: Only 6 Percent of Terrorists are Muslims

Don’t make me go all Joe Rogan on Ms. Park…

One of the major reasons why this annoys me is because not only did she steal my work, but she did a poor job of it.  Her article appears horribly weak because she couldn’t bother taking the extra five seconds to properly link to the FBI website, as I did in my article.  The reason I want my article linked to is because I am the best one to deliver my own argument.  It’s like someone using Seinfeld’s joke at work, and butchering it in the process.  My annoyance does not revolve around personal glory (I write anonymously remember?), but my passion for my writing.  That’s my beef with Ms. Park.  As for Al Jazeera, a simple shout out could have spread the Good Word about LoonWatch to a very interested audience.

And for the record, I conveyed my annoyance to Ms. Park and she ignored my request to simply cite my article.  I’m half considering throwing a hissy fit like Andrew Bostom did against Robert Spencer’s plagiarism.

UPDATE: I am also very aware of the fact that the title should technically read “All Terrorist Attacks are committed by Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t.”  It just didn’t flow well, so I chose the title I did.  This of course prompted some Islamophobes to point out that all the top terrorists on FBI wanted lists are mostly Muslim.  My response to this is simple: if we found a governmental database that showed that most violent crimes in Los Angeles were committed by whites (not blacks), but if 90% of arrests were of blacks, what would be your conclusion?  The huge discrepancy between the perception of so-called “Islamic terrorism” and the actual reality of it is only underscored by the amount of time, energy, and resources our government spends (read: wastes) chasing down the Islamic boogieman.  (Yes, the boogieman converted to Islam.)  And just like the LAPD has a history of discrimination and abuse towards blacks, so too does the intelligence community (the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and even CTU) have a horrible track record towards the Muslim community.

UPDATE 2: Just noticed this gem from Ms. Park’s article: “We all know hardly anyone can think for themselves these days anyway.”  Hardly anyone indeed.

UPDATE 3: After I posted a comment on the Daily Titan announcing that I had posted this “annoyed” article, Ms. Park deleted my comment but decided it would be more tactful to accept my earlier comment posting a link to the original LoonWatch article.  National crisis averted.

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  • ok i am going to cut and paste both your and al jazeeras stuff on my site (but have to be polite and give your links at the end)

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