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Eccentric Has-Been Debbie Schlussel Looks to Sabotage

Once on the opinion scene, Debbie Schlussel has spat and snorted her way into irrelevance. No one really cares about her over-the-top rantings anymore. Today, she’s widely seen as an irrelevant foul-mouthed hatemonger who thinks that she’s important just because she was on FOX a couple of times. Desperate for attention, Schlussel has become increasingly erratic and extreme hoping to shock her way into the realm of public attention. But like a flasher lurking in an overall at dark corners of the park, when she strikes, it’s only cause for more people to be turned off. So much for “shock” therapy.

Recently, she posted a diatribe applauding a terror attack against innocent Christian victims at an Alexandria church, saying she’s happy they were killed and that she hopes more of them get blown up. The reason for her raving mad commentary? That they are not pro-Israel enough for her liking.

Schlussel’s hatred and bitterness seems to be mostly driven by her personal inadequacies and insecurities. Jealous of Oprah’s success, the unsuccessful Schlussel routinely refers to her as HO-prah; jealous of Rima Fakih’s charm (Miss USA), the not-so-charming Schlussel refers to her as “Hezbollah’s Sharmuta” (whore), Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets called “hag,” and Kentucky Fried Chicken can’t escape her wrath getting labeled “Kentucky Fried Sleaze.” Even her old pal and now a frequent target of her ire, Pamela Geller is called Scamela Geller (not without merit in this case at least).

Recently, Schlussel’s actions have become more eccentric (bordering on delirium);

CAIR sues Debbie Schlussel over name

(Detroit Free Press)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has sued controversial Southfield lawyer Debbie Schlussel in federal court for trademark infringement, saying Schlussel incorporated several similarly-named groups to confuse its donors.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, urges U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn, to stop her from using the names she incorporated.

“There are people in our community who contacted our office thinking she actually was named executive director of CAIR Michigan,” the group’s executive director, Dawud Walid, said today. He said he fears supporters of his group are making charitable contributions to Schlussel, believing she runs the real CAIR organization.

Schlussel countered that CAIR abandoned its name in Michigan by failing to file annual reports to the state of Michigan beginning in 2004. She said she filed articles of incorporation last year, at the behest of a client who she wouldn’t identify.

“They abandoned it,” Schlussel said. “The state of Michigan sent them notices, but they never once responded.”

Walid says Schlussel spews anti-Muslim hatred on her website. Schlussel counters that she seeks to point out the intolerance of Islam.

A hearing on the case is set for 9 a.m. Friday.

Schlussel’s blog piece on her latest lunatic move is a laughable cry of victimization, faux claim at free speech and most reprehensible of all asking for money to support it.

Schlussel Appointed Executive Director of CAIR Michigan; How You Can Help Our Efforts (to Expose Islam)

I have some important information to share with you. I was recently appointed the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Michigan a/k/a CAIR Michigan, Inc. CAIR Michigan is and will continue to be educating residents of Michigan–through various activities, in the courts, in the media, and everywhere you can imagine–about Islam and the true state of “American-Islamic relations.”  Check out our website, which is in development.  (Thanks to Fred Taub of Boycott Watch for his help in that endeavor.)  We have a lot of projects in store, in terms of educating the public about Islam in America and elsewhere.  We will be mixing things up.  We are applying for tax-deductible status and are in the process of filing all of the official paperwork to raise money as a non-profit.

Until that process is complete, you can help me in this and my other endeavors in exposing the real Islam and stopping it from further changing the American way of life by donating to these efforts.  Donating even just $5-$20/month can really add up to significant support in the ongoing operation and expansion of these activities. You can either use the yellow Paypal buttons on the upper left hand side of the site, or you can prevent the PayPal fees by going to PayPal and sending it directly to:  Any amount is appreciated, and we can really use your help to make a bang as the new year approaches.

My first official act as CAIR-Michigan Executive Director was the letter below to the Michigan Attorney General’s office in opposition to a federal appellate lawsuit filed by an imposter group of Muslims using our name to fight a Michigan judge who asked a woman, Raneen Al-Baghdady–to remove her Muslim headscarf in court. And a few weeks ago, the appeal lost. The judge was upheld in asking the woman to remove her Muslim headscarf.

