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Timeline: The Year in Islamophobia

Mother Jones has an excellent time line on Islamophobia in 2010 that is worth checking out. The above picture also doubles as the picture of the year.

— By Tim Murphy

| Thu Dec. 30, 2010 11:00 AM PST

It’s never a good sign when you find yourself longing for the halcyon days of George W. Bush. But after a year in which right-wing activists and politicians identified America’s greatest threats as mosques and infants, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit nostalgic for the man who responded to the 9/11 attacks by emphasizing that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

So, is America Islamophobic? It depends. For the overwhelming majority of Muslims, America’s still a pretty sweet place to work and pray (just watch out for these fellas). And as conservatives like Jeff Jacoby are quick to point out, when it comes to reported hate crimes, Jewish Americans still have it worse. Much, much worse. But with precious few exceptions, anti-Semitism is confined to the paranoid fringe; you’d never see a slew of presidential candidates line up to, say, protest the construction of a synogogue.

2010 was the year Islamic fearmongering officially went mainstream. Here’s a quick look back at how the heck it happened. Enjoy.

The Year in Islamophobia Timeline

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  • Ibrahim

    “Jewish Americans have it much, much worse”? I’m assuming that the article is referring to the sheer volume of incidents reported to the ADL (or other, related organizations) as “anti-Semitic” attacks. It so happens that only a very small percentage of these attacks can be traced back to “anti-Semitism”. A lot of the time, it’s just people being paranoid.

  • froger29

    What’s the big deal? The nasty old man is just holding up his self portrait. Here’s to a coronary you redneck slime ball.

  • MOH4

    Sheesh take a look at that guys head. He looks like an really angry fat american… And americans wonder why the whole world, not just muslims, cant stand them (just for the record i do not feel this way, im just going by what i see and hear)…. so much arrogance and hate. Its sad really. Hey that might be our very own halal pork in that photo lollll nah just kidding, that guy in the photo looks too intelligent and classy to be the porkster hahahaha

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  • mindy1

    @Zakariya, I think it is supposed to be a crusader

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    BTW what is up with the other picture on the sign? The one with the guy on horseback? He looks like he’s supposed to be a kızılbaş or something.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    @ Mosizzle:

    > In 2006, French far right groups made “pork soups” for the poor
    > specifically so that poor Muslim immigrants would be left out.

    Idiots the whole bloody lot of them. My favorite are the bigots who talk about sneaking pork into foods as if that would poison us or something. They don’t seem to realize that it doesn’t affect us if we UNKNOWINGLY eat haraam food. In fact given the shroud of secrecy surrounding modern food packaging its more than likely that something haraam accidentally contaminates food from time to time. That’s what istighfar is for.

    @ Inspired by Muhammad (PBUH):

    Exactly. All animals… all plants and even all people are considered part of God’s creation. Every living thing on this earth and beyond. Just because we do not eat something does not mean we hate it. And I’ve always LOVED that hadith because it so beautifully explains how everything is connected. 😀

  • Inspired By Muhammad

    Yes, and people should remember that the animal itself is a creation of God, and kindness to all animals including pigs is part of our tradition. So i’m not sure why they think a picture of a pig should offend.

    Isn’t there a Hadith of a prostitute who had her sins washed away, because she came upon a thirsty dog, dying of thirst and lowered her shoes into a well, and gave the dog some water, thus saving his life.

    It’s forbidden to eat of the swine not to mistreat or discriminate against it.

  • Mosizzle

    What’s with Islamophobes and pigs? They wave pictures of them around like they are some heroes as if pigs are the only species that has withstood “Islamic conquest”. They act like pork is kryptonite for “Mooslims”. Most likely it is just plain hatred. In 2006, French far right groups made “pork soups” for the poor specifically so that poor Muslim immigrants would be left out.

    Another instance where Islamophobia has not been funny.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Hehe. I had a friend from Afghanistan who came over here to the US with his family. Anyway one day his daughter went on a field trip to some sort of petting zoo with her class. He told me about how she got to pet all kind of animals like baby goats and sheep… and pigs! Now bear in mind this was a guy who was raised Muslim right? He just laughed and said that they were cute. Can’t say I disagree with him on that.

    Moral of the story? The Ummah is much more diverse than Islamophobes would have you believe.

  • Lo

    That’s a very pretty drawing of a pig, actually. Also, it’s kinda cute how Islamophobes come to the conclusion that “because Muslims don’t eat pork, they must be offended by pigs!” There are plenty of animals Muslims don’t eat and not find offensive. Like cats. And frogs. And tarantulas. 😉

  • NassirH

    That man would make the perfect mascot for the Islamophobic movement. He’s an angry and willfully ignorant redneck who has nothing better to do than hate Muslims. Of course, you could say the same thing about Robert Spencer.

  • Everybody’s Dad

    Its amazing how much the man holding up the sign actually resembles the drawing of the pig himself…:D

  • mindy1

    Sad that it’s come to this… when the economy improves, this should slow down :(

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