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Your Whacked Out Pamela Geller Rant of the Day

Charles Johnson over at LGF launches into Pamela.

Your Whacked Out Pamela Geller Rant of the Day

A classically incoherent run-on title from the Shrieking Harpy introduces her latest outrageous outrage:


Imagine the gall of these Islamic supremacists. The very idea that the infidels should finance the second wave of 911 attacks on the American people again exhibits the contempt Rauf and his gang have for the filthy kuffar.

Here’s what her latest asinine Crusade is about: the developers of Park51 have applied for funding from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which was set up after the 9/11 attacks to help distribute federal funds to businesses, for the improvement of lower Manhattan. The fund was set up specifically for projects like the Cordoba House, which proposes to take an abandoned eyesore of a building and turn it into a world class community center open to all. I don’t know if they’ll receive the funding, but it certainly qualifies under the intent of the LMDC.

But Geller and her Bigot Brigade are raging out of control again, because in their universe it’s obvious that none of that money was ever intended to get into the hands of Muslims. In other words, you’re looking at pure naked bigotry, unashamed, ignorant, and proud of it.

A footnote: Geller is always claiming that she doesn’t hate Muslims, she’s not a bigot, etc., all while spewing the most disgusting slurs, insults and hate speech. For example, this post: BLIND GIRL SAVES FOR THREE YEARS TO BUY A GUIDE HORSE BECAUSE HER STRICT MUSLIM PARENTS CONSIDER DOGS UNCLEAN.

You can tell how much sympathy Geller has for this blind Muslim woman by her comment:

Why not a goat? Isn’t that cheaper? (/sarc)

Hurr hurr.

UPDATE at 11/23/10 6:55:20 pm:

Some facts about the plans for Cordoba House:

The majority of the center will be open to the general public and its proponents have said the center will promote interfaith dialogue. It will contain a Muslim prayer space that has controversially[7][8] been referred to as the “Ground Zero mosque?. It would replace an existing 1850s Italianate-style building that was being used as a Burlington Coat Factory before it was damaged in the September 11, 2001 attacks. The proposed multi-faith aspects of the design include a 500-seat auditorium, theater, a performing arts center, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a childcare area, a bookstore, a culinary school, an art studio, a food court, and a memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks. The prayer space for the Muslim community will accommodate 1,000–2,000 people.

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  • Syed

    halalpork said, “There is nothing wrong with Pamela Geller’s looks.She is very pretty and bright.”
    Why don’t you marry her and breed little spigots? Then you can tell them all about how bad muslims really are. 😉

  • marco

    Pam Geller is a deranged psychopath. Only people worse than here are Mean ol Debbie Schlussel and that Joyce Kaufman. Though i consider Rob Spencer to be the worst person of all.

    Only thing worse than spewing such hatred is championing that person as some kinda hero and champion of human rights, and defending and whitewashing the lies and hatred.

    People, please just ignore HalalPork. I know It is like train wreck which you just can’t not look at, but as in advertising, ignore it long enuff and it’ll go away. It only comes here to provoke people and as long as you keep responding, It’ll keep posting.

    Just completely Freeze out JihadBoob and HalalDork.

  • Mosizzle

    H in Halal pork stands for half wit, A for annoying, L for loon, A for ass, L for loser, P for piece of crap, O for orientalist d-bag, R for retarded reasoning, K for Krazy.

    And Pamela Geller’s extensively uses botox, fake tan and has videos on YouTube of her lying in bed stroking her dog. (for real). Thats not what I call a ‘pretty’ woman. And you seriously think she’s bright! take a look at this:

  • http://Googlemail Halal pork

    There is nothing wrong with Pamela Geller’s looks.She is very pretty and bright.You Muslims can’t stand her because she speaks the truth,which Muslim ears are not used to hearing.I could see the froth in your radid mouths.:I: in Islam stands for Ignorance,Intolerance and Insanity.:S: stands for Savagery.:L: stands for Lust.:A:stands for A-Morality and letter :M: for Mutuallity,when you gang togather without thinking because you are MAD like your prophet.

  • Mosizzle

    Seems to me like its a still from a video. If your worried about your screen cracking due to her face, wait till you hear her voice, your speakers will commit suicide.

    But the funniest bit of Pamela Geller without a doubt is her wacky conspiracy theories like “Obama is the lovechild of Malcolm X” or the “Nazis adopted Jihad”…

  • laila

    ewwwwwwe she looks hideous i hope my pc screen doesn’t crack. where did u get this picture from?

  • Ian Gould

    Of course, the federal funds in question would come in part from taxes paid by Muslims.

  • Imad

    The funny thing about ridiculous islamiphobia like this is it can be countered by a simple google search, if not robert Spencer or Pam geller, their readers’ ignorance must be willful

  • Syed

    Yeah! What happened to the Tarazi case?

  • marco

    @Teleiki, a goat talks far more sense than Pam Geller.

  • marco

    Just look at the rest of the typically racist comments made on that blind girl story. It is a common claim amongst these racists to suggest muslims/arabs engage in sexual acts with animals.

    Anyone ever giving money to Muslims, as far as they ar econcerned it is jiyzah. A few years back, The British government sent about £50 Million in aid to the Palestinians. Robert Spencer then comes up with this headline
    “Gordon Brown sends £50 Million in Jizyah to Palestinians” or something to that effect.

    This woman needs to be taken down live on national tv. Any tv show she shows her shriveled old face on, another person needs to be armed and ready with the facts to expose her bigotry and racism, and the pure hatred she has of Muslims./

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  • Teleiki

    “Why not a goat? Isn’t that cheaper? (/sarc)” – Pam

    Actually Pamela Geller kinda looks like a bleepin goat in that photo, just take a look at it and you’ll hear baaaaaaa!

  • Teleiki

    Mike, no, it would be gross though.

  • DrM


    “Would it be a jihad for me to take pammy cakes gellar as a second wife?”

    Nope, you’re prohibited from marrying an animal.

  • mike

    Would it be a jihad for me to take pammy cakes gellar as a second wife?

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Emperor thank you, but regarding Geller, i’m more interseted in the Omar Tarazi case,

    Please keep on top of that too.

  • Crow

    When I heard about this I knew pam geller and probably her fat lap dog spenser would start blogging about it furiously

  • Mosizzle

    “UK Mosque Welcomes Guiding Dog”

    Interesting. Muslim scholars have concluded that dogs are allowed for use in tracking criminals, finding drugs, hunting and guiding the blind. It’s interesting how Pamela Geller didn’t show this in her post. Also, I feel sorry for the Muslim girl because with a quick google search or even asking her local Imam, she would have realised that guide dogs are permissible. Did she really think Islam would treat her unfairly?

  • Aziz

    good behaving face for CNN? have u watched any of her interviews?

  • Justin

    Mindy, you are right if there was suspicion that the funding was coming from illicit sources. But there is no evidence of that here and people like Geller want Park 51 investigated solely on the grounds that they are Muslim. This is a level of scrutiny not applied to other projects.

  • mindy1

    I am not trying to say that park51 doesn’t belong there, it does belong there, I am just playing devil’s advocate. Believe me, park51 belongs there

  • mindy1

    I think people can debate on where the funds should be used, but Pam is nuts to say that if they get this money they will be funding the next 9/11. What is she on anyway?

  • NassirH

    She’s an “outspoken woman?.

  • Justin

    Geller and Spencer have two faces. One good behaving face for CNN and another nasty hate-filled face for their blog.

    I like that picture of Pam Geller. 😛

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