Can it get any more creepy and pathetic than that?

Dawud Walid, the Executive Director of the real “CAIR-Michigan” has an excellent blog piece on this farce as well as some hilarious broadsides at the comedic and goofy character of Debbie Schlussel:

Schlussel makes classic ‘straw man’ argument today

For years, the Muslim community, its leaders including myself and the organization which I lead have been subjected to fallacious allegations, distortions and smears from “xenophobic loon” Deborah (Debbie) K. Schlussel. Despite her incessantly bigoted blogging, we have virtually ignored this “know-nothing nut”, and I haven’t really blogged about her over the years because she is frankly an irrelevant, fringe in my book.  In other words, she’s simply been a Class A, minor league annoyance unlike major league Islamophobes that can cause serious harm to civil liberties.

In regards to the current complaint that has been made against Schlussel for her commandeering the name Council on American-Islamic Relations – Michigan, she is trying to frame her bogus argument that the legal complaint against her is to silence her freedom to criticize Muslims.  This, however, is a classic straw man argument.  Our complaint against her, though it mentions that she is an anti-Muslim blogger in showing her motive, focuses on her attempt to represent herself as the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the state of Michigan, an organization devoted to protecting the civil rights of Muslims and challenging Islamophobia.  This is the issue at hand, not her bigotry.

If Schlussel wishes to state that President Obama is an uncover Muslim who can’t be trusted, let her do so.  If she chooses to continue to mislabel Dearborn as “Dearbonistan” (Arabs, by the way, don’t use “stan” behind their lands; those are Central Asians :) ), she is free to do so.  If she even chooses to state that Christian Arabs such as Coptics deserve to be bombed because of their “anti-Semitism” (Arabs are Semites too by the way :) ), she can also say such.

It appears in this situation that her disdain for Muslims caused her to make some crucial lapses in her attempt to “drive the Muslims crazy.” (To DS: We have the entire blog saved, so no need in trying to erase the post now.  :))  And like any organization or business with a trademark and name recognition which has offices or stores in other regions, we signed an affiliation agreement to use the trademark with our national office kind of like how franchisees sign a contract with Burger King for instance with its corporate office to use the name Burger King.  Burger King would never allow its trademark to be used by a store that is strictly vegetarian and against selling hamburgers in America, nor would a civil rights organization such as CAIR allow an anti-Muslim, anti-Arab bigot to use its name in any state, be it Alaska, Colorado or Michigan.  Even my 9 year old son grasps this simple logic.

Anyway, I have bigger fish to fry for now.  I have talks to give at area mosques today and tomorrow as well as have official business with government officials to conduct.  This will all work itself out in court.

Cut & paste below to view complaint filed against Schlussel:

Update: The website for Schlussel’s “CAIR-Michigan” no longer stands for “Council on American Islamic Relations” if you visit it now it reads “Council on American Israeli Relations.” A fitting description perhaps. Maybe Schlussel started feeling the heat?

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  • Ron Wolf

    Go Debbie:
    I was once a gullible hopeful idealist wishing peace for our Jewish homeland, was once blind but now I see how AL Quaida and other too numerous and equally murderous self proclaimed “mujahadeen” types use us “Sweeneys” (no offence to the Irish, just like that expression-“tell it to…), to make it easier for muslem hate mongers to infiltrate as a fifth column not only our armed forces, but the CIA whose rejects find a home in PC Detroit”s-“Dearbornistan” chapter of the FBI.
    Under the protection of a new PC FBI that refuses to defend Debbies first amendment protections. Rights by the way not denied to rabid homegrown “kill the Jew” anti-semites found abundantly on You Tube. Especially if there is a Hussein in your heritage you are automatically granted a license to attack Jews, or as they like to call us “Zionists”
    Conclusion: Any organization is only as good as its members including the FBI.
    Remember in the civil rights era how we were brainwashed into thinking the FBI was infiltrating the Klan when it was really the other way around? FBI moles more often aided and abetted Klan activities supposedly to maintian their cover, or so they said in later “apologies”. Today we know how Hoover despised MLK and put more effort into discrediting him than stopping the murders, lynchings,castrations,church bombings and burnings by southern patriots.
    The same with CAIR- an oxymoron organization created only to mislead, and villainize Jews here and abroad. Purportedly to placate and convince our so called moslem allies (another oxymoron). Our new FBI cannot apparently identify a criminal wolf in sheeps clothing a.k.a “Willis” even if he was wearing a suicide vest and carrying a boxcutter.

