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NYDailyNews: Imam Attacked on Subway in Hate Crime

Hate? Islamophobia? Oh no, it doesn’t exist! This Imam had it coming because he dared to be a Mooslim!

Two men accused in subway imam attack hit with hate crime charges


Two men accused of attacking a Muslim religious leader in a Manhattan subway station were the targets Thursday of a hate-crimes investigation.

The unidentified imam claimed the two men called him a “terrorist” and yelled ethnic and religious slurs when they assaulted him at the Canal  Street station early Wednesday, sources said.

Eddie Crespo, 28, of Staten Island, was charged with third degree assault as a hate crime and two counts of second degree robbery, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said.

Albert Melendez, 30, of Manhattan, is expected to be arraigned later Thursday.

The incident happened at 3:25 a.m. on the northbound A-train platform, prosecutors said.

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  • Hanz

    The Imam staged it. Those guys are willing to go to jail for a short duration because they are in on it too. There are no hate crimes in this country against Muslims, and we need to keep it that way. /sarcasim

  • Khushboo

    Adam, Fox will never show this because they’re very biased. However, it’s a good idea for LW to send this to CNN and elsewhere. Maybe they have but was ignored perhaps??

  • Adam

    Has loonwatch tried sending this to mainstream media soarces as well?

    Why don’t we see this on CNN or FOX?

  • M

    Wow Syed, that’s scarily true to life, is he that predictable? How about this for an evil master plan? When one JBoob is not enough, get China to churn out JBoob-o-bots on an industrial scale & flood the world with defenders of righteousness & everthing that’s good in the world.mwahahaaa…

  • mindy1

    I just heard that they arrested two people, and are investigating it as a hate crime.

  • MOH4

    What a couple of cowards these two idiots are. Bob & pam must be soooo proud of the way they their flock of sheeps are acting…

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    Yes, yet another Muslim staging his own attack to dupe the masses into believing Islamophobia is real!

    Disclaimer:the above was sarcasm, for the loonies who think Loonwatch is an Islamic supremacist hate site 🙂

    Allahu A’lam

  • Khushboo

    I blame the propagandists for indirectly causing this. Many naive youngins in this country can easily get brainwashed by the likes of Glenn Beck and others. So sad! I feel like time has turned back to the ’50s.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    I hope these terrors get jailed, and learn a lesson for attacking the Imam,

    It’s a shame that people take their anger out on innocents.

  • Syed

    Syed channeling JihadBob says, “That can’t be Islamophobia because loons attack Christian priests as well”
    Backed up with an obligatory weblink:

    /end sarcasm

  • marco

    I have it on good authority by our Experts of Islam Robert Spencer & Pam Geller, that there is no such thing as Islamaphobia. There, doesn’t that make everyone feel all better now?

    On a serious note. These hate crimes are increasing. Many more go unreported. The anti muslim sentiment are rising. We’ve seen yet another big attack planned on a mosque as we have in that other news article. Its only a matter of time, maybe 2011 will be the year, when there is a successful attack, and lotsa muslims are killed. This is my fear and worry, and i hope I’m wrong, but that is what i see happening.

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  • NassirH

    Wow Spencer, yet another one for you et al to deny. They just keep on piling up, don’t they? Probably best to just blame it on the Muslims.

  • mindy1

    Awww so wrong 🙁 this makes things worse not better

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