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How to Get Free Qurans to Burn on “Burn Quran Day”

I command you to watch this:

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  • Lilly

    @Nur Alia – My thoughts exactly.

  • mindy1

    @Mosizzle too bad your friend’s mom is a bigoted b@#$ I think that would have been a nice idea. i’m Jewish, I had christian friends growing up, ai have relatives who are half Christian and been inside churches-if I had a Muslim relative I would have gone in a Mosque

  • Mosizzle

    My friend asked me if I could take him to the local mosque and show him around because he was interested. I said sure, why not?

    He came the next day and told me that his mother found this to be a terrible idea and that she would disown him if he stepped inside a mosque because they worship the 7/7 bombers there.

    I was terribly offended. But of course people hate radical Islam only, normal Muslims have nothing to fear, right?

  • Jack Cope

    All Muslims read what Openminded just wrote! See, this is what we have to do, we have to be open, not closed and shy. People fear us, believe the lies, believe the hate because they don’t know us, it’s down to us to sort this. Everyone of us is an ambassador for 1.5 billion people out there… what you do *really* counts and is watched closely by everyone so think of that next time you’re out and about 😉

    Thanks for sharing Openminded, I think I might use that in a blog post someday 🙂

  • Openminded

    This video was hilarious I so relate with the guy he sends in to the Mosque.

    When I was younger me and my friend wanted to see this Mosque nearby so we drove into the parking lot and there was a man going in so my friend stopped him and as a joke told him I was interested in getting a Quran. I didn’t want to be disrespectful to him so I went inside with him and they were getting ready for prayer so I thought why not, he showed me how to wash up before and told me not to worry if I didn’t get the prayers exactly right but just try to follow along. I wasn’t too sure if I had to close my eyes or not but had to peak out the corners so that I wouldn’t be the only one still bowed down with his head in the carpet.

    I was introduced to everyone there and another man named Muhammed, who’s brothers were all named Muhammed as well gave me a tour of the mens side of the Mosque. After we ate cookies and tea and they gave me all this literature, one man had this Quran in Arabic and I told him that it looked pretty cool. He went away for a bit and came back shortly afterwards with an Arabic Quran and gave it too me, I still have it and cherish it to this day.

    By the time I got out my friend was gone but when I caught up to him later I told him all about it and how amazingly friendly everyone was. Since then I have several Muslim friends and quite often go to events like Eid and other community events. Anyone who thinks all Muslims are evil is retarded, 9/11 was committed by terrorists looking for revenge, they would have done it whether they believed in Islam or the spaghetti monster.

  • Nur Alia

    Brothers and Sisters of Islam…

    Asalamu ‘Alaykum.

    Usually when people comment on articles, they have some connection to them. Muslims may agree, or disagree in this forum for the most part on the content of the articles, but they seen to really never divert from the topic.

    Halal Pork always seems to be off topic, and rather than responding to the article…he/she trys to change the conversation. He seems to never answer any questions…and spews the anti Islamic apologist line word for word.

    I ask my brothers and sisters to ignore him/her. This is the best way to handle these apologists. Just like the Qur’an burners, the haters and bigots gain nothing if they are ignored. Let us not give bigots and haters the needed noteriety that pushes them to fame…anywhere at all.

    Lets have people like Halal Pork go back to the snake pit they came from…and not hide in wait to incite, and anger us here.

  • mindy1

    you are forgiven Saeed 😉

  • saeed

    Shalom Mindy, my sister forgive me if I have offended you, what I mean to say is the Talmud like many Hadiths and Gospels are written by men and not God, I respect with all my heart the real book of the Jews the Torah, a book like the Quran sent by God to teach mankind, however which everway you may look at it the Talmud has got many verses which are supremist and racist, just as some Hadiths are which claim to be the word of the Prophet yet there is no mention of them in other books of Hadith I.e Bukari being the main book which is regarded by all scholars as authentic, the Talmud is a culmination of books written by 19 rabbis , the last being in the latter part of the 18th century and it is these books that are being used by the far right in Israel to oppress the Palestinians,just as certain gospels have been used in history to persecute Jews and murder, today we have so called muslims using unauthentic hadiths to justify their extremism, I did not explain myself clearly in the previous message and I am sorry, What comes from God is clear and full of wisdom and peace, Torah, Quran, some Gospels, when the words of God are composed by men then we will find extremism, it is true the right have hijacked the Talmud, but one needs to ask why have they not done the same with the Torah? The answer being the Torah is the word of God and one cannot find nothing but wisdom in it.

  • froger29

    Halal Lawrence Porkboy….. Check the definition of terrorism

    One of the definitions is “a person or thing that inspires great dread”

    From everything you have ever posted on this website, that definition fits YOU. Don’t you realize that you and your spcencer tea bag ultra conservative nazi zionitsts are the BIGGEST threat to this country. WAKE UP!!

  • Lo

    Pork, your narcissism is embarrassing to watch. Sleeping giant? Taught the Japanese a lesson? What next? Are you going to pull a Bush and oh-so-tactfully take credit over Japan’s current prosperity?

    On another note: Awesome video cracked me up. Crayons. Moques. Islaym. Lol, absolutely hilarious!

  • Mohammed Sameel

    @mandy1 I live in liverpool, UK and dont know much about Imam rauf. but i can tell you one thing this guy actually have a point. the terrorists will be happy to see events like this as this will increase the chances for them to recruit more people. they get another example for how west trying to oppress Islam and how the government also supporting it. the already fed up youngsters will fall for their diostorted interpretation. you know when you are angry it is easy to provoke and you start seeing things which isnt there. I thnk Imam rauf should nt be blamed for saying things as it is. because if a attack does happen because of this (God forbid) you bet the Islamophobes will be in the front to take that as another example for islamic terrorism.

  • Ironic. Terry Jones and Limbaugh went to the same high school and were part of the class of 69.

    I thinks it’s time for a high school reunion.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    breakding news…Pastor Jones cancels his plans to burn Qurans. CNN reporting.

  • mindy1

    Thanks guys for putting up with me. BTW, what do think of Imam Rauf’s comment that if the Park51 center was moved, we could be attacked by radicals who think Islam is being attacked. The way he said it was off-putting, and almost sounded like a threat. I know he does not support terrorism, but I think he could have put it better, has anyone here heard about this?

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