  • Wrestler

    Would like to see a toxic-mud wrestling match between Dirty Debbie and the Scamela. I could set it up. Please contact me if interested. This could almost be as big as gay midget sumo wrestling.

    PS – Can anyone get their hands on a few barrels of crude oil sludge? Perhaps one of those 10-minute oil change joints???

  • supersassy818

    She and her friend Pam are truly sick in their hearts and minds. Rehab for Racists? They have the most ignorant way of thinking and speaking, they do a dis-service to women and humanity, period. I post on Debbie’s blog frequently and she removes them! Because she choses to ignore me…
    She and Pam will be receiving EID presents from me this year. 🙂 And, the perfect gift for the ignorant? A book of 1001 inventions from Muslims…

    An added note: If Pam should stay out of the tanning beds, she’s looking a lot like us…

  • Garo

    For Ms.Debrah Schlussel,


    If you really consider that appearing on FOX NEWS couple of times is great and entitles you to stardom like Oparah Winfrey,you live in a delusional world and you certainly need professional help badly. Forget about propagandizing for Israel,for a while,and get the professional help you deserve before it becomes too late.

    For your information,some people call FOX NEWS “FIXED NEWS”,because that’s what its loud and bigoted crowd actually does 24 hours a day,seven days a week,and 12 months a year.

  • How unbelievably disgusting! Debbie schloosel, or whatever her name is, actually celebrated terrorist attacks on Copts? That is unbelievable. If any Muslim leader came out and said that sort of crap we’d never hear the end of it, but people are just going to let it slide because some peroxide blond moron said it?

    This only goes to show my point that it’s not about Islam, per se, but rather about perceived notions of ‘culture,’ ‘ethnicity,’ and dare I say, ‘race’? Debbie dollie exalts the murder of Copts, not because they are Christian, but because they are Middle Eastern, and because their Church is decidedly ‘non-western,’ having roots going back to Saint Mark. Having swarthy looks and speaking Arabic is enough to mark them as ‘the enemy.’ If we Muslims were to all convert over night, what hope would we have? They’d still hate and fear us.

    Mere words cannot express the loathing I feel for this woman right now. It goes beyond the typical Islamophobic rhetoric into the realm of pure insanity, and to think that there are people out there DONATING money to this woman? What the heck is wrong with society?

  • HGG

    “I wonder if that is because she tells the truth about right wing hypocricy, and her beef with the left is that it’s too “muslim loving”. anyone who reads her regularly, and ignores the Islamophobia, realises she sounds more “real” than Geller or Gabriel or Malkin. Unlike them, she does not have a need to be accepted, nor is she shy of hiding her Jewishness.”

    Yes, that’s true. She is hateful and bitter, but she is consistent. Most anti-muslim bloggers went into spasms when Obama was elected, and while Schlussel did get into the whole “Secret Muslim” thing, she has pointed out many times that Obama’s policies doesn’t seem to differ much from Bush’s. And she is as likely (perhaps more) to criticize Palin as Obama, something you would find most of the Anti Islam crowd never doing.

    I kind of pity her. Unlike Geller, who is a barely literate idiot or Spencer, a phony conman in for the money, Schlussel is pretty smart, and she could have been a good journalist if she weren’t such a hateful, bitter and jealous person.

  • HGG

    “She’s been a lone wolf for a while. She was voted most annoying blogger by a *right wing* news site. No one really likes her on either side of the political spectrum.”

