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Niagara Falls: Two Muslims Assaulted Near Islamic Centre in Hate Crime

Robert Spencer would say,” Islamophobia? What Islamophobia? It doesn’t exist! But if it does exist or happen then it is the fault of the Mooslims, and this hate crime is probably made up! Michel Duff and Michael Van Andel are probably some Mooslims practicing taqiyyah!”

Big secret: In his heart of hearts Spencer probably smiles anytime a Muslim is attacked.

Two assaulted at Islamic Centre in Niagara Falls in possible hate crime

Niagara Police are investigating after a possible hate crime occurred at an Islamic Centre in Niagara Falls.

Police say on December 3 two adult males and a male young offender went to the Centre armed with golf clubs.

They proceeded to damage cars in the parking lot and where then confronted by two members of the centre.   The members were then assaulted with golf clubs before others intervened and detained the attackers until police arrived.

The victims received minor injuries and were treated on scene.

Police say throughout the attack the assailants continually hurled racial slurs at the victims.

Michel Duff , 27, has been charged with mischief under $5000 and assault with a weapon. Michael Van Andel, 22, has been charged with assault with a weapon and fail to comply with probation.

A 16-year-old young offender is charged with mischief.

Due to the racial slurs police are treating this as a hate crime.

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  • niagara falls

    It is really sad when something like this happanes. Most muslims are not violant and have nothing to do with any types of attacks…

  • camden

    i have known mike awhile since i was six or seven years old hes a goodguy he just cant drink and do drugs and get all fuckewd not to mention the news put in he has mental health issues

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    I have been thinking about where this hate comes from and I have an idea. The USA seems involved in a civil war in secret. On one side you have the forces of greed , those are people who have money and want to keep it, their weapons are ignorance, hate and stupidity.
    The USA spends more per head of population on healthcare than most european countries yet while most european countries offer universal health care the USA does not . So where does all the money go? Education is underfunded in the USA the solution from the greedy , close down the education department and promote home schooling. The greedy worry about revolution so lets make up the war on terror, target minorities at the same time ignoring the war on drugs and crime, fed by gun use, that kills far more people each year than foreign adventures to maintain oil supply.How can the greedy stop the rest of the population asking too many questions? Set up news channels full of irrelevent myth makers and pay agents to rabble rouse against minorities .

    Just an idea from a very old fashioned socialist

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    @Peg-legged Bobby

    If that was parody, hilarious. If you were being serious:

    Allahu A’lam


    Robert spencer saying that your fascist goon aren’t responsible I see.

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  • MOH4

    Opps i meant to say ‘on’ the straight path lol

  • MOH4

    Seriously… Why does anyone reply to that bigot jihad boob. Clearly he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, also he hates islam and probably any other religion apart from his own. And finally the guy aint the sharpest tool in the shed. He is dumb, most bigots are. He is really blind and deaf to reality. Subhanallah, no amount of facts will ever change his heart. May god forgive him and guide us all to the straight path, inshallah..

  • NassirH

    Bob, we already know you think Muslims are “guilty until proven innocentâ€?. What are going to say next–“I, JihadBob, have a deep-seated hatred for Muslimsâ€??

    Way to be Mr. Obvious.

  • Khushboo

    I think the FBI should monitor Peg-legged.

  • Mosizzle

    Finally, JihadBob admits to seeing Mooslims as “guilty until proven innocent”. We’ve been saying this for ages but it’s nice to see you found the courage to admit it. Good for you.

    “Michel Duff , 27, has been charged with mischief under $5000 and assault with a weapon. Michael Van Andel, 22, has been charged with assault with a weapon and fail to comply with probation.”

    More “innocents” being charged with criminal offences. To you, assault with a weapon is criminal only if the attacker is Muslim. Don’t try what you did with the story of the Sikh being attacked by denying this was a hate crime unless you admit to have more authority and experience than the police:

    “Due to the racial slurs police are treating this as a hate crime.”

  • JihadBob

    Guilty until proven innocent.

  • MOH4

    Hate comes from inside, they have always had it, they just need something, anything to trigger it off. Also. Some people are like sheep. They believe anything they see or hear in the media. Commonsense and respect for other humans, religion, culture etc always takes a back seat when it comes to hate. Its quite sad actually…

  • Crow

    Mindy-all this hate where does it come from? Take your pick, youve got drug-addled idiots like glen beck saying 10 percent of Muslims are dangerous, oreilly saying theres a Muslim proble (not a terrorist problem) look at spenser-geller whipping up hate, they get all excited when they see Muslims have done something to Jews and Christians somewhere not because they care about the Jew or Christian but because it allows them to point out the so-called Muslim threat. Theres many other sites like spenser-gellers that vomit out the same shit. Also a lot of hater have an us vs them attitude (western, christian whites are superior to eastern, brown people with funny names and are not christian) but then again, maybe a lot of them just like hating for the sake of hating.

  • mindy1

    All this hate is pathetic-where does it come from? :(

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  • Cynic


  • Peg-legged Bobby

    Islamophobia!! What Islamophobia?? Since when was being anti-Sharia, anti-Jihad and pro human rights, Islamophobic? These weren’t victims, they were cold-blooded Jihadis performing taqiyyaa in the name of Allah to put Shariah law in western New York. I refuse to be a dhimmi! Michael Duff and Michael Van Andel are true crusaders for democracy. Everything I know about Islam, I learned for my idol Robert Spencer.

  • Cynic

    Inb4 JihadBob’s denial that this is a hate crime, despite the explicit use of racial slurs. It must’ve been a cleverly orchestrated taqiyya-op in which the Muslims collaborated with their dhimmis. Know need to lie anymore Moslems, we know.


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