    I wonder if that is because she tells the truth about right wing hypocricy, and her beef with the left is that it’s too “muslim loving”. anyone who reads her regularly, and ignores the Islamophobia, realises she sounds more “real” than Geller or Gabriel or Malkin. Unlike them, she does not have a need to be accepted, nor is she shy of hiding her Jewishness.

    At least respect her for being an honest Islamophobe, without pandering to the right or left. Some of her observations are spot on, and she is more insightful and has better news tips from her sources (no need for me to elaborate here why) than Geller does.

    I find Schlussul to be more honest, and less hypocritical than Geller and other Islamophobes. Yes she is an Islamophobe, but she doesn’t feign a fake love for Christianity like some Jewish neocons like Geller do to pander to their christian extremists readers to get donations. She says it like it is.

    Schlussul probably realised that the right wing Christian extremists prefer their own extremists like Gabriel, Hagee etc. Financially, they tend to support their own, and Gabriel does better than Geller and Schlussul in terms of funding simply because the Christian right prefer Christian extremists to Jewish ones and give donations to them.

    anyway, back to the article above, Schlussul wrote an update on her blog, for anybody who wants a laugh…….here it is.


    January 10, 2011, – 5:09 pm

    Schlussel – 1; HAMAS’ CAIR Netwk – ZERO in Fed Court; Hezbollah’s Imam Stalks Me; How You Can Help

  • mike

    Her she is at court the other day. Yeah, the pic on her website is about 20 years old:

  • HGG

    She’s been a lone wolf for a while. She was voted most annoying blogger by a *right wing* news site. No one really likes her on either side of the political spectrum.

  • Cynic

    I remember her lashing out at Bob Spencer once too. She’s a lone wolf now.

  • /\ Oh the irony of the above comment 😀 /\

    And of course MOH4, why should we ever doubt that is really her with nothing done to it! My fav just has to be the side panel that states ‘My sponsors’ which is embarrassingly blank on the link above, oh dear, I wonder why… not even an ad from someone like the EDL?? That tells me everything I need to know. As KnowingTheTruth points out, she has become so horrible that even the other haters won’t touch her. Quite an achievement, it would be like being kicked off Stormfront for hating Jews too much, or out of 4Chan for being far too vile for the others. She should get an award…

  • HGG

    I love how she attacks the Harpy:

    “Because Scamela Geller isn’t against or for ANYTHING, other than if it will get her on television and garner her fame and attention and money, which is why she engaged in car loan fraud scams using Muslim straw buyers, which resulted in the murder of two people, including her one honest employee who was reporting on her fraud to police and one of the cops on the case. She’s a criminal and a total fraud and whore who wants attention. The only principle she’s ever held consistently is her belief in (bad) plastic surgery and filling her bank account no matter the cost (to others). DS”

  • MOH4

    lol yeah jack i also notice that photo of her on her blog as well. Im sure thats a unedited photo with no touch ups or anything hahaha yeah right, it is sooo fake, almost as fake as rob spencers islamic scholar credentials hahaha the only thing more ridiculous than that photo is her poltical veiws lolllll

  • Averroe’s Ghost

    Love the Cenk reference!! Debbie S. is pretty scummy, ripping off folks and trying to remain relevant in the Islamophobia game. She’s been left behind.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    Indeed Jack she hates everyone, in fact she also hates these fellow Anti-Muslim nazis like Pamela Geller and Walid Shoebat.

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  • I just flicked through her website, does she like *anyone*!? I even saw her slam Pat Condell! That place is so self promoting as well, right down the picture of what looks to be a younger, slimmer self she uses on the top of the page and how so many things are prefaced with the word ‘my’ (support my work, sign up to my mailing list, sponsor my work). Get over it Debbie Schlussel, you have your 15 mins of ‘fame’ and now move on, do something decent with your time. Even your sponsors have left you, I did smile a little when I saw the sad blank space at the side of your website. Take a hint and again, do something worthwhile with the tiny amount of ‘influence’ you may have left.

  • MOH4

    I think the lesson that we can take from this lunatic is that hate is a lifestyle, not an opinion on a certain matter. Like islam is currently in the spotlight (flavour of the month so to speak) so all the bigots hate on it. If it wasnt islam, it would be the jews or the copts or catholics etc. I mean you dont just hate one race or religion, then love everybody else…. No sorry to say it doesnt work like that. Bigots will always find someone or something to hate… Thats what they do, thats what they’ve always done

  • BeachVolleyball

    Another great comprehensive coverage from the loonwatchers, God bless you guys… you’re the biggest gift to the internet, the TRUE freedom fighters we need…. As for Debbie, all I can say is looooooooooooooool

  • Nur Alia


    This goes to show you how narrow mindined haters are, regardless of who they hate, or what ideology they deem righteous over another.

    but I think, it is the same for all Islamophobes, this woman is just the glittering example.

    For example, when talking about the Israel/Palistinian conflict, the Zionists refuse to acknowledge that alot of the Palistinians oppressed and demoralized by the occupiers and thier supporters are Christian. They only play the ‘persecution’ card when it benefits Zionists, or it diverts from the topic of the territorial occupation to a conflict between Muslims and the rest of the world.

    I think that now the conversation is changing, and the hate and bigotry seeds planted are starting to bloom thier ugly fruit. Of course, as the article writer pointed out, those like this woman who have benefitted from promoting the industy of fear have to become more rediculous in the rhetoric to stand out from the others.

    I think people like this woman are a blot on our planet to glory in the death of innocent people, and glorify the role of evil cowards who use bombs, guns, and denial of justice, to put fear in people’s hearts for an ideological agenda.

    Too bad she does not see a victim or an offender, but an ideology that doesnt support her Zionist ambitions that needs to be destroyed.

    I cant say how angry this makes me about her…and people like her.

  • mindy1

    Good lord I can’t believe I ever read her 😳 WHAT was I thinking?????

  • LOL

    Finally! I thought you’d forgotton this awful crazy woman existed, she has made some prize gaffes yet nobody here covered them.

    and yes, she regards, all her “competitors in Islamophobia” especially female as being rivals, she is always deriding Geller, Michell Malkin, Brigette Gabriel, …

    In all fairness, she does have more credibility than the aforementioned, except when it comes to Islam. There is more to Schlussul than meets the eye, despite her “desperate shrieky” exterior.

    and as for Robert Spencer, if he praises Schlussul he will be in deep trouble with his “business partner” Geller.

    I wonder if she returned any of the donations wrongly given to her by people who thought she represented CAIR. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    H’mmm Geller being sued by Tarazi for saying he was CAIR appointed amongst other things, and Schlussel being sued by CAIR.

    Interesting. Now if only someone would go for Gabriel, then the 3 witches may put aside their differences for their “legal” problems 😉

  • Mosizzle

    “And, sorry, but, as I’ve noted before, you’ll get no tears from me over the Copts.”

    “And what goes around definitely comes around in the case of the Copts”

    I honestly expected better from an Islamophobe — I knew she hated Muslims, but Copts? She gives no one a break. If they don’t support Israel, she doesn’t care. It seems Schlussel believes the Copts deserved this because some Copts are anti-semitic. She also lashes out at fellow loon Pamela Geller for supporting them. I love Islamophobe civil wars.

    Truth is, none of them care about the Copts or their suffering. All these Islamophobes have their own hidden agendas and they will exploit whoever they need. The Muslims who turned up at the Church to offer their bodies as “human shields” were more concerned about the Copts. They didn’t exploit the attack to launch an attack on another religious group further, unlike Robert Spencer.

  • NassirH

    Robert Spencer calls Debbie a “freedom fighter”. If that doesn’t make you question Spencer’s sanity, then nothing will.

  • marco

    You forgot to mention that she hates the great actor Liam Neeson, for his recent comments when he compared the Lion Aslan ( fromn the chronicles of Naria) to Muhammad PBUH, as well as Jesus Christ, Buddha etc. She didn’t take too kindly to that